The Origins and History of Political Correctness (Hint: It’s Called Cuiltural Marxism)

We have a reader who out-right denies the connection of Marxism to modern American politics.  Well, I’m not trying to be ugly, rude, arrogant, condescending – none of that, honest.  I’m just tired; tired in a way that sleep cannot rectify.  Tired of combating ignorance, of trying to inform people of the truth and being told by these same ignorant individuals that I am the one who does not know history.  It is all the more frustrating given that history is my profession – especially the history of the time and regions in question.

So, seeing how’s I am too tired to go over this again, and because we on the RNL are fond of the way he explains things for us, here again is Bill Whittle to teach you about the origins and history of what we know as political correctness.  Grab a drink and settle in for a 13 minute history lesson that will help you understand how and why Marx is still driving politics today – and he is strongest here, in America (stay with him, you’ll probably end up watching this one more than once).

After watching that video, if you want to learn how and why the “main stream media” should rightfully be seen as a propaganda partner of the Left, you might want to watch this clip next:


17 thoughts on “The Origins and History of Political Correctness (Hint: It’s Called Cuiltural Marxism)

  1. Fantastic …. He really is quite well put together. Is there a current Afterburner Program on TV ??

    The Frankfurt school through Horkheimer led to Gramsci ….who is vital to understanding the MO of people like Ayers….Clinton and Obama.
    Walter Benjamin leads to the Marxist Cultural Rot in the “Arts” and Mediain our country.

    • Don,

      IMHO, THIS — video clips like this one are how we reach those who have been indoctrinated/brain washed. They are visual, VERY informative, historically accurate, verifiable and — in my opinion — long enough to explain while short enough to be watched.

      I like to post this guy and several others (like Nepolitano) to explain what I have learned through actually reading what Marx and the other founders of Marxism and all its derivatives have written. They make it easily understood on a level sufficient for the average person. I, on the other hand, am a glutton for punishment, so I will trudge through their work. All I say to that task is, if you have a soul and a functioning conscience, it is very, VERY difficult reading. It is pure evil — pure evil. No amount of “good intentions” can excuse or erase this fact.

      • With Joe’s guidance, I have read through some of the “pure evil” Joe speaks of.

        The things Karl Marx, Woodrow Wilson, John Dewey, “the Frankfurt school” followers, and other “fathers and mothers” of the modern left, is truly EVIL.

        I ebb and flow between disbelief and outright anger, at what has to be “so many”, would or could, aid and abet these proven murderers of humans and our spirit/souls.

        • You probably know of Judge Napolitano’s new Book on Progressives Woodrow Wilson and Teddy Roosevelt……
          M Stanton Evans’ Books on Communism in America are EXCELLENT…Blacklisted by History and Stalin’s Secret Agents: The Subversion of Roosevelt’s Government.

          A REALLY good small Book is the Naked Truth..The Naked Communist-revisited by James Bowers ( an update on the Communists agenda within America)

          “The People v. the Democratic Party by Michael Walsh is only 45 pages is very good , telling the history of the Party and it’s false identity as the Party of the people ….. good to spread around.

          • Don,

            Throw in Shadow Party by Horowitz (and you might want to include Unholy Alliance, as well). These two books link Soros to the Democrat Party and both of them to the Islamofascists.

            • I recently read his Book “Radicals”….short Bios of some of the leading Socialist American radicals of recent years….Alinski is included.
              I will add those two to the Jonah Goldberg books U mentioned.

      • I think Glenn Beck’s Book “Agenda 21” is a good one to recommend because it is in novel form.

        I studied the Frankfurt School …. with an advisor( Professor) who introduced Marx as falling directly out of the Western Tradition….directly as a response to Capitalism. His work was on Modernism and Marxism and the Freudian movement and what Marxism did with it. He was from Columbia noless but a Conservative ….. so he knew well from which the Snake had taken hold.

        Reading Critical Theory and Marxist Structuralism is a definite slog …. but once through the Likes of Lacan, Benjamin, Horkheimer, Marcuse,Adorno, Gramsci,Habermas,Lukacs and on up through Foucault……you will never be duped again about what’s REALLY going on in our Culture that’s for sure.

  2. I’m disappointed in myself for not knowing of Bill Whittle before today.

    I can’t even buy a freakin’ submarine sandwich for lunch, during a lunch break, without having PC shoved down my throat.

    The school I attend has white and blue “Hate Free Zone” signs posted up all over campus. naturally they are found not far from the green, female, black, Islam, and LBGT activism message boards.

    Joe, Don,

    How in the world do you guys have time to read all of this stuff!?

    • libercrite,

      For me, it started with the fact that philosophy and sociology were my majors. Then it became a personal interest. So, when most people watch TV, I read.

      That, and I suspect Don and I have a few years head start on you… 😉

  3. Alright Joe, fair enough!

    I gathered that “few years head start” from mentions of Desert Storm. My dad was an MP at Lejeune. He got out right before Desert Storm.

    • libercrite,

      I am still working on a crunched-down reading list: one that would catch you up to speed in about 6 books. I’ll see if I can finish it some time this week.

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