Engineering Utopia By Indoctrinating “Their” Children


Once again, Beck is walking the walk of true journalism.  If you have children or grandchildren, and/or if you care about the preservation of individual rights and liberty, you should watch the video in this link and keep up with this story:

Glenn Beck: ‘If You Have Ears to Hear and Eyes to See, Look Into Transformational Education’

Now, if you are one of the hard cases who think that this “transformational education” is not clear about what it means, then I ask you, do you still think this statement was innocent, or did it mean what it said – and do you see the similarity?

We are Five Days away from Fundamentally Transforming America

Have you seen this video clip yet?

If I wanted America to Fail

28 thoughts on “Engineering Utopia By Indoctrinating “Their” Children

  1. The progressives are all coming out and being straight up. They no longer seem to feel the need to hide in the shadows. They are behaving as though they have won.

    Maybe they have. Beck and a tiny handful are sounding the alarm. I don’t know if it’s enough. It seems to me that we’re on our own.


    • Libertytrail,

      No, we’re not alone. We still have the One who guided our founding fathers — IF we’d only turn back to Him and seek His guidance and protection…

    • No, not yet. I can tell you now — without even seeing it — I will be in opposition to it on several points. I disagree with the libertarian notion that morality shouldn’t be part of the equation. It has to be. There is no liberty without it. But I’ll also admit that I would far prefer his curriculum to anything in public education

        • Kells, if you are not going to teach the importance of morality to liberty, and the necessity of religion for morality, then you are not teaching people the basic principles of liberty. So, by your own admission, I was not speaking out of ignorance but from a solid understanding of Libertarian thought.

          • But they specifically said they would. The way they described it was teaching the “morals” of our founding fathers. this also falls in step with natural law, to which they also allude.

            Let’s talk about religion in schools. Personally, I have no probelem with it. (My son attended private school — Baptist based — for 5 years.) However; different religions may have issues. I know the Baptists are way out of their league when it comes to Lutheran confirmation classes (No offense, just tellin ya like it is.) Does this then warrant a call to arms by the Lutheran caliphate (with torches and pitchforks, nonetheless?) I reckon my point is that the parent, whether home-schooling or not) must be the arbiter of their child’s Christian education.

              • None. Except perhaps, those freaks of nature, the Scientologists. I don’t see your point. Are you saying that because religion is not a course in the curriculum, you are adamantly against said curriculum? Oh, and FYI, there were Muslim children in my son’s school and the parents didn’t give a lick. You speak to me often of discerning, but I do believe most people can discern good from evil. I’m very well aware that oftentimes I put the wall up and don’t look within the within, but that is just a natural flaw……or is it? I should like to know what you’re on about, B. It seems very much like a Crusade to me.

                • Not a crusade at all, but disappointing that — after all this time exchanging thoughts and ideas with me — you still do not understand.

                  No, I am not looking for the schools to teach religion — at least, not in the sense of a denominational religion. But, if you will look up Franklin’s creed, you will find that even the Muslims should be able to accept it (in general terms, anyway — the very devout will take issue with ANYTHING not meeting the strictest dictates of Muhammad). Faith in this general sense that Franklin explained it “should” be taught and even allowed in our schools. Not forced, mind you, but allowed and provided for.

                  As for the Scientologists, are they really a religion that believes in a Creator? I honestly don’t know.

  2. The hairs stand up on the back of my neck when I read the quotes above. When I first saw the video of this woman I thought it was satire! Certain people will ignore these, though, simply because one is Hitler. I agree that morality is important, but I don’t agree that we need religion. We are social creatures and do need a code of behavior . Good grief, even dog packs have ‘rules’, but I can’t go that next step and see the need for religion.

      • I don’t know if there is a Creator, no one does. There isn’t a universal morality, now, even with religions. Do we want a ‘universal’ morality? Isn’t that like this new world order that all the Christians rail against? It will take me some time to formulate my philosophy on this subject, but I don’t think we would agree in the end. It’s obvious to me how there can be a universal morality with one source, and I can see how a universal morality can develop without one, but I am not sure we should have one. I suppose that would be Utopia, though.

        • drk,

          If there is no universal morality, then in what part of the world is slavery, rape, theft and murder considered proper forms of social behavior?

          Next, if you devise a universal morality without the Creator, then by what authority do you do so? And upon what grounds will you defend it from those who claim they made a better one?

          • Slavery is still considered okay in some parts of Africa. Rape is considered a coming of age ritual in a very few places. Theft? That is part of communism and socialism and many people subscribe to it. Murder is okay in a lot of cultures as long as you do it to ‘others’. People will create an authority to follow and it doesn’t have to be a Creator. It may feel more comfortable to believe in a Creator, and maybe there is one. I can’t say either way. I wish I could be one of those people who fervently believe in a Creator and take comfort that there is a grand plan, but I’m not and thinking won’t make it so.

            • drk,

              You mention places where all these things are considered “OK” to do to OTHERS, but where — in what culture — is it considered “OK” to long for all these things to be done to you? In what society do the people consider it a blessing to be raped, or virtuous to be a slave, or honorable to be murdered?

              It is one thing to hold a morality for outsiders, but I have yet to find a society where they held that same morality for the insiders of that society. If you know of one, I should like to hear of it so I can examine it for myself.

              As for whether or not there is a Creator, I will not pretend to preach to you about that. You’ll have to decide for yourself. But I can easily ask you some questions that can only be answered by the existence of a Creator. They are simple questions, and they are all grounded in simple observation and sound reason. They are questions that have vexed every Atheist I have ever encountered and, to date, questions to which no one has ever provided an answer — ever.

              • There are examples of torture, for example, being a pathway to God- circumcision for one. The Native American sundance for another. These things are done to members of the tribe. The slavery, etc that is done to others is not considered wrong, or the community wouldn’t do it. If your proof of a Creator means you will use the Christian Bible as your resource, I will remain unmoved. These things may vex an atheist, which is really an anti-theist, but not me. Observation and reason are all affected by the observer. I am happy you are secure in your opinion, but no one has convinced me, yet. Good thing my opinion will not affect your life in the least. I will always champion others’ right to believe what they like as long as they don’t force it on me.

                • drk,

                  You are still pointing to things that do not address my questions about morality. First, what you call torture is a personal valuation. Jews and Christians do not consider circumcision to be torture. At best, it is no different than piercings or tattoos. And as for slavery of others, you are still looking at an outward value and not inward. I am not saying there are none, but I have looked and have yet to find a society that did not have a notion of right to property, respect for parents, the dead and some notion of murder. Those anthropologists who have intellectual honesty have noted that, though they take many forms in their appearance, these characteristics tend to define what could be called a universal sense of morality.

                  As for my belief in a Creator, actually, I came to it from outside the Bible. Logic dictates there must be a Creator. But then, people often chose to ignore or dismiss logic. Either way, I have no quarrel with you here, nor do I wish to seek one 🙂

  3. Over the past decade, I have gone from conservative to libertarian and find myself now back somewhere in between. And it’s for this very reason.

    Progressives need to destroy our Judeo-Christian roots in order to make their plan work. Adams warned us, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

    He didn’t say simply moral. He said moral and religious.

    Our liberty depends on this.


    • libertytrail,

      It sounds like you and I found ourselves to the same place our founders did: somewhere between conservative and libertarian. This is where liberty dwells. And you are correct, nearly every one of our founders warned us in some way or another that liberty depends on morality, and morality depends on faith in a Creator. Even Pain accepted the necessity for a Creator, even if only to establish the universal moral sentiment necessary to the preservation of liberty.

    • “all men are created equal…” does not mean or intend that all men are equal or should have equal outcomes.

      It means all men should be on a “level playing field” and have “equal protection under the law” to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (property).

      Everyone, no matter how smart, gifted, or not, has something special, beautiful, or amazing about them… and in a free market, there will be something anyone can find to benefit their fellow “man” and thereby be self sufficient.

      A planned state can only create “monkeys” as Joe so eloquently explained a day or two ago.

      Thomas Jefferson & his contemporaries founding principles, classical liberalism, and limited governmental interference is the key to a republic, and a republic will be prosperous because everyone is free to problem solve.

  4. Ok, I had a thought on this after reading it. My question goes out to our visiting liberal friends ….

    If my kids belong to you, then that suggests your kids belong to me as well. With that logic … have them ready for Sunday School this weekend. I will be by around 8:00am to pick them up.

    Works for you?

    Yeah, I didn’t think so.

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