Things Are Bigger In Texas…

…and when they aren’t, Texans have an answer for that:

Actual Houston Chronicle Ad  04142013

This was an actual ad in the sports section of today’s Houston Chronicle.

14 thoughts on “Things Are Bigger In Texas…

  1. I’m very curious how doctors enlarge a penis. Do they insert silicone or something? Wouldn’t a fella lose sensation? It figures that this is the first thing I see popping into the RNL. I hope Trapped can handle this one….

  2. Yo Dude !!…..(shakes his head,.. slowly…sadly….looking at ground).

    You need to turn in your Man-card. You have forfeited your rights in the Club for at least 3 months. Drawing unNEEDed attention … ;- ) .

    You know it will be a long time before the RNL Gals can get a “Grip” on this and “Handle” their responses to such Jarring information.

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