Gun Control: Let’s Fight It with a Progressive Word Game

Since the Left often redefines words to force its will on the people, I propose we play their game.

So, henceforth, they are no longer to be called clips and/or magazines, they are now ammo wallets and purses. So, all we have to do is call a clip an ammo wallet and a magazine an ammo purse and the laws will not apply to them (don’t laugh, or scoff, this is exactly how people get around the law now, I’m just advocating we start playing their game).

Furthermore, anyone who tries to object to these new terms is to be immediately attacked as a racist, bigot and libertyphobe.   After all, who are they to tell us whether or not we are born with an innate urge to defend ourselves, or what language we chose to use to describe our genetic disposition toward the individual right to defend ourselves, or toward individual liberty?

Now, what should we call semi-automatic rifles?  How about “energy saving devices?”  This means we could also call them “green guns.”  😉

2 thoughts on “Gun Control: Let’s Fight It with a Progressive Word Game

    • Pointy end,

      I “think” I know what you mean, but I’m not sure. That said, ALL weapons can be defensive, just as ALL weapons can be offensive. For that matter, ANYTHING can be a weapon. It all depends on in whose hands it’s in and to what purpose that person employs it. 😉

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