If at First You Don’t Secede, Try, Try Again

I don’t have time to write this.  As I type, I have less than 36 hours before I am supposed to leave for a major trade show.  It is the single largest and most important show of the year for my industry, and, where my business is at right now, this show could be crucial to my continued survival.  I worked until 2 AM CST last night.  I was up until midnight the two days before that, and I get up every day at 6:30 AM.  Yesterday, I lost time when our A/C unit went out, and my son needed help when his car broke down.  This morning, my email is down.  Apparently, Google is having issues.  My business is driven by my web site and my email, so I am not having a good day and I do not have time for this post.  I tell you all of this so you will know the pressures in my world right now, yet, here I am, because there is nothing more important in this world than the subject I am about to address.  I just trust that you’ll forgive me if this is not my best, I am not the young kid I once was and I no longer deal with deep fatigue as well as I once did.

Ben Franklin once said words to the effect:

“Where liberty dwells, there is my country.”

I want you to ask yourself:

“Which do you love more: Liberty, or America?”

Lincoln chose America over Liberty, and he set the stage for the destruction of this nation by violating the very principles upon which it was founded.  While it may be true that the specific issue of the time was slavery, the principle was whether or not one people has the right to govern itself or must it be forcibly subjected to the rule of another people.  During the Civil War, though their cause was unjust, the South stood in the place as our founders did in 1776 and Lincoln was King George.  The only difference is, this time, neither side appealed to or sought God’s help – until Lincoln found his faith and started to pray.  It wasn’t until Lincoln turned to God for guidance that the North won its first battle and the war started to turn in favor of the North.  There is a lesson there, the same lesson our founders understood: liberty comes from God.

Next, I ask you to consider the political and cultural landscape of this nation.  Which side is generally hostile toward God, the Left or the Right?  Which side is the side generally seeking to use government force to impose its will on the other, the Left or the Right?  And which side sees our heritage as flawed but good and which side sees the history of this nation as a series of injustices and exploitations?  Which side is tolerant?  Which side is most willing to forgive and forget and learn to live and work together again, and which side is most likely to take the rights of others, oppress and punish others?  So which side advocates individual rights and liberty and which side advocates control for the good of the collective?  If you’re anything like me, these should have been easy questions, so let me ask you a hard one:

“Why would the side that understands and embraces God and liberty want to stay associated with the side that rejects Him and seeks to control you?”

History tells us that, if we stay in such a society, we will suffer the same fate as all other societies before: we will fall into a state of social decay and, as we grow ever more immoral, or society will continue to collapse until, eventually, we will reach a point similar to that in the French Revolution.  At that point, the door to despotism swings wide open and ever would-be tyrant will come running.  If such a person is already in charge when that happens, the nation is surely doomed: more so if you have such a person in charge and who is actively working to create and hasten the creation of that point where the door will swing open to him.  I say we have many such people in our government right now.  I also say that roughly half of our population supports those people.  To me, this represents the metastasizing of this cancer.  From this point, it will spread ever faster until, sooner rather than later, every part of our society that we consider to still be relatively healthy will also be infected with this disease – unless we do something drastic to save ourselves.  In this case, what we are trying to save is the preservation of individual rights and liberty for mankind – and this includes the right to recognize and honor God in our public lives as the source of those individual rights and liberty.

So, here is my challenge to you.  Do you love this nation so much that you are willing to accept whatever tyranny is forced on you by the trends in our current culture and the world, or do you love liberty enough to sacrifice a nation?  If you love America more than liberty, then – by all means – do whatever you can to work within this current system to fix what you see as wrong, but I wish you luck.  You’ll need it.  However, if you love liberty above all else in this world, then we need to ban together and use the system to peacefully secede from the union.  The founders were very clear on this issue: they said the States do have the right to secede.  So let’s exercise it.  Let’s leave those who so vehemently disagree with us to live according to what they believe and how they want.  Let the rest of us leave them to live the way we know is best for the individual.  Let us secede.  Let us demand that we be allowed to secede.  Let us campaign and peacefully agitate for secession until they let us go.  Let us live the convictions we express and either stand for and fight for individual rights and liberty, or for the preservation of a nation that no longer believes in them.

24 thoughts on “If at First You Don’t Secede, Try, Try Again

  1. There was a time when the words “America” and “liberty” meant the same thing. Liberty was the ideal and America was the personification of it. Not so much today.

  2. I keep waiting for the pendulum to swing back towards our founding principles, but more and more I worry that may not happen. Secession could be the best option for Americans who want to retain our way of life, but is it a viable alternative? Living in the SF Bay Area it’s hard for me to gauge the rest of the country, but I’m hopeful.

    • Trapp,

      ALL the political charts show there is still hope for the “Bible belt.” Now, where is the connection between that term and my assertion that individual rights and liberty come from God?

      As to whether or not it is “viable:” who cares? We have to go that direction because the past 30 years has proven that the path we’re on is failing us. If we are going to use history against our socialist friends, we had darn well be prepared to use it against ourselves. So…

    • The entire country is being held hostage by urban dwellers in the metropolitan areas of about 10 states. They are justifiably afraid of a social and economic system that hurts them and they push back – the problem is that they push back in favor of more of the same policies that got them in their situation in the first place.

      Another issue that the 10th Amendment was crafted to solve. The needs of a citizen of New York City or LA will never dovetail with those of someone in Norman, Oklahoma.

  3. B., what if FL didn’t have enough votes to petition to secede? Would the state then be divided? Are we all to move to Texas? I have an horrible feeling Hillary is on the fast-track in 2016………or Obama. (The FSA is relentless……and growing.) Would, could states be divided? Just throwin out my thoughts on the topic….

    Good luck at your geeky show tomorrow. Do people walk around dressed as military characters, then?

    • LOL, actually, some of them have been known to come in military uniforms. Sad but true.

      As for secession: NW Florida has tried to join Alabama several times, and almost succeeded. We could always have another go at that — if necessary.

  4. The federal government will not allow secession.

    The federal government needs and wants your property, and is going to take it, whether through outright confiscation or by the issuing of treasury bills and printing of paper money.

    The federal govt. will brand those who petition to secede as enemies of the state (terrorists).

    Then they will imprison you and confiscate all your property. (If you resist, they will destroy you and your family, then fill the media with propaganda explaining how you were a home-grown terrorist.)

    Only a RE-FOUNDING of our Constitution and America will be possible from the ashes, after the federal monolith collapses under its own weight.

    This is why I do not support or advocate for secession.
    Rightly or wrongly, the argument for secession was lost during “The War of Northern Aggression” in 1865.

    Bill Whittle suggests, abide by their laws, keep living and leading your lives and figure out how to survive with other Americans when the collapse occurs.

    • Texas,

      I was NOT suggesting we ask them, or even petition them. I was saying those States who are of like mind meet, agree and then just declare their independence. Then get ready to appeal tot he world when the Feds try to use force to stop it.

      • It will take another “Pearl Harbor” for America to awaken to the true threat once more.

        The opposition to obamacare and the genesis of the tea party, provides evidence to give us all hope. Many have awakened as the extremely low trust in, not only government, but the “old” , “legacy” media which has been taken over by the progressives and anti- liberty/America forces.

        There is hope. Its gonna get real ugly.

        As Judge Napolitano described the federal monolith, the “bird of prey”, will eat everything before it will starve and become weak enough to be displaced.

        • Texas,

          YOU ARE OUT OF TIME! Look to history and get a feel for where we are. There is no more time to “sway” people through education and argument. We need to get off this ship. I love you, man, but STOP REARRANGING THE DECK CHAIRS! We need your help to build a lifeboat.

            • I didn’t tell you to fight for a lifeboat, I said HELP ME MAKE ONE! Dude! We are on a giant ship and we have — well, had 2 hours. Now we may have 30 minutes — tops! But we still have wooden doors, bath tubs, wooden planks on the deck. LET’S MAKE A FLOATATION DEVISE THAT WILL KEEP US OUT OF THE WATER!

                • Actually, have already been talking to my wife about that, but you guys have had a LOT of “issues” lately, so how about you throw the brakes on that mess while I and the rest of the re-enforcements start heading your way?

                  • Now see, I would’ve grabbed the tupperware from the kitchen.

                    I can just imagine what a 3-hour tour would look like in your boat with the RNL boys and girls…. I can very well picture the joy that would fill your hearts being stuck on an island with me: Paradise. 😆

                    That would be a funny script. We’re all so different…I think you’ve inspired me….

                    By the by, can you get Patton’s autograph for me?

  5. The way i got it figured is that no matter which way we go; wait for the fall, try to secede or work withing the system to reform it; we are going to be fighting one way or the other. Those working to fundamentally change America have been working for this day since our founding. They will not go quietly into the night I fear.

    Texas, you want to wait for the fall and re-found the Union. What provisions have you made to carry this out? You have the Leader you need. The next Washington as Glenn used to say. You don’t have much time.

    And Joe, do you really think that the collective will let the earners withdraw from the collective, without a fight?

      • Joe, my thoughts exactly. There are also small things we can do to try to reform the system we have degenerated into. But it will require getting rid of the Rhino Republicans and taking the State Governments back to the Sovereign States they used to be. The biggest change would be returning the Electoral College to the place it was before the political parties warped its purpose.

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