Those of you who do not like and refuse to listen to Glenn Beck will not care about today’s radio show, but if you are wise enough to listen and then evaluate for yourself, today is the absolutely scariest show Beck has ever done.  If you did not hear it, today was worth paying the $5 to join his site just to listen to the archive.  In case you’re interested, the first hour explains exactly what is happening in the Western world and how the U.S. is being intentionally dismantled.  The second hour absolutely condemns Common Core.  Beck even damns large corporations.

I’ll keep writing on much of what Beck detailed today – because I have already been traveling down this road before today.  But I strongly suggest you find a way to listen to the archives of today’s radio show, March 28, 2012.  This is important enough to you and your family to make time and to spend the money – even if that $5 means skipping a meal.  Yes, today’s show is that important to your survival.

If you have any respect for me at all, listen to today’s Glenn Beck radio show.  Even if you have not followed him – even if you are an anti-Beck, anti-capitalism type, you will learn from this show.  Find and listen to the archives of this entire show – then start preparing accordingly.

I warn you, do not let your prejudices, bias or normalcy biases prevent you from listening to this show.  Your survival depends on it – at least, it does if you want to stay free.

[For what it’s worth: Beck told us that, when they finally threw the switches on their creation, our world would change faster than anyone could have ever imagined.  If you are awake, you’ll know this is yet another prediction come true in Beck’s cap of accurate predictionsThere is a reason that, before the system destroyed his public character, Beck was the third most admired man in America: it’s because he does his best to be open and honest and to warn those who will listen.  Do not be among those who insist on keeping their scales in place over their eyes and ears.]

One thought on “OMG! CRAP!

  1. I’m not anti-Beck. I’m not a huge fan either, but I do enjoy listening to him occasionally. It works out to pretty rarely because I can’t listen to the radio at work. He is remarkably accurate in his predictions. He was instrumental in waking a lot of people up to the modern progressives. Like almost every other conservative radio talkshow I know — possible exception of Michael Dukes here locally — my attention wavers when they start to belabor points. Beck does it too, but not nearly as bad as Hannity and Alex Jones just flat-out annoys me. This does not mean that they don’t occasionally have worthwhile information to provide to the public. Beck is better at that than most.

    And, I probably won’t listen to the archive (or spend the $5) because they replay Thursday’s show on Saturday morning here, so if I want to listen, I can.

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