More Glenn Beck “Lies”

OK, so I chose that title to tweak those who do not listen to or like Glenn Beck.  But you know what I’ve discovered from reading behind Beck?  The people who complain the loudest about him are those to whom he is doing the most damage by exposing them for who they are, explaining what they think, and revealing what they want to do and how they plan to do it.  I suppose, if I were a member of an agenda that had to operate in the shadows to achieve its goals, I would oppose someone who exposed me, as well.  After all, the darkness cannot survive the light.

Anyway, for those of you who do listen to Glenn Beck on a regular basis, read this and tell me if it doesn’t sound familiar:

What is Progress?
Woodrow Wilson, from The New Freedom

Well, we are architects in our time, and our architects are also engineers. We don’t have to stop using a railroad terminal because a new station is being built. We don’t have to stop any of the processes of our lives because we are rearranging the structures in which we conduct those processes. What we have to undertake is to systematize the foundations of the house, then to thread all the old parts of the structure with the steel which will be laced together in modern fashion, accommodated to all the modern knowledge of structural strength and elasticity, and then slowly change the partitions, relay the walls, let in the light through new apertures, improve the ventilation; until finally, a generation or two from now, the scaffolding will be taken away, and there will be the family in a great building whose noble architecture will at last be disclosed, where men can live as a single community, cooperative as in a perfected, coordinated beehive, not afraid of any storm of nature, not afraid of any artificial storm, any imitation of thunder and lightning, knowing that the foundations go down to the bedrock of principle, and knowing that whenever they please they can change that plan again and accommodate it as they please to the altering necessities of their lives.…

 Does that remind you of this?

 “They are building something: they are building a machine.  And we do not want them to turn it on.”

You see, what I have discovered is that Beck is not so much an original thinker as an educator.  While he does do some original thinking, I have found that the bulk of what he does on the radio is little more than teaching you what he has discovered in the Progressive/Socialist/Marxist literature that few outside their circles knew existed, let alone have read.

One thought on “More Glenn Beck “Lies”

  1. “…teaching you what he has discovered in the Progressive/Socialist/Marxist literature that few outside their circles knew existed, let alone have read.”

    Let me add;
    …few WITHIN their circles knew existed, let alone have read.

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