Women in Combat: Time to Hack-Off the Feminists (and the New Castrati)

Have you seen this story?

Ariz. Official Fired After She Said Women Don’t Belong in Combat Because of Their Menstrual Cycles

“Col. Strickland was given very specific instructions about a year ago to avoid hiring this individual. He chose to do so anyway and unfortunately that individual’s questionable judgment was on display this week with some ill chosen public remarks regarding women in the military,” Matt Benson, spokesman for Gov. Jan Brewer (R), told the Arizona-Sonora News Service.

Benson didn’t say why Brewer didn’t want Proud hired.

“What we have seen in the last few days is evidence of a lack of judgment. That speaks to some of our concerns,” he told the Associated Press.

OK, here we go.

First, where is the “questionable judgment” in anything Terri Proud is alleged to have said in this story?  Is it because she said women present problems for their unit while in the field under combat conditions?  I hope not, because it’s true (I know, I’ve dealt with them personally).  Is it because she wants women to see an abortion performed before they have one?  Why?  In spite of the pro-abortion crowd’s claim to the contrary, many women do experience psychological trauma from having an abortion.  How is it bad judgment to try to insure that a woman is “fully informed” before having an abortion?   How many ugly or uncomfortable add campaigns are being run to try to insure people understand the risks of smoking?  In truth, I suspect the only “bad judgment” here is that Ms. Proud is A – a Republican and B – expressing an opinion that contradicts the politically correct Party line.

Then we have this issue of firing a public official over “bad judgment.”  If it is acceptable in this case, then why can’t we fire all those on the Left who commit “questionable lapses in judgment?”  How many stories could we list of public employees and elected representatives who have a “D” after their name that, when caught in positions of “questionable judgment,” are actually defended?  But, when the letter after a person’s name is an “R,” they usually have to “go away.”  OK, I believe they are the same Party pretending to be one, so I really don’t care, but I do care about those “Americans” who believe this sort of open hypocrisy is acceptable.  What sort of person defends immorality and corruption simply because of the letter after a name?

Finally, for you feminists out there who think women belong in the combat arms:

First Women Fail Marine Infantry Officer Course

Have You Thought About These Counterarguments to Allowing Women in Combat?

Survey: 17 Percent of Male Marines, 4 Percent of Females Likely to Leave Service If Women Put Into Combat Roles

But if this is not enough to make you question the “judgment” of the people pushing women into combat positions, then ask yourself:

Which would you rather face in hand-to-hand combat: the average male, or the average female?  Why?

Which would you rather have next to you when you catch a round in the chest: an average male, or average female?  Why?

Which would you rather have on the rope above you when — after humping through the bush all day long — your legs give out while you’re climbing a slippery cliff, at night, in the rain and you reach desperately for a hand up and over the edge: the average man, or the average female?  Why?

Which would you rather have in the fighter plane with which you are in a tight-turning dogfight: the average male, or the average female?  Why?

32 thoughts on “Women in Combat: Time to Hack-Off the Feminists (and the New Castrati)

    • daniellajoe,

      Thanks. Now, in the interest of honesty, I never really cared about this issue one way or another — until I had to deal with 2 females attached to my maintenance section during Desert Shield/Desert Storm. I was the NCOIC of the Company maint. section, and there were two female Marines attached to us until about 1 week before the ground war started. But until they were pulled back, they were with the rest of us, in the field, under combat conditions (we were only a few miles from a hostile border and hostilities had begun, so we were on full wartime footing and following the appropriate protocols). It was then that I realized the many problems with integrating YOUNG men and women in close proximity under VERY stressful conditions. I discovered a well-known but never mentioned FACT (not by the feminist side, anyway): when under constant threat to one’s life, the urge to reproduce is intensified. There were also issues with 1 of the women not wanting to take care of personal hygiene in the open, out in full view of all the men. The men were forced to create a private shower facility just for her, and it had to be dismantled and reconstructed every time we moved. When you are in a combat zone, that’s every couple hours. So, all told, by the time the women were pulled out of my maint section, half the guys were horndogs waiting their turn and the other half — the half the girls were not interested in — were ready to kill them. And all of this BEFORE we started shooting at the bad guys.

      Honestly? I thanked God when the women were taken off my hands. I had enough to deal with without having to play chaperone for adults.

    • Like almost everything …the Left has warped and Basterdized a reasonable and rational movement.

      Feminism early onaddressed obvious biases such as Not being able to vote and not getting the same salary for the same job in business, professions etc.
      Enviromentalism early on addressed the Gross pollution of rivers and the large scale slaughter of Buffalo and the carrier pigeon etc.

      But the left Co-opted these and made each a Political weapon with which to Demonize those who are NOT Left and to legislate Statist Agendas.

    • Kells,

      Why should it surprise you that the women can’t pass the test? This is simple biology. That test is designed to make sure the average graduate has the physical ability to survive under combat conditions. Biological reality is that the average woman simply doesn’t have and will never have the strength of the average male. Insisting that they do is nothing more than another application of Karl’s claim that mass and energy come from an individuals desire and nothing more. It’s a simple denial of objective reality.

    • Another true story for you. The Marines used to like to box. I once watched a VERY strong female Marine box a guy about her own size. She was 5’9″, 135 lb and benched 120. As far as I’ve seen, that’s about as good as it gets for the average female. Anyway, she hit the Marine hard, but he whipped her in just a few seconds. After the bought, she complained that the male didn’t fight fair. When the NCOIC asked how he cheated, she said “He threw combinations.” In other words, as soon as the male landed one punch, her fight was over as the male used his physical strength advantage to keep hitting her and not let her recover so she could defend herself or punch back. In combat, that equals one dead female Marine, and if she was guarding another Marine’s back, he/she will be next.

      • I think part of the problem is you’ve got these shows where the female hero is whippin ass left and right. The reality is that those same females have bodyguards in real life.

        • Kells,

          Very good. I was watching the History Channel’s “Vikings” show. Not only is it very unlikely that the lead actor’s wife would NOT have been allowed to come on the raids, had she done so and actually tried to survive in combat of that time, she would NEVER have lasted — and certainly not become one of the groups leading “warriors.”

          The same applies to Zeva on NCIS. While it is possible for a female to control and best a much larger man using martial arts, should such a female — especially one of her size — ever lose the initiative against a larger male, the fight is over.

          It’s just the way the world works. It is not a judgment, just an acceptance of reality. That said, there ARE numerous roles women are very well suited to. Dr. Ruth is a very famous Israeli sniper and, unless someone has beaten her, still holds the “kill” record for the IDF. Women are also better at the type of combat the Navy now does, where the fighting is largely conducted by people monitoring machines and pushing buttons. Studies have shown they are more attentive and do better at those sort of tasks than men. HOWEVER, the problem with females taking over the Navy’s combat roles becomes immediately apparent the moment one of those ships is hit and survival suddenly depends on shear strength and endurance.

    • Women SHOULD be trained in the Martial arts … we as a society should be able to act Defensively to attack at all levels….but not Frontline Combat participation. If the US were invaded while the Military was engaed elsewhere ….. Women should be able to Professionally put up an Effective defence and at the very least coordinate with that Military left on the Homeland. I think that is empowering as a Nation and as a Society.

      BUT…that is a very different thing from integration into Frontline Combat duties…..the Israelis have a majorityof their women capable of handling a modern FireArm but they act as the Home-Guard NOT as frontline Troops !!

  1. “Average’ men probably wouldn’t pass these tests, either. How sick is it that half of the men in Joe’s comment were ‘horndogs’ and people are okay with this? No wonder the woman wanted privacy. If these men can’t control themselves here, how well will they do when things get tough? I have the same problem with any sleazy male in any profession ( and doctors are some of the worst). I was always taught men could compartmentalize, but I guess that doesn’t happen when women are around? Not an argument for or against women in combat, but the main problem looks like the men, not the women. If there are women capable of this then it is the men’s attitudes that are stopping it. Which amounts to an argument against women in combat, I suppose.

    • It’s NOT ok that half were Horndogs. And the physical limitations ( OF THOSE PARTICULAR JOBS) make the inclusion of Women impractical. BOTH reasons point to a bad decision …… I think Joe was trying to point that out.

      What you say about senior male Medical Healthcare professionals doesn’t fall on deaf ears BTW.

      • Don,

        There is a reason that most Marines in a tank unit look like over-weight slobs next to the grunts. 1 track link on an M60A1 weighs 88 lbs., the road wheel weighs 151 lb and the shock weighs 85. It is the crews job to change these things — by hand. The tank only has a 4-man crew. Throw that track to the inside and you have a “man-sized” job for 4 “he-men.” Sub out 1 of the crew for a female and things start getting fun, make it 2 and that tank is a combat loss for having thrown a shoe.

        • Well…..you have expertise in things many of us don’t…..

          But when you start talking “Shoes” and such …… then you have veered into topics that the Gurlz are experts in, And they will wipe the floor with us.

          Be careful….be very very careful.

    • drk,

      You took that the wrong way. You are assuming the two women in question had nothing to do with those men being horndogs. Let me make this clear: they were happy to participate and indulge in the attention. This is why I said the 1/2 of the guys who the girls “did not favor” were the ones who were upset.

      And about your claim that people can’t control themselves: I told you, there are good, solid studies that show this is a human instinct thing. In a combat environment, you live for RIGHT NOW! Tomorrow is a day dream when the next hour is in question, and this governs the behavior of women as well as men.

      Case in point: there was a female Marine 2nd Lt who got sent home in disgrace because she “made” $60K in less than 3 months. Keep in mind, this was at a time when a Sgt in the Corps made $1,250/month. So, how “oppressed” do you think she was.

      The Brits didn’t send their nurses with cots or cold weather gear. As it turned out, they would “trade” for either. So, when our unit was called to turn in their cots and cold weather gear, a lot of it was missing. I guess the nurses had nothing to do with this, either.

      Do not excuse the women here, they are equals in this problem.

      • As for ‘human instinct’- isn’t this what all the hoopla about forcing women to wear burkas, etc is about? That men cannot control themselves? I don’t care what studies may say, if soldiers cannot control themselves, they should find another job. If they were walking down the street and certain women were walking around provocatively, they surely wouldn’t act on that, would they? We are not continually at the mercy of our hormones. I don’t think I said the women were ‘oppressed’. I am not surprised that some of these women behaved so badly, either.

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