Ridiculousness: The Merman Lifestyle


I saw this from the Daily Mail over the weekend and noticed that Maetenloch at AOSHQ had picked it up here as well:

When Eric Ducharme slips into his handmade fin to explore the crystal clear waters of Florida’s natural springs as a merman, he says he’s mentally transported as well.

So is the unique, eye-catching life of this Florida man who says he eats, sleeps and breathes mermaids while physically looking and acting like one as often as time allows.

‘It’s a lifestyle. It’s a path in life that I have chosen,’ says the 22-year-old from Crystal River who’s one of the latest characters to appear on TLC’s My Crazy Obsession.

Though as bizarre of a ‘lifestyle’ activity as it is, it’s one his family and even boyfriend have accepted – it not without initial astonishment.

‘When I first met Eric, I was introduced to the subject of mermaids, on our first date,’ Ducharme’s boyfriend Matthew Quijano opens up on camera. ‘Your jaw just kind of drops and you’re just like, “wow.”

‘When we go swimming I don’t even see him because he swims off to his own little corner, it’s all about getting away from the rest of the world,’ he says.

‘Eric is obsessed with mermaids,’ his mother Candy Ducharme shares on the program. ‘We have our own passions. That’s Eric’s life.’

Since Ducharme was a child he says he’s been fascinated with mermaids.

At the age of 16 he put on his first show while swimming as the mermaid prince in Weeki Wachee Springs Little Mermaid show in 2006.


Seems that in these days of political correctness, all one has to do to justify odd or deviant behavior is to call it a “lifestyle”. We have touched on this subject before when we noted the mass amounts of political activism and media coverage of gay marriage when there are twice as many licensed gun owners in the state of Florida alone than there are homosexuals in the US (and those numbers are based on information from gay rights “activists”).

I chuckled when I thought of what two members of previous generations of my family would have thought – my dad and my grandfather.

No doubt this would have been greeted and immediately dismissed with a “that’s the damn stupidest thing that I have ever seen” kind of comment but with the application of some additional, more colorful 4 letter prose.

You see, my familial predecessors participated in and survived WWI, the Great Depression, WWII, the Korean War and Vietnam. They were serious, literal men who would have had a lot of trouble conceptualizing the “merman lifestyle” and why anyone would even spend any more time discussing it than it takes to say, “What a dumb shit…”

It would have been dismissed as unimportant, a waste of time. No oxygen would have been given to an “issue” that was not worth caring about.

It is clear to me that one of the great losses in this world filled with political correctness, cultural Marxism, post-modernism and the worship of diversity is the simple ability to call the ridiculous exactly that – ridiculous. This is an important distinction because today, we are expected to accept everything as being equal in import and seriousness and that means that being a “merman” must be treated with equal reverence as being a doctor or an engineer.

Notice how the Mail inserts the item that our “merman” has a boyfriend, thereby signifying that he is gay. I assume that is to add another layer of armor against criticism…as if being gay makes this any less deviant and strange.

What has been allowed is the filling of our time with crap that doesn’t matter. We are under 24 hour a day, continuous, relentless assault by 200 channels of gauzy filler. I was observing last night that outside of real time events (like the weather or local news, the Olympics or live sporting events) there is truly only about 10% of what is on cable TV that could be classified as having real, useful or educational content.

I really could care less about how pregnant the fat ass unspeakable Armenian, Kim Kardashian is or by whom…but thanks to modern media, at least one of the 15 or so websites or newspapers that I read every day will have at least one picture of her enormous ass in it. I think Duck Dynasty was interesting for about the first two shows of the first season but now it is a “scripted” reality show that is just a waste of time.

In my grandfather’s day, the unspeakable Armenian would not have been elevated to being a “star” to allow her to make millions off her “celebrity”, she would have been dismissed as a shameless slut, an offense to society and simply declared not worth wasting time on. She is pregnant by Kanye West even as she is still legally married to NBA star Kris Humphries – and yet it is treated as a plot twist for her “reality” show instead of a disgrace.

There are only so many hours in a day and the greater percentage of the time can be occupied with these dumbshit, frivolous, wasteful pursuits, the less time there is to be spent on recognizing and solving true problems. That doesn’t mean that we should never seek fun and diversion but as my granddaddy would say, “mind your knitting, son and hands to task, son…hands to task.”

Our primary function as a people and responsible citizens is not to seek diversion.

These days, being serious is seen as ridiculous while being a “merman” is a lifestyle.

Bread and circuses instead of being a serious society…

Yeah, let’s do that…because that worked out so well for Caligula’s Rome.

20 thoughts on “Ridiculousness: The Merman Lifestyle

  1. A thousand mind numbing distractions. It’s all a little make believe world people have decided to live in. When the reality of where we are headed finally emerges Boy Merman will be just another deviant sent to re-education or tossed into a garden as fertilizer.

  2. If I come up with a lifestyle that requires me leaving knuckle marks on the foreheads of every liberal I come in contact with, do you think I could get a reality show out of the deal?

  3. Utah,
    Whoa, this was the 1st thing I saw this morning when I fired up my IPad. I think I’m going to need professional counseling.

    • Trapped: sorry about that…I’ll try to restrain myself from any more early morning merman posts!

      But I’m pretty sure this will be the last one ever.

      • You could put up Both the Greg Cobb making love to his sandwich pic along with this Pic …..

        And Title it……”The Yin and Yang of Water Sports” ….. Just an Idea.

        ( I have a Post you might want to look at about a Stan Evans article April 4 in Investors.com on Amnesty….I put the link is in the Marx and Darwin post below ) .

      • “But I’m pretty sure this will be the last one ever.”

        Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure it could be as well. I didn’t want to tell you this, but I’m a half breed (half mermaid, half human,) and yesterday I got the memo that Merman is swimming into Corpus Christi to hunt you down! This is your second infraction, you see. Yes; they know about the spear-fishing incident (I tried my damndest to hide those pics, but you had to be a braggadocio by posting it all over the world-wide web. I must say you were very lucky that day as Merman was the lead in our reality series, “Real Men Have Swishy Tails.” Honestly, do you think Merfolk are stupid or something? My advice? Don’t go fishing this weekend! Just hit the hobo hunt…..I hear there’s to be a low country boil….

          • That was great! All right. I shall help you out…. again! (I’m a sucker!) I shall change Merman’s maps so that he may arrive in SF. Once there, I shall have Trapped take him to see the off-broadway production of Little Mermaid. You do realise that you will be indebted to Trapped — big time — for this little favour, right?

  4. “we are expected to accept everything as being equal in import and seriousness and that means that being a “merman” must be treated with equal reverence as being a doctor or an engineer.”

    May I add? Business executive, doctor, engineer, or lawyer, are to be treated with disdain, envy, and put “in their place.”

    What happened to respect & admiration for hard work and sacrifice?

    Now “we” are seeing the success of (LBJ, ted kennedy, et al) government’s design to destroy the family. Destruction of the family is directly blamed for all the ills of the lowest economic strata in America.

    With a majority of Americans against healthcare after all the propaganda, there is still hope for “The Republic”. The producers in our children’s generation are not stupid. The producers ignore the propaganda. They realize there is no way the promises of the Marxists can ever be fulfilled, and they are going to disobey the government monolith. They will then move to geographic areas where there are jobs. So the producers will be geographically separated (welcome to Texas, if you are looking to work) from the job killing & welfare states. When the indoctrinated young, look for a job, they will learn, or not work. There will be no bread traded for valueless “paper”.

    The government is bankrupt. If the govt continues on its current path, a majority will be forced to admit the awful truth. Just as a majority already understands Obamacare is bankrupt and ruinous of healthcare.

    Good, young people, are now having babies without getting married. Getting married

    • Cont.
      Young people are making their decisions based upon financial outcomes.

      If it is disadvantageous economically to get married, they are forgoing marriage.

      Our young people will also make their other decisions based upon economics too.

      So they are not stupid, and the survivors/producers will make the economic decisions they believe are “just” in the face propaganda. I submit they will not support paying taxes to a economically failed state, and will “find” an alternative.

      There is hope for the “American spirit”.

      It’s seems much worse now, as the marxists feel strong enough to come out of the shadows and push ever more forcefully.

      As they push harder, Americans pushed into a corner have always come out on top.

      • Well, it’s very plain to see that we’ve got a bunch of mermaid, er, merman haters on the RNL! I think I should start an Occupy Merfolk Street protest! You 1% ers are all the same! Yeah…..enjoy your lobster……while we eat the plankton!

        • Kells, Nope !
          Don’t hate gay folks ! I have friends that happen to be gay. Good people. (otherwise they wouldn’t be friends)
          They would never attempt to push their sexual preference or lifestyle upon us…

          That’s what ruffles our feathers. The Marxist media attempting to make something out of nothing.
          The point that should be made here is;
          America’s freedom and prosperity allows this young person to live such a lifestyle.
          G-d bless America !
          When the Marxists are in charge and have destroyed all the prosperity and freedom, what will happen to this young person who is of no use to the collective?

            • What was the mermaid movie we grew up with darryl hannah as a mermaid? That’s some tail a man can get excited about!

    • I’m surrounded by mermanophobic haters!! Look Chello; you’ve got our best seafood; you’ve got, um, a package. What more do you want?!………………..you filthy 1%er!

    • Careful Chhelo,

      The Mer-spokesperon is after your Seafood and your ..Package.

      A cautious approach is prudent at this time.

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