Common Core: Kells Strikes Gold With Her Mention Of “That Book”

In a recent comment, Kells made a reference to “That Book” when she used the word soma.  In “That Book,” people are socialized from the moment of conception.  In their world, sleep teaching was a common practice, but today, we know that it doesn’t work.  However, people have discovered that there are techniques which are effective in forming and directing personal and public opinion.  When these techniques are used in a decidedly slanted or one-sided manner, they’re commonly called propaganda, but are also known as public relations, marketing and ‘spin.’  When people are forcibly subjected to the slanted and one-sided application of these techniques, it’s called indoctrination.  That is what Common Core is all about: building a brave new world through the indoctrination of our children:

Common Core Uses Scientology Videos to Teach Students They Have Right to Food, Housing, Clothing, Medicine, Even a Job


Whether your mention of “That Book” was intentional or accidental, Kells, I tip my hat to you on this one (and, just in case you’re wondering, I finished re-reading it just this morning.  Still applicable today, but there is much more of today’s events in Orwells 1984.)

25 thoughts on “Common Core: Kells Strikes Gold With Her Mention Of “That Book”

    • Saneromeo,


      But, to the Progressive, society is political — everything is political.

      If you read both books back-to-back and then compare them to modern society, you will find far more of 1984 in our world than you will of Huxley’s Brave New World. But I’ll admit, you will find a relaxing of the sexual mores and an alarming acceptance of drug use — even to the point of making it public policy (ADHD and other “depression” medications being forcibly pushed by State apparatus). And then there is our ‘entertainment’ media/culture. All of them are very reminiscent of Huxley’s book, but they seem to have been incorporated into the school that has chosen Orwell’s and not the other way around.

      At least, this is how I see it. What say you?

    • Huxley was an anti-Totalitarian and Pacifist. Orwell ( Eric Blair) was also an Anti-Totalitarian, but was a committed Socialist……he was a deep insider who was doing what they have always done …. Showing their plans in clear sight. His precience was born of inside knowledge of long-term planning. 1984 was a recipe book….a Plan. That He let us know is INVALUABLE………….. The reasons for his disclosure should not be misconstrued however.

      Even though Huxley hated Totalitarianism , he was an active member of PPU (Peace Pledge Union) which some contemporaries found oddly similar the British Nazi Party Rhetoric. If you read his last novel “Island”( basically a utopian novel) you will find references to actions being best if they are “For the Gretter Good”…. children being reared by the collective (Hillary’s…It Takes a Village..?? ) and removed from their parents ….. contraceptives as good for non-Familial sex….Basically anti-family ( Shades of Engels..? ), a stance that all religions are the same .. St Paul =- muhammedd = Buddha etc. Overpopulation was also a MAJOR concern to Huxley through-out his life. I’m sure he would have given an approving nod to the Georgia Guide-Stones.

      To me this makes their Two works even MORE valuable … because they are also reflections of the Mind-set of what we Today call the Globalists. I should also say I have a stong familiorality with the Huxley family in NY …. and believe me they are Elitists of the first order.

      • Don,

        Wasn’t Orwell part of the founding of the Fabian Socialists movement? And wasn’t he the one who said the future of mankind can be pictured as a boot to the neck for all eternity? I seem to remember he actually said 1984 was not written as a warning of what could happen but what was going to happen — like it or not.

        • What was GOING to happen…Yes. that’s my understanding as well.

          Fabian’s founded the same year Marx Died …. 1883 ? 1886 maybe… I don’t remember the exact year the vile POS died but they were founded that year.

          • Don,

            I am reading a books about the founding of the Fabians now. It was written by Pearsons, Parsons??? –some English guy who was — supposedly — the secretary of the society at some time or another. Point is, the book is written about the Fabians by a Fabian. Therefore, difficult read. They see their work as justified and beneficial to mankind, yet they openly claim a wolf in sheep’s clothing as their symbol.

  1. Well, I hope you are not too upset that I nabbed from you and made it better. (It just happens naturally when you’ve got a sense of humour.) I say, did you notice that not a one knew “that book”? If they did, they did not mention it….

    B., must you have this script so small??!! It is difficult for me to see! I will be your BFF if you revert to the original font.

    Guess what? I am to play a bipolar woman! I think I shall base my “other” personality on you. (By the by, that’s a compliment.)

  2. I forgot to comment on your post (sorry, I was just so caught up in myself……we won’t go into that, though.)

    B. Do you not believe the media (television, movies, radio, computers, phones) to be “sleep teaching”?

    • Kells,

      Not “sleep teaching,” but consciously indoctrinating and conditioning. They create the peer pressure by presenting the illusion that the individual is isolated from the herd, then push the individual in the desired direction with the promise that they can get back into the herd if they do so. The media is using what Bernays and other pioneers into what we call PR learned about how to create and manipulate public opinion and — through it — control the individual.

  3. Joe,

    I have to say, you sound pretty well rounded on the subjects of philosophy, economics, and sociology. More so than any self proclaimed “intellectual” leftist I have ever had the displeasure is listening to speak. Do you have some sort of academic background, or do you just study this stuff on your own time? I would be interested to see what kind of reading list you recommend. I definitely need to add more substance to my understanding of these things.

    A recommended reading list from anybody would be great! 🙂

    • libercrite,

      I hold a degree in philosophy and in sociology. Before that, I was 18 hours short of sitting for my PE boards so I could become a mechanical engineer. After college, I continued my studies in philosophy and sociology, as well as physics, psychology, art, history and just about everything else that caught my attention. I can speak intelligently on topics from needlepoint and cooking to quantum physics to some of the real mind-bending aspects of philosophy. Still, where I once let this convince me that I knew a lot, I now understand that I don’t know much of anything at all — except, maybe enough to know what questions to ask about the things I don’t understand…

      I’ll work on a reading list, but, for now, I would really suggest you read Huxley’s Brave New World and Orwell’s 1984. They are easy reads, but tough to accept when you understand they were boasts about what was coming for mankind.

  4. Thats a pretty awesome background Joe! Glad to have that kind of qualification on this blog site, as opposed to the usual 20 year old college undergrad, who appears to have all the wisdom in the world because they read Nietzsche and finished Philosophy and Economics 101 with an A. I’ll check those novels out. Thanks for the recommendation!

    • libercrite,

      Thanks, but — please — don’t praise me too much. Don has a much broader and deeper base of knowledge than I do, and Utah is MUCH more founded in his economics and the ability to turn theory into successful reality. I’d trade places with either of them without thinking.

      To be honest, I’ve learned there is a great deal of truth in what Ecclesiastes warned: wisdom comes from knowledge, and great sorrow from wisdom. Oh, to be ignorant again (and I mean that, Kells).

        • Pants down…..Large snake in the Grass….??? Kells….it’s Easter …..such Metaphors will only get U disciplined…

          I’m gonna tell Trapped on you !…..and SHE will know what to do

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