The Evil Of Kermit Gosnell

Ace notes that the evil that is abortion doc Kermit Gosnell is getting absolutley no major media coverage except in the “conservative” media:

26 Were Killed in Newtown; Seven Were Slaughtered in Kermit Gosnell’s Death-Lab.
So, the Media’s Done About One Story on the Gosnell Trial for Every Four on Newtown, Right?



That 4:1 ratio is very nearly correct; it’s off by only one. It’s 4:0.

Here’s the Washington Examiner article:

You might not know it, but there’s a mass murder trial going on in Philadelphia. There has been plenty of courtroom drama, and the death penalty remains a possibility.

The media are seldom shy about such sensational affairs, but they have been with one. Perhaps it’s because the accused mass murderer is an abortion doctor, who along with his medically untrained staff is accused of killing a female patient and several babies who had already been born, alive and breathing.

Doctor Kermit Gosnell’s preferred method of killing these latter, according to witnesses, was to sever their spinal cords. Upon his arrest in January 2011, his urine-scented and blood-soaked clinic was deemed a “house of horrors.” (I will spare readers further details, which are far worse.)

We covered it here and here a over a year ago.

If the liberals can just ignore it, that means that it didn’t happen, right?

12 thoughts on “The Evil Of Kermit Gosnell

  1. The reason the media isn’t clucking like you cuckoo conservatives is because normal Americans haven’t lost their senses! It’s a woman’s body. It is her right to do with her body whatever she deems right. Do you understand now? This doctor was only trying to help these women acheive their goals. Keep in mind, he didn’t hold a gun to their head like the Newtown shooter. I don’t know why I try to explain logic to you, Utah. Just go back to your Faux News, because I will be watching American Idol! Some of us live in the real world. ~ Annola

      • Wasn’t Gosnell in the Butcher / Murder business for 3 Decades ??

        Seems like he would have racked up a lot more than 7 in that time. That and the fact that his Clients and victims were overwhelmingly “ethnic” as was he ….. so the Trenchant sources that the ill-one (Mal–famy) below listed certainly don’t get at the depth of the Depravity…..but merely report on a Court-case …. totally devoid of outrage.

        • In fact Ibn Al-Malfamy’s sources ….use terms like “Alleged” crime……painting it as a failure of STATE oversight thus More state controll needed…..and others minimize the Doctor’s deeds and try to cast doubt on there being any wrongdoing by highlighting that maybe “Only” two of the babies were viable.

          Reading through the Filtergarb articles provided by the Corpulent pundit, one is left with the impression that this is a case of a Doc who got a teensy bit overzealous …. owing to the evil “Profit” motive thus they endorse abortion and demonize Profits at the same time…….The NYT must be high-5ing each other over this feat.

          • Don, let me explain. Don’t worry, I will type slow. I didn’t link to these stories as a way to defend the good doctor, he sounds like a sleaze.
            No, my mentally deficient pen pal, I was showing Utah what an ignorant ass he is, for claiming that the media had ‘buried’ the story.

            • Pundit “Ibn Al-Mal-adjusted”…….
              I’ll put it Slow …..For….you, …..I….didn’t…..comment….on…. why……You …..put …..up…the ….Links……I …commented……On the….Articles…….CONTENT !……Not ….everything…….about….you.
              Even though your Liberal Philosophy tells you it is.
              You might wanna lay off the Cheeze-Burgers and handfuls of easter Candy ( Can’t help it….it’s the Mayor Bloomberg in me…I just “care so much” bout’ yer health)

  2. You also missed the truth, Utah. Here is a list of articles about the case that have appeared in the Huffington Post…
    ABC covered the story…
    The NY Times covered the story…

    Are you really getting lazy, Utah?? Are you just relying on your friends and fallible sources, or are you deliberately spreading lies?

    • Ahhhh, Imam Greg pipes in.

      You’ve proven yourself time and again to be a simpleton and a fool.

      Better to be thought a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt.

      Sage advice for you because in attempting to reveal my “ignorance”, you display your own. I never said that they “buried it”, the post was a comparison between the rabid media coverage that the liberal media gives tragedies like Sandy Hook and politically advantageous stories like the Trayvon Martin shooting while just doing minimal reporting on stories like Gosnell, any story where a person with a gun stopped a crime, the fact that the Aurora Theater shooter was reported to police a month before the shootings, or as in the Trayvon Martin case, the fact that it is falling apart due to prosecutorial misconduct and lying “witnesses”.

      I think I also stipulated “major media” and I don’t think the Huffington Post qualifies as “major media” any more than this site does. The fact is, except for the HuffPo blog posts, 3 of 4 of your cites from ABC and the NYT (undeniably “major media” outlets) are over two years old.

      Sort of proves the point, doesn’t it?

      I also think it is funny that several of the HuffPo Gosnell articles you point to as reporting on Gosnell, while noting that he is a monster, were used as an opportunity to push an abortion agenda by claiming that somehow Republicans and abortion foes are to blame because tighter regulations on abortions have “not nurtured a system of abortion care that is woman-focused, readily accessible, and responsive to their medical needs.” Somehow those restrictions “forced” Gosnell to be what he was:

      The answer is simple: Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, when abortion policy was established, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s primary goal was to overturn Roe v. Wade and, barring that, impose as many barriers as possible to limit access to abortion. By and large, our policymakers have never viewed abortion as a medical procedure – instead placing it under the Pennsylvania Crimes Code — and therefore have not nurtured a system of abortion care that is woman-focused, readily accessible, and responsive to their medical needs. The Commonwealth’s focus has been on denying access, not protecting the health and safety of women who need this medical care. If the charges against Gosnell prove true, Gosnell was an outlaw who repeatedly violated numerous laws and should have been shut down years ago, but the state did not hold him accountable to its own laws and policies.

      Look at the language – “abortion care”, “woman-focused, readily accessible, and responsive to their medical needs.” Euphemistic terms to “soften” the fact that they are talking about the murder of a child.

      I’m not going to link it but you can search HuffPo for the verbiage if you want, it is there.

      • It’s an old story, Utah, dredged up by your compadres on the right. That’s the links are old. Your linked article made the claim, which I refuted quite easily. If you did not believe the article, why post it?

        • It is not an old story. The point is that the trial is going on right now.

          The linked article points out no such thing.

          Compare google results on two “sensational” trials that are going on right now. Search them for yourself. A search for “Jodie Arias” returns over 56.2 million hits, a search for “Kermit Gosnell” returns 424,000.

          Go back under your rock.

          • I have no idea who jodie arias is, but if you use quotation marks around the name, you only get 3 million hits
            And a search on “the rio norte line” returns 28000 hits, if the quote marks are used
            “Kermit Gosnell” returns 344 thousand hits.
            Gosnell appears to be an honest-to-God shitheel, but your constant attempts to link liberals to slimeballs only makes your site look like every other right-wing site. When you guys stick to philosophical discussions, and avoid the blame game, you are actually interesting. Sadly, those moments are decreasing in frequency.

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