He Died For YOU!

Lest we forget, this is the day when believers mark the sacrifice of our Lord and Savior: the day God incarnate willingly sacrificed Himself for the forgiveness of our sins and the sins of the entire world.  The forgiveness of sin requires a blood sacrifice, so Christ shed His blood for all.  You need but accept Him as your personal Lord and Savior for His blood to wash you clean and save you from eternal death.  If you do not already know Him, I pray you will find Him and accept Him so you will know and share in His peace.


To the skeptic:

I understand that many people do not believe Christ is the Messiah.  In the case of my Jewish friends, it is a matter of not knowing or paying attention to the Tanakh as they do the Torah.  If you were to study the prophecies about the Messiah and set them against the records of Jesus, I believe you, my Jewish friends, will see that He is the Anointed One.

For those who do not know the prophecies that spoke of the Messiah, you should study them.  One of the most important parts of the Bible is prophecy.  I think prophecy makes up nearly 1/3 of Scripture.  Prophecy is important to faith.  If the prophets are not speaking on behalf of God, then how else could they possibly foretell so many events as accurately as they have and so many years before they happened?  What’s more, how is it that so much prophecy about Israel is applicable to the end times, as well?

But looking just to the prophecies of Christ, even an honest skeptic must admit to the power of the odds involved.  Frankly, the odds that Christ could have fulfilled just a portion of the prophecies He fulfilled are greater than 1 in all the number of sub-atomic particles in the entire universe!  Yes, people have done the math, and the odds are so much greater than statistical zero as to defy any rational explanation other than that Jesus is exactly Who Scripture tells us He is.  And for those who would insist that these prophecies were so vague that they could mean anything: those people should read scripture.  Many of these prophecies, some foretold more than 750 years before Christ, are very clear and specific in their predictions, and totally outside of the control of the person about Whom they speak:

Prophecies Fulfilled by Jesus

Prophecies of Jesus Christ as Messiah

351 Prophecies Fulfilled in Jesus Christ

Finally, for both Jew and skeptic alike, it is recorded that over 500 people saw Christ alive after His resurrection!  If you are Jewish, you must accept this testimony.  It’s the law!  According to Moses, the testimony of 2 is to be taken as true.  In this case, you have more than 500 witnesses.  And to the skeptic: you are not alone.  Former Atheist and attorney turned journalist, Lee Strobel, set out to prove to his Christian wife that her faith is baseless.  He concluded by saying he could – beyond shadow of a doubt – prove in a U.S. court of law that Jesus is the risen Son of God.  He makes his case in his book, The Case for Christ.  If you doubt the story of Christ, you should read this book.  It is written from the skeptics perspective, and details Strobel’s investigation into the story of Christ.  In it, Strobel pushes many well known and renown Christian leaders up against the wall in challenging them to defend their faith.  What he learned changed his assumptions about what he thought he knew – as well as his life.  Many who read it with an open and sincere heart come to know Christ – just like Strobel did.

[NOTE: While I am a Christian, and I try — really try to live my faith according to Christ’s teachings, I readily admit that I am a sinner and this means I fall far, far short of the mark my Savior set for me.  But then, that’s the point: I can’t perfect myself — none of us can perfect ourselves.  We need God to save us, and that’s why He sent His only Son to die for us.  So, every time I lose my temper or am less than generous to the opinions of others, I let my Savior down.  But I keep trying to do it better the next time, and the strength to do that comes from knowing that I’m not and will never be perfect (not in this life), I’m just forgiven because I accepted His sacrifice.]

12 thoughts on “He Died For YOU!

  1. As a sinner saved by Grace, I can personally attest to the power of God. After 18 years of alcoholism, I have been able to put down the bottle solely through the power of Christ. It was nothing I did, because I tried on my own for years.. Take it for what you may, but it is a free gift offered to everyone!

  2. Joe, just have one question. If you had been born in Saudi Arabia to Muslim parents, do you believe that you would be a Christian today, or would you be a Muslim?

    • Christian. All My sheep hear My voice.

      Little known fact, Dave: the Middle East has a large and growing population of Christians. It is estimated that there are at least 4 million in Iran alone. And, given my passion for seeking the truth, I’m confident that I would have found Christ on my own — had I been forced to travel that road. Especially since the love of logic is VERY strong in me and the Qur’an is a mass of contradictions whereas the Bible is not. that alone would have set me searching. I know this is true as I left the Catholic Church for the same reason: contradiction and hypocrisy.

      • Really…which church do you belong to?

        Personally I think for most people if they had been born and raised as a Muslim they would remain a Muslim, and most people born and raised as a Christian would remain a Christian. Both Christians and Muslims adamantly maintain that their religion is the truth, but as far as I can see the strongest determinant of which religion you belong to is the geographic area where you grew up in which the respective religion is the strongest. If one religion genuinely was the truth then why does the other continue, and why does it continue based on nothing more than thats what religion is intertwined with the respective culture and society.

        • I attend a Baptist Church, but I claim NO denomination as that is a violation of Scriptural teaching.

          Many Christians fall away — especially in this modern world. They convert to “secular humanism.”

          Studies have shown that, the more educated they are, the more likely Muslims are to fall away from Islam — especially if they attend a liberal school where history and critical analysis are faithfully taught. I’ve known many well educated Muslims, and I can say that — as far as I could tell — they were about as faithful in their religion as those Christians who only go to church on Easter and Christmas.

          As for why more people do not understand that Islam is the antithesis of Christianity: easy — no one bothers to read the Qur’an and Hadith and then compare them to the Bible. But then, the average Christian is as guilty as the average Muslim when it comes to NOT reading their own scriptures. If Muslims were to read the Qur’an, they would find Muhammad commanded them to read the Bible — and that they are to treat the Bible as part of their own scripture. They would also learn that Muhammad admitted he couldn’t possibly be a prophet, but then, that requires one to actually read the words without “interpreting” what they mean — even when the meaning is patently clear, as in these two cases.

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