Random NUMB3RS

Here are some numbers to consider:

  • 0.4%: US GDP growth in the fourth quarter of 2012
  • 1.0: Washington, D.C. was the richest city in the USA in 2011 and 2012
  • 2.0%: GDP growth rate under Obama, that in 2012 the New York Times called a “Slow but Steady Improvement”
  • 2.7%: GDP growth rate under George H.W. Bush, that in 1992 the New York Times called a “Gross National Letdown”
  • 20,000: Cost in dollars of the cheapest insurance plan under Obamacare
  • 50,054: Level of median household income in 2011, lowest since 1995
  • 2,841,000: Total federal civilian employees, highest since Reagan started shrinking government in the 80’s
  • 5,288,614: Total number of people receiving unemployment benefits
  • 8,853,614: Total number of people receiving disability benefits, the most in history
  • 21,000,000: Total number of government employees (federal, state and local)
  • 46,370,000: Total number of people currently receiving food stamp benefits, the most in history
  • 51,600,000: Total number of “taxpayers” who filed but actually paid no tax, the most in history
  • 90,000,000: Total number of people who have left/not participating in the labor force, representing the lowest participation rate in over 40 years and roughly equal to the number of actual income tax payers
  • 142,892,051: Total number of tax returns filed in 2010
  • 154,131,794: Number of people living in an American household that receives at least some government benefits (49.1%), the most in history
  • 313,914,040: Total population of the USA
  • 900,000,000,000: Promised cost of Obamacare over 10 years
  • 2,600,000,000,000: Actual cost of Obamacare over 10 years (according to the CBO), 3X what the public was told at the time of the votes in Congress

And what are the politicians and media talking about as the issues of the day?

Gay marriage and “gun safety”.

11 thoughts on “Random NUMB3RS

  1. Well … there you have it.

    I just wish we all had the same right to print more funny money so that we could worry about anything else but our financial profiles too.

  2. Morals are the foundation and only Godly people can have them. If its OK for the President of the USA to openly lie, steal from the rest of us to ingratiate his lifestyle beyond what any past President has done (get his fare share for himself and the Mouch), support the murder of innocent babies (no different that pagans sacrificing babies on the burning arms of Moloch), sexual perversion as in the days of Sodom and slandering the law abiding, hard working, Bible thumping, gun owning patriots to divide the country in his quest for a progressive dictatorship, then it must be acceptable for the rest of us. What monkeys see, monkeys do. You notice that the left are all evolutionist so it’s real easy for them to revert back to ape like humanoids from which they evolved. It is all very evident they are reverting back to the law of the jungle. Look at pictures – nakedness, tattoos, piercing’s, beating drums as music, writhing as dancing. We may have fall even fallen below the status of animals. Even God did not program instinctive animals to become what a great part of our society has become. SAD!

    • I actually would have no problem with what the Obama’s are doing – if the economy was growing, personal income was rising and the labor participation rate was going up. The leader of the free world deserves to catch a break and have a little enjoyment. I can only imagine the weight of the presidency.

      But a true leader demonstrates behaviors that inspire the people he is responsible for and his actions must be consistent with his words.

      Obama does neither.

      • “I can only imagine the weight of the presidency.”

        Or in this case, the weight of the Czars. I am not convinced yet that Obama is carrying the weight of anything other than that of Tiger Woods’ golf bag.

  3. Utah,

    He is President of the US not King of the US. I would take exception to any President, or politician for that matter, who ingratiated himself using tax payer dollars. It’s immoral period. If you take a tough job then do it like a real man and not a boy. If you can’t then don’t run for the office or apply for the job. I’m not going to give any of them a pass for they greedy, self centered, immoral creatures that don’t deserve our respect.

    • Except that every president does it, BHO is just overdoing it in an irresponsible, tasteless, non-empathetic and grotesquely inappropriate way, given the state of the country and the “regular” people he professes to care about and who are picking up his and the Queen’s tab for all the vakays.

      I think we do want our president to project an image of prosperity as he is a symbol of our country (for good or ill – ill in the case of King B the First).

      Besides, Washington real estate is so expensive that King Barackus and Queen Moochele are already forced to live in public housing and on the public dole…[that was sarcasm]…but, hey – that might be a funny concept for a post! We need a little humor, perhaps I’ll come up with a little levity!

  4. PS, just look around the world, North Korea, Egypt, Iran, China, Russia. While Obama fiddles the whole world is falling apart. They look at the US today and laugh. In the back room they see him as a leftist moronic puppet camped out in the White House.

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