Rule 5: The Relentless [And Apparently Topless] Jihad


I haven’t posted a political Rule 5 For a while and since my Femen gals (I’m the newsletter editor) are protesting something I’m against (oppressive Islam) with something I love (naked breasties), I’ll post this one.

There is a time and a season for all things under the sun, and after all the heavy topics and me and B fighting a civil war over corporations, it is time for a break. The injunction that Kells has against me won’t allow me to post those topless pictures that I took with my telephoto lens when she went to the pool at Splash! in Panama City ( I have to stay at least 100 yards away).

We must not forget my radical GF, Oksana Shachko.

Here’s a few more and the Atlantic has some additional pics.

This one is for Professor Progressive.

11 thoughts on “Rule 5: The Relentless [And Apparently Topless] Jihad

  1. Utah,

    Hard to argue against their position. Shire beats looking at the bags on the other side of this argument.

  2. Mais Alors !!………….Vive la Difference !

    But especially Vive the Message !! ……….. There needs to be MORE protesting of the Destructive Cult called islam….which never forget means Submission and obedience and Surrender !!

    These gals are Brave.

      • SBJ = Sweet Baby James = Professor Progressive = Professor Jimmy Hat = pseudo intellectual James McPhereson, Professor of “Journalism” at Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington, the mean streets of which are just a few blocks south of the Spokane Country Club and the exclusive communities that surround it. This James is not the Pulitzer Prize winning author and historian James McPhereson, this is the insignificant one who wrote two obscure books called The Conservative Resurgence and the Press: The Media’s Role in the Rise of the Right and of Journalism at the End of the American Century, 1965-Present.

        • The title of the first Book says it all …..

          Perhaps like the Song he does indeed ..”Dream of women and glasses of Beer”.

  3. Radical boobies!!! Yay!! The fella kickin that one chick must’ve been off his meds……

    Oh, and M., not to frighten you, but I’ve sold the shots of you with Oksana to TMZ.

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