Comrade Karl Implies Murder for the Bourgeoisie

I’m sorry, but this one is too important to pass up or make light, so this is a serious post. In one of my comments to Karl, I pointed out that the Capitalist must be part of the collective, and, therefore, for the workers to work against the Capitalist is for the collective to work against itself.  To which, Karl replied:


April 12, 2013 at 13:52 (Edit) Reply

 You imply China is communist and/or socialist.

The capitalist are not members of the collective since their property is not controlled collectively, but privately. The struggle for socialism is to collectivize the means of production, which also creates collective consciousness and action.

So, Karl is telling us that there is no room for the Capitalist/Bourgeoisie in the collective while, at the same time, asserting that the ultimate ends of mankind is this supposed “collective.”    So, I ask you, if the collective is the ultimate end for human evolution, and there is no room for the Capitalist/Bourgeoisie in this collective, then what is to be done with them?

Now, as soon as he sees what he has implied, there’s little doubt that Karl will deny it.  But how can he?  Where has he ever allowed for the incorporation of the Capitalist into the collective?  Where did Karl Marx, or Lenin or Stalin or Mao allow for it?  They didn’t, and neither does Comrade Karl.  And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is the evil inherent in EVERY Marxist movement: they have to liquidate their opposition because they have nothing that addresses what to do with them, or how to fit them into the collective.  Now, I would urge you to consider that Obama and the majority of those people he has placed in higher positions in his Administration, as well as the people who head up the many private Progressive organizations his Administration coordinates with are all connected to Bill Ayres, and Bill Ayres was at the highest level of leadership in the movement that considered doing just this – liquidating as many as 25 million Americans:

video link

Obama and his wife WILLINGLY align and ally themselves with Ayres.  No doubt, if Ayres beliefs were pointed out, just like Karl,  the Obamas would no doubt deny they share his beliefs.  But they know what Ayres believes — and I say believes because Ayres has never recanted – quite the contrary.  He has said he wishes he had done more.  So the prudent assumption would be that Obama and this Administration actually do harbor some sense of liquidation for their political enemies.  To dismiss such a possibility is to walk blindly down the same road the German people traveled in the 1930’s.

29 thoughts on “Comrade Karl Implies Murder for the Bourgeoisie

  1. Karl,

    What is your role in the “Hive”? Are you a worker, soldier or Queen. Marxist, Communist, Progressives or what ever you call yourselves on any given day are really only sad creatures that have regressed to become less than Killer bees. Look at your characteristics – programmed to do only what you have been hatched to do, attack and kill anything that is foreign to the hive, owe your loyalty to a queen out of instinct not reason and are a nuisance to the world leaving pain, death and destruction everywhere you go.

    I must however, apologize to killer bees for the comparison. As instinctive creatures they do not have a choice, you do.

    • I do what work me and my comrades decide we should do. The modern day worker is a worker bee with no choice in the matter, his work is decided by the bourgeoisie. The means of production he works with are not in control of the workers but the bourgeoisie. There is nothing wrong with the workers collectively owning and deciding what to do with their labor and the means of production.

      Slavery and feudalism has ended (in most part) as these forms of production has gone by the wayside, so will capitalism.

      • You can own the means of production today. Start your own company.

        And I don’t mean this like it sounds because it is not a “love it or leave it” question but if you truly believe what you say, why are you living in a capitalist state?

        Would you not desire to live somewhere that better fits your beliefs – or do you just have the same self-deluding, messianic, “liberator of the people” complex that all collectivists have?

        • I have less than $10,000 to invest, and I have no time to invest. Don’t pretend starting a business is a poor man’s hobby.

          • Karl,

            In 2001, I started a business with less than $3K. Within 2 years, I was at the top of my industry and making $60k+/year.

            So, once again, you have admitted that what you really want is a handout, taken from others who were willing to do what you won’t — WORK!

            Try giving up this “I can’t” attitude and start looking for how you CAN! You’ll be happier — even if you don’t become Bill gates.

            • Tell me how many luck breaks did you get? How much of your success can be attributed to being at the right place at the right time? How much household assets did you have when you started your business? Do you honestly believe that the legality to start your own business equals the opportunity to start your own business. Sure, anyone can start a business, but lets not pretend people don’t get screwed by no fault of their own and sometimes strike it rich by no fault of their own. It is classic bourgeoisie behavior to believe they earn every penny they get, and those who believe otherwise are lazy and covetous.

              • NONE! The industry worked against me, so I had to take what I got — but I did it by making a better product and charging less than others. Novel idea, huh? 🙂

                My success had nothing to do with place and time. In fact, I came in at the end of the rush, so I was a Johnny-come-lately to what was, by then, an over-crowded market already in decline.

                I told you what I started my business with. I had 2 friends lend me the money for a stake in the company. I paid them back, became sole owner and voila, something YOU say can’t be done. HA!

                Legality/opportunity??? Pass that thing to your left, Comrade 😉

                And now for the constant and never-ending string of excuses why you should be held up as a moral and benevolent crusader of the people for wanting to justify theft. GET OFF YOUR LAZY BUTT AND GET TO WORK!!!

          • Join with others … Pool your resources …… create a business plan.

            Compete with the work ( industry) you are doing now …. look for needs that aren’t being met and see if you can create a gowing concern to meet them.

            You have “Time” to talk about how the “System” doesn’t work …. but no time to Invest or put your heads together to come up with an Idea for a small Business ??

            • Further Karl …. You and your comrades could start a LLP…..where each of you have an equal say and ownership in the Partnership.

              So you could be providing a service, making money for each of you at the same time that you put your “philosophy” to work with equal ownership of the Business ( and / or the Tools …means of Production of your business). You would be walking your walk/ Talk at the same time as you provide work for yourself and “comrades”. With an LLP you each have an equal vote with respect to Partnership issues going forward.

          • “I have less than $10,000 to invest, and I have no time to invest. Don’t pretend starting a business is a poor man’s hobby.”

            Karl, there is a problem with this, and actually … it is very easy to blow holes all in it. How many thousands of physicians over the years do you think have exited college 200, 300, 400 hundred thousand dollars in debt from student loans yet managed to open a clinical office?

            Yeah, I thought as much.

      • Karl,

        For the most part sllavery and feudalism ended because of Judeo/Christian values. Slavery now exists only in Marxist dictatorships and moslem countries. True capitalism is what raised the standard of living for every man on Earth for the last 200 years more than anytime in history. Show me one time where communism/marxism did the same. What you favor is regression back to slavery, for the worker will be unable to keep a godless slave master from seizing your utopian workers paradise for himself. You can’t blame that on capitalism. You have to blame yourself for seeking it.

      • A worker has no choice? Someone forceable manipulated that employee to accept a job offer?

        Try to have some modicum of honesty in your arguments.

        • It’s either take the job or you get evicted. Tell me that is a choice. The workers hold no power, even when they go to work they are still powerless.

          • Karl,

            I see a choice there. You can chose to live somewhere else, or in a cheaper place and with a cheaper lifestyle.

            Jewel and Rob Thomas were both homeless for a period in their lives, as was that famous stock investor played by Will Smith.

            Once again: you are good at making excuses, but if you spent as much energy DOING as you do trying to justify taking, you wouldn’t have it so hard (that, and if you learned to be content with something less than a movie-star lifestyle).

            • you are implying the homeless choose to be homeless. You are blind to the reality of poverty and homelessness. How many homeless do you think can pull a Will Smith. You are so deluded you think men without degrees can walk into without college degrees and become traders. I have a message for you, poverty is not a choice. Men live the lives dictated by their environment. One man being extraordinary lucky does not justify exploitation. You pretend anyone can be a Bill Gates. but does that justify bourgeoisie parasitism? Why should the workers not revolt and seize the means of production?

              • 1 — Limbaugh, Gates, Jobbs, Beck — and many, many more have done very well without or before they got a degree.

                2 — for many, poverty most certainly IS a choice.

                3 — the idea that we live our lives dictated by our environment affirms my statement because, if you allow your environment to dictate your fate, you CHOSE to surrender. Gandhi and MLK chose otherwise and look what they managed to do in the face of all that which you say ABSOLUTELY PREVENTS their success.

                4 — luck is 90% preparedness and 10% opportunity. Chance has little to do with it, that’s just something people tell themselves to help them feel comfortable with their CHOICE to surrender.

                • Gandhi and MLK are responses of the oppressed masses to oppression. Luck is %100 environment, if you have no capital or time to dedicate to capitalist pursuits how do you become bourgeoisie ? Besides being one of those few homeless that don’t get kicked out of investment bank offices? You don’t choose anything life chooses you. Just think back to the times you could have easily been rejected but you weren’t. How do you explain that many americans, work two jobs but don’t make enough to support themselves, much less accumulate enough capital to become bourgeoisie. The capitalist system relies upon some people making money off the labor of others. How do you explain Mitt Romney making millions of dollars and also being RETIRED at the same time, while many elderly work into the 60’s amd make less.

                  • Karl,

                    YOU said there is no such thing as morality, yet you insist on this notion that oppression exists. You can’t do that, it is a contradiction. You must chose whether there is no morality, in which case there can be no oppression, or whether there is oppression, in which case there is a universal morality.

                    You can gain capital by selling the idea to an investor, by working and saving your money, or by investing a little money wisely and waiting for the return. Once again, you are trying to justify the way you WANT things to be, to force others to agree that this is reality. But none of what you say is anything BUT the way you want your life to be. It isn’t real because there ARE other choices.

                    Now, if life chooses for us, why are you typing? Did the great materialism monster grab you out of bed, hold you down at your chair, pick up your hands and FORCE you to type all this? NOPE! You exercised FREE WILL! And that means you’re right back where I always bring you: facing the contradictions in your ideology.

                    • Way to miss the point. I said MLK and Gandhi are reactions of the masses. They are not great movers of history but the figurehead of the movements that spawned them. Oppression can exist without morality. Just like rape and murder, these are physical actions. You still believe in free will? Please grow up. The actions of people are determined by his environment. A being formed by his environment reacting to his environment, is what a human being is. Joe you can’t claim you came into your beliefs based on free will, your environment and upbringing determine what ideas you are exposed to and your ability to accept them. Prove free-will exists.

                    • No, Karl, they were LEADERS! Without them, there would have been no “movement,” just as without the capitalist, there is no means of production. This is physics: it takes an action, a driving force to cause something to be set into motion. That is why your collective never sets anything into motion: because it does not exist outside of your imagination, whereas Gandhi and MLK did.

                    • Joe the ‘great man’ theory of history is wrong. If MLK and Gandhi were not born, other people from the movement could have easily replaced them as leader. Legitimacy comes from the masses.

                    • So why hasn’t your great working class revolt happened yet?

                      All you have is history, Karl, and all of history say I am correct — not you. But it’s OK, I don’t see it as me being affirmed, I take it as me getting on the proper side of history and objective reality. I just wish you would join us. You’d be happier: maybe a lot more tired from actually having to work for your living, but happier.

                  • “Gandhi and MLK are responses of the oppressed masses to oppression.”

                    Not to take from the black man, but I am Scotch/Irish. I have been subject to racism and bias. I never let it affect the direction in life I chose to follow.

                    Come to think of it, neither did Herman Cain, Barack Obama, Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson … and we could go on, and on, and on ….

                    Still you offer nothing evidence based, only arguments devoid of anything but a sense of jealousy.

                    Grow up.

          • “It’s either take the job or you get evicted. Tell me that is a choice. The workers hold no power, even when they go to work they are still powerless.”

            Karl, successful people neither make nor accept any excuses. So listen up asshat, I started my life’s career cleaning fish in a fish house at the ripe old age of 9 years old. From there, I went on to bus tables, mow yards, join the military, attend college …

            Each and every job I have accepted, I did so of my own free will for terms I found acceptable.

            No one twisted my arm. No one has ever forced me to do a thing. No, my self determination comes from within, and I thank God ole Mighty ever day for the liberty to have done so.

            Whatever is chapping or ailing your ass … it’s no one’s obligation to correct except yours.

            Sooner or later Karl, you are going to have to develop proper coping mechanisms, and stop blaming everyone else for your misery.

  2. psychopath[ sahy-kuh-path ]
    1. a person with a psychopathic personality, which manifests as amoral and antisocial behavior, lack of ability to love or establish meaningful personal relationships, extreme egocentricity, failure to learn from experience, etc.

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