History of Left-Wing Violence

I took a few minutes before going to bed to search through some of my links. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the picture graphs (sorry).   And what I found requires people to actually read (but then, a recent study suggests that short attention spans lead to an increase in bigotry — read about that here).  So, here are the best pages I’ve found dealing with the issue of Left-wing terrorism in America — in the order I would recommend reading them:

The left’s support for terrorism

(An excellent page listing many Left-wing terrorist attacks, as well as detailing how many acts of domestic terrorism that are attributed to to Right-wingers were actually committed by Left-wingers and the media knows but deliberately lies about it.)

List of Recent Left Wing Terrorists Inspired By Democrat Media Propaganda

(This page lists the names of the Left-winger(s) and the incident for which they are credited, though it deals primarily with more recent events.)


(This page provides a history of Left-wing violence, including a very comprehensive list of incidents dating back more than 40 years.)


The Current Threat

Prepared for

U.S. Department of Energy

Office of Safeguards and Security

Washington, DC

(This page is a pdf of a government report explaining that Left-wing extremists are a real threat and provides some statistical data to support their case).

Terrorism In the United States

I listed this page because it includes this:

Highlights of 1996 Anti-Terrorism Act

  • Authorizes the Secretary of State to designate groups as terrorist organizations and prohibit the from fundraising in the United States

  • also authorizes the Secretary of Treasury to freeze the assets of such organizations

  • in addition, forbids U.S. citizens, nationals, residents, etc. from having financial transactions with known terrorist states

  • Prohibits U.S. government financial assistance to nations sponsoring terrorism

  • Denies entry into the United States to any person who is a representative or member of a designated terrorist organization


ALL of these would apply to CAIR, a KNOWN – per a U.S. Court ruling – but un-indited terrorist conspirator.  Many of these restrictions would also apply to the aid we have given Libya, Egypt, and now Syria.  But then, the rule of law is no longer the rule of this nation: we are governed by the rule of men.  If it were otherwise, this alone would be an impeachable offense.  Face it, folks, we are governed by a soft dictatorship.

One thought on “History of Left-Wing Violence

  1. Thank you. I was looking for something like this article.
    I am past angry about the blatant lies told by the communist media and commie liberal websites.

    The commie liberal left uses Alinsky tacticts on steroids

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