The Political Left and Their Followers are Cannibals (Ayn Called Them Mouchers)

This one explains what is happening here, and in Europe (just keep in mind, Europe is just a little bit ahead of us, but make no mistake: what is happening there is coming here — and sooner than you may think).  So, here’s why we are about to slip into the dust bin of history:


12 thoughts on “The Political Left and Their Followers are Cannibals (Ayn Called Them Mouchers)

      • I get black too.?

        There used to be a saying when I lived in San Fran……”Meter Maids eat their young”.
        The entire Left is doing that to uor Country it seems.

          • I just found that if you have Windows Prof , you can go to the upper LEFT back page button…..don’t push it. BUT next to it is a little black “down” arrow which lets you see where you’ve been recently……the YouTube link is there. Put your curser there and click and Bill Whittle’s Video come up in the Slot on TRNL.

            Apparently some systems Now separate the Blog from the YouTube windows………….Hope that helps……Maybe an explanation can be put as a Standard add-on for all Youtube videos…..Or putting the Title in the Youtube part of the post so peops can find it themselves ??

  1. I especially like what he said about Elena Kagan. She always looks and sounds like she’s out of her depth but doesn’t realize it , what with her complacent, slow way of speaking.

    • drk,

      The people we think of as “incompetent” are — IF you are talking about the ‘real world.’ HOWEVER, once you realize they live in a world of their own making, and you look to the function they serve within that world, they suddenly reveal themselves to be totally competent. The average person simply doesn’t see it because A — they do not know about or understand the Marxist world and B — if/when they do understand it, they simply cannot accept that there are people in the world whose sole purpose in life is to destroy society for the sake of destroying society.

      Sadly though, this is the reality in which we live, and those who seek to destroy our society are now in charge of our govt. and social institutions.

      • You are right. Incompetent in the real world, but able to follow the dogma. This makes it easy for them to make their bad decisions. Is it time to cave in and make our cages as comfortable as possible? Smoke the drugs of oblivion and let the world go as it wants? I can’t do that and will probably die a miserable, cantankerous old crone. That’s the question for me: When to go with the flow and when to fight? This mess has been building for decades.

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