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The National Association of Scholars recently completed a study of history courses offered at The University of Texas at Austin and Texas A&M University. It’s absolutely on target:

Our findings in this study shed light on a source of Americans’ increasing ignorance about their own history. At the two institutions we studied, the focus on race, class, and gender often tended to crowd out the teaching of other perspectives, and many U.S. history courses failed to provide a comprehensive rendering of U.S. history as a whole. Thematically skewed teaching leads to an incompleteness of knowledge, as recent studies of American history knowledge among students demonstrate. Faculty members at the University of Texas and Texas A&M University teaching U.S. history courses in the semester we studied made assignments that disproportionally favored themes of race, class, and gender [RCG] over all other themes.

The details are startling, even to those of us…

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  1. Yes folks, read it all.

    Those of us who have studied history, know true history from veterans of WWII, traveled abroad, been in the military or “peace corp”, understand they have been lied to by our schools and universities after being infiltrated and taken over by the Marxists.

    I’ll never understand how honest people stepped aside and allowed liars/deceivers to take over. The greatest education system in the world simply self destructed.

    I can’t understand how good people simply allowed bad people take over and mislead and destroy our society.

    Continuing on, I simply don’t understand how good people, when they see and understand the lies, continue to cling to the lies and act accordingly.


  2. I had an exchange with a young man on Twitter one day about the first settlers in America. He would deny they were overwhelmingly Christian and I would tell him he was wrong. I told him I knew because my Christian family fled to what is now Massachusetts in 1628. He insisted that even though my family were Christian most other early settlers were not. Finally, I said “Ok, if these first settlers were not Christians, what were they?” His response, “they were Puritans.” This young man did not know that Puritans were Christian, Protestants like my buddy Kels, but definitely Christians.

    This exchange bothered me so much I offered to do a daily history tweet on Twitter for RedNationRising. I am constantly amazed by the tweets I get back from young people asking where I got my info. They don’t seem to know even the most rudimentary facts of American history.

    • It is very difficult for people to understand they have been lied to by the education system.

      Imagine what the hitler youth, the ussr, and china’s youngbpeople went through. I have friends from the former soviet union and china who suffered through propaganda and deceit. Their response was to come to America at any cost.

      Many, if not most, cannot accept that realization.

  3. To some degree I think my college lied to me so I can understand what you’re saying. However, I was on the debate team and the nuns taught critical thinking extensively at my high school. It was pounded into me as a child that Hitler came to power because people didn’t practice critical thinking.

    Accept it or not accept it, I think we have to keep reciting our history, we have to discuss how America came to be. Maybe, eventually someone will listen.

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