Public High School Teaches Anti-Semitism

I know that this is probably starting to get repetitive, but that’s the point: to show that these sort of stories are not exceptions but the norm, and that the govt. controlled media is trying to hide them by not making the same sort of fuss about them as they do about gun violence and gun control (or gay rights, or global warming, or anything else that can be used to further their socialist agenda of control):

Students Asked to ‘Argue That Jews Are Evil’ and Prove Nazi Loyalty in Assignment Linked to Common Core

“You must argue that Jews are evil, and use solid rationale from government propaganda to convince me of your loyalty to the Third Reich!” read the description on the assignment, which the school superintendent said reflects the kind of sophisticated writing expected of students under the new Common Core standards and was meant to hone students’ persuasive argument abilities.

The TimesUnion reports that students were asked to digest Nazi propaganda material, then imagine that their teacher was an SS officer who needed to be persuaded of their loyalty by arguing that Jews are the root of all the world’s ills.

Now, as would be expected, the school is arguing that this was poorly worded, but that it doesn’t reflect any harm.  But this is the sort of excuse we would expect from a child and it should be rejected.  In a day where someone can use the phrase “chink in his armor” and get fired because he was referring to someone’s game who also happened to be of Asian descent, who wouldn’t understand that this school assignment was equally offensive?  But this assignment is worse because it was given at a time when antisemitism is on the rise in America, as well as govt. sponsored attacks on the Judea/Christian faith in general.

Unless you understand how indoctrination is done, you may still dismiss my warning.  If so, please go study it.  It is subtle: it has to be or the victims will recognize it and it will fail.  One of the most effective means indoctrinating people if through the long-term employment of subtle, seemingly harmless little manipulations such as the one in this story – and it works.  If you have a favorite brand of soft drink, or favorite hardware store or even political Party, it’s worked on you.  In fact, it is so effective and so pervasive that I am positive that I am still under the effects of indoctrination, and I’m awake to the threat.  How much more vulnerable are those who are asleep, or worse, who insist on ignoring the threat after it’s been shown to them?


(then think about turning off that TV…and maybe cutting way back on that computer — or at least, how you use it)

14 thoughts on “Public High School Teaches Anti-Semitism

      • Sorry. It might be good to have a Post which links together ALL of these recent LINKS ala education.

        Seen together they have a numbing impact …. case after case after case. Even tho I’m constantly looking I missed it. You mentioned a link / or section with recommended reading perhaps one on the Deterioration / Indoctrination of the American School system…… to borrow a comment I saw someone make , you could call the sub Heading the “Department of Re-Education …”

          • As a friend who is worried about you, have to say …( Shhhhhhh ).

            April 15 th ain’t here yet ….. And they might try and TAX you as if you were 3 dudes. Better to hint your ONE Guy doing 1/4 th the work of One Guy.

            That way they’ll think you’re just a “Normal” Government employee………………….. ( I have other ideas…ready to go ).

            • LOL, understood.

              OK, Don, top of the page, under the title, you should see a header page labeled THE DEPARTMENT OF RE-EDUCATION. Hover over it and click on the post you missed and/or want to reference. Let me know how that works out. I’ll do the same for a suggested reading list, and then again for a page I am going to call THE AMERICAN MATRIX. I’ll use that page for posts that reveal how we are all being deliberately manipulated. Hopefully, it will help more people decide to take the red pill.

              • Looks like it’s a Good Set-up …..However,when I move my cursor down from the heading to click a link listed below the Heading, the links disappear….??

                I’m using Windows Prof XP. Same with the Progressives Post links.

                • CRAP!

                  I am using Windows 7 and it works for me and that is about the extent of my understanding of computers. Dude, I’m sorry, but I SUCK at these things (which is why I “exploit” my IT guy to the tune of HE MAKES MORE PER HOUR THAN ME to make it work the way I want, but sssh, don’t tell Karl 😉 )

                    • Don,
                      Don’t open the main education page, just move your curser down over the first listing and click on that. See if that works. I have the sub-pages pegged to the main page, but they are not listed in it, but under it (if that makes any sense).

                    • No the cursor on the Main Education page above brings up the Listing of the Posts withinit ( highlighted in Red). as soon as the curser is movedoff the header….all the pots disappear. In other words the cursor CAN’T move down over the first or subsequent listing because they are opnly highlighted when the Cursor is on the Titls …”The Dept of Re-Education”.

                      Perhaps they could all be listed there , and addedto as new Links and stories of our Education disaster are uncovered.

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