Government Propaganda Suffers When A Truly Free Press Is Allowed To Co-Exist

Obama’s people are saying this:

Obama senior adviser laments DRUDGE REPORT...

'Hurts What We're Trying To Do'...

Because a truly free press undermines their State-run media's ability to get away with this:

Associated Press bans 'illegal immigrant'...

Opts instead for 'living in or entering a country without legal permission'...

'Crossed the border? Overstayed a visa?'

WH: Immigration Reform 'Good for Middle Class'...

Even a comedian can see what’s going on here:

Leno: AP Replaces 'Illegal Immigrant' With 'Undocumented Democrat'...


9 thoughts on “Government Propaganda Suffers When A Truly Free Press Is Allowed To Co-Exist

  1. Back in 2004, a reporter at the Oakland Tribune and I had a knock down, drag out regarding my use of the term “illegals.”. Finally I told her I would replace it….with “the people who lie, cheat and steal their way into our country.” I’m sure that didn’t have anything to do with the paper never printing my letters to the editor again……right?

  2. It “hurts what you’re trying to do” Dan Pfeiffer…????

    It exposes what you’re trying to do……it exposes the White House Lies.

    And there is the Administration’s admission…..When the Drudge Report is mentioned…He RIDICULES the questioner…Instead of Answering the question…….The Modus Operandi of the Progressives, The Left and the Main Stream Media. ( they will tell you their plans and methods in the Open ….shades of 1984 in action ).

    The Drudge Reort is nothing more than a aggregator of OTHERS’ reports … of Other Published material …

    • “The Drudge Reort is nothing more than a aggregator of OTHERS’ reports … of Other Published material …”

      Very true, but then, how many of us are willing to put that much time into compiling those stories and posting them in one place just to save others from having to do so, themselves? And isn’t that a service in and of itself?

      Or have I missed/misinterpreted something?

      • I think the two of you have stumbled onto something; the current administration is refusing to answer or respond to ALL OPPOSING QUESTIONS from all outlets across the “universe”.

        • texas,

          They have even gone so far as to ‘un-define’ opposing news outlets as “NOT” news media. That this hasn’t chilled the rest of those calling themselves ‘news media’ suggests they really are what we accuse them of being: State-run propaganda mills.

        • Drudge very Often has opposing views from the VERY MSM that gives Obama and the Left a Pass. He highlights those stories from WaPo , AP etc that normally only make it to page 15 or 20 as a way to bury them…..what Rush calls a Drive-By media report.

          So YES Texas …. The Obama Admin refuses to answer ALL opposing Questions as you say … EVEN the ones posed by the Usual Administration friendly Press !! Which should be a sign to those on the Left AND the Righ and the “Moderates”.

          And Yes Joe … it is indeed a Service …. one idealy suited to the new Media of the 21st Century….. as are Sites like RNL, Ace of Spades, Insty, Twitchy and others …… One of the Primary Benefits of sites like RNL….Like Drudge and others … is that most Folks don’t have time to search through every newsite ….. and at the same time they are Bombarded with Propaganda from the “Easy” accessed Media in airports and the Standard Brand names NBC, MSNBC CNN, PBS and ad nauseum). So this aggregation of Articles and opinions are vital to Free political Speech and thought.

          Not only is it a Service … but a Vital one …. to compete with Government apologist “Services” like the Associted Press and their siblings.

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