MSNBC: All Commie, All The Time

Well, that’s pretty much what they are saying by running this Marxist as much as they have been these past few weeks:

Critics Pan Yet Another MSNBC Promo with Harris-Perry: You Have ‘Right’ to Health Care, Decent Housing, and ‘Quality Food at All Times’

Speaking outside on a sunny day, Harris-Perry says in an ad that aired Wednesday morning:

Americans will always want some level of inequality, because it’s a representation of meritocracy.  People who work hard and sacrifice and save their money and make major contributions — we think that they should earn a little more.  They should have more resources, and that’s fine.  But we also, however, have to have a floor under which nobody falls.  And if you’re below that — especially if you’re a child and you’re below that — we are not going to accept that.  You do have the the right to health care, and to education, and to decent housing and to quality food at all times.  ​[Emphasis added]

“From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs, anyone?” Newsbusters’ Mark Finkelstein commented.

Now, before anyone attacks MSNBC, let’s agree with them.  Yes, I said let’s agree with them.  Since this utopian world will require us to steal the fruits of other people’s labor so that those who have learned to scam their forced charity (i.e. government redistribution), I propose we start by confiscating MSNB and the property of everyone who works at or above management level.  We will liquidate ALL the company’s assets, as well as ALL property belonging to anyone and everyone in any form of supervisory position within the company and use it to further fund the mouchers of this world.

HOWEVER, I also propose that ALL “forced charity” be suspended until such time as MSNBC agrees with and hands over their network as well as all – and I mean ALL — assets belonging to their supervisors to Obama for redistributive vote-buying.

What do you guys think?  Do we have a deal?  If so, I’ll contact MSNBC and let them know they just volunteered to cast the first bread (so to speak).  😉

[NOTE: whenever one of your liberal/progressive/leftist friends starts to complain about the media not being biased to the Left, just think of this story and have a good chuckle.  You might even want to tell them about it, and that this is straight out of the Communist Manifesto.]

7 thoughts on “MSNBC: All Commie, All The Time

  1. commies say you have a right to own the means of production. american ‘progressives’ say this other bullshit to keep the working class from rebelling, while capitalist exploitation continues. please get an education,

    • LOL, I have a better, more in depth education than you do. I’ve already explained and cited the connections from the Fabian movement (which spawned Lenin) and the American Progressive movement — in more than one post, even.

      They all have the same goals, they differ only in how to achieve them. Besides, the American Communist Party has said that the Democrats have adopted their agenda, and since the Progressives run the Democrat Party…

      I say – I say, dat dare’s known as logic, sun. 😉

  2. Dolt:

    Courtesy of Merriam Webster;

    Main Entry: dolt
    Pronunciation: \ˈdōlt\
    Function: noun
    Etymology: probably akin to Old English dol foolish
    Date: 1553
    : a stupid person
    — dolt·ish \ˈdōl-tish\ adjective
    — dolt·ish·ly adverb
    — dolt·ish·ness noun

    • lol, Texas, you can now replace the keyboard Chhelo is replacing to replace the one Augger is supposed to be replacing.

      Man, I don’t know how I’ve managed to keep this one working — what, with all the spewed coffee and soda in in… 😉

    • She’s a smart girl !

      Just think what she could do if she put all that effort into actually doing something besides figuring out how to be such a successful welfare recipient.

      What a waist of raw talent.

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