Post Birth Abortion: Put This One In MY “I Told You So” Column

Video: Planned Parenthood Official Argues for Right to Post-Birth Abortion

Florida legislators considering a bill to require abortionists to provide medical care to an infant who survives an abortion were shocked during a committee hearing this week when a Planned Parenthood official endorsed a right to post-birth abortion.

There’s a word for “post birth” abortion.  It’s called murder!  But the Progressives have been arguing that it should be a “right” for a long time.  Our leading “ethicist” have even tried to make the moral argument for it.  This is how I knew that, when I told you we would soon see stories like this one, I was 100% correct.  All I did was find what they have written; read it; then found the courage to take them at their word.  From there, the rest was easy to predict: it was just a matter of time.

Our society is becoming increasingly evil.  The more we move away from God, the darker we get.  This is why I also know I am just as correct when I tell people we are well down the same road Germany traveled in the 1930’s – and that we’ll eventually share a similar fate.

2 thoughts on “Post Birth Abortion: Put This One In MY “I Told You So” Column

  1. I told friends years ago that it wouldn’t be long before the slogan, “life begins at conception” would be replaced with “meaningful lives begin at five” After all, a mother should have at least five years to make up her mind if she really wants the burden of having a child.
    Sound stupid? What did gay marriage sound like a decade ago?

    • nco77,

      Not stupid at all. Singer and others have been arguing that parents should be allowed to kill their child up to the age of 3 for years.

      I wonder, what color horse does this trend represent?

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