If you do not like the source, then feel free to ignore this post.  For those who have come to trust Beck and the Blaze — BECAUSE HE WORKS TO BE HONEST — then this is what Beck/The Blaze is breaking right now (8:00 AM CST):

From sources reporting to the Blaze, including at least 1 FBI agent: the Saudi national initially reported as a “person of interest” is believed to be a Saudi national connected to an important Saudi family — most likely the royal family.  HE WAS A SUSPECT FROM THE BEGINNING!  He is tied to several other people being looked at by authorities in connection to this bombing and an active terror cell inside the U.S.

Obama met with a member of the Saudi embassy yesterday, at the White House.

This Saudi national has had a file opened on him and is now being “deported.”  This is all “diplomatic speak” for — “we’re going to let him go.”

The Blaze is supposed to post the detailed story momentarily.  As soon as it does, I will post the link as an addendum to this post.  But what we have good reason to believe at this point is there was an act of Islamic terrorism committed on this nation and Obama is covering it up and letting at least one of the suspected terrorist go (and — if this does, in fact, prove to be what is happening, Obama needs to be charged and tried for treason and, if convicted, given the appropriate penalty).  Furthermore, the media has — yet again — PROVEN it is nothing more than the propaganda arm of Left-wing politics (and for that, they should lose their public broadcasting licenses, as well as any and all protections from civil suit and criminal prosecution afforded real “journalists”).


(because we sure can’t save ourselves)

46 thoughts on “Boston Bombing: BREAKING ON THE BLAZE

    • daniellajoe,

      You have more faith in our govt. than I do. If what you say were true, the Republicans would have impeached Obama for treason several times now — because he IS guilty of that and the PROOF is actually in the Congressional records. But we are no longer a nation governed by the rule of law but by the rule of men.

      BTW: I am actually more calm than you seem to suspect. In fact, I’d say what I am feeling is resignation.

            • Just because we have a government, that does not preclude a state of anarchy. Tyranny is simply anarchy directed by politicians who believe that they can put a rope around chaos and control it. When a government passes a law and then selectively enforces it, that creates a state of anarchy or lawlessness because no one knows when it will be enforced.

              Webster says that anarchy is:

              a : absence of government
              b : a state of lawlessness or political disorder due to the absence of governmental authority
              c : a utopian society of individuals who enjoy complete freedom without government
              a : absence or denial of any authority or established order
              b : absence of order : disorder

              “Absence of governmental authority” is a choice made by government in an attempt to prove its necessity.

                • daniellajoe,

                  I hate to be the one who “tries” to explain this to you, but we’ve already allowed a state of tyranny — it’s just that it is a soft tyranny for the moment, so no one cares to fight it. But wait until the “good and plenty” times end and you’ll see — and you’ll see that when that happens it is too late.

                  It will start shortly after they get our guns…

                • Daniellajoe,
                  Middle ? Respectfully, what is middle? Have you read America’s Declaration of Independence & Constitution? That is radical. Liberal. Out of the norm. Individualism above all else. The “community” and Collective be damned, unless, of course they can garner a Constitutional Amendment…

                  I strongly urge you to read Joe’s dissertation on “classical liberal manifesto” or something like that, it was up in the heading, but i’m not finding it now. 20 years ago when I began the study of our Constitution, and Thomas Jefferson, I realized what had happened, and called myself a “thomas jeffersonian”…. Joe explained and pointed me in the direction of where to look and research to learn who actually perpetrated “this lie” upon our nation.

                  The true definition of liberal, is exemplified by Thomas Jefferson and our founders.

                  Woodrow Wilson’s American Communists, self named, “progressives”, began the name calling by misnaming themselves “liberal” and Republicans “conservative”. Inaccurate labels, intended to mislead Americans, for the planned “take over” in 3 generations….

                  The only possible saving for America, Liberty, and freedom, is for patriots to band together and renew our Republic. Re-instate our Constitution and her plain language…

  1. Foxnews mentioned it last night.


    Infowars (with caveat)

    Glenn Beck….

    Maybe, just maybe, with 176 or more, injuries, amputations, and deaths);
    — there are still honorable people in law enforcement who will inform America, and
    — America will awaken up to the true enemies & traitors in our country.

    • And Reuters;

      Reporters are even calling BS on Kerry’s change of schedule and cancelled photo op with Saudis.

    • Interesting: I post something that indicates there is a VERY real, VERY strong chance that our President is openly committing what amounts to treason, and even the RNL readers argue over whether or not the source is an exclusive — NOT the story.

      Yep, we’re done.

      • Oh, brother! Do you think we do not see the implications if he gets away with this??!! What I believe happened is on a far larger scale, and I will not post my feelings lest I sound like a nutter………….or a wonky.

    • I know the source: I TRUST THIS SOURCE!

      BTW: it turns out the Blaze DID break this story. In fact, the head of their department is the source for the rest of the media. The Blaze called ALL other media and asked them to break the story with them so there would appear to be more credibility to it. See what happens when you care about getting things right rather than getting them first? 😉

  2. Hypothetical;

    What if: CNN and the AP did get it right? FBI had a marathon bomber in custody and schedules press conferences. Obama meets with Saudi diplomats, FBI releases the bomber, and cancels their press conference.

    If accurate;
    With the hurried & helpful deportation, are there still honest patriots in the FBI and ICE who will uphold their oath to protect & defend The Constitution and America? With the continued leaks, maybe so.

  3. Joe, high crimes and Misdemeanors is the offense. I think most lawyers could prove the One was guilty of any number of them. But then you have to Convince the Senate to convict him. That is a political venue and there is no hope of obtaining any form of justice in this venue. Face the political reality of the situation. It ain’t going to happen. which might be the reason they call a group of baboons a congress of baboons.

    • Screw the Senate. Just impeaching him and making the case in the House would be enough to convince most of us there was hope for the Republicans. But as it stands now, I see NO — ZERO difference between them.

  4. Joe – Screw the Senate! Not interested. Neither homosexual nor into older women. I’m old but not that old. And yes the Republicrats are just like the Demicans. We can work on getting the RINOs out and a conservative constitutionalist in his place. I thought Rubio was a good choice here in FL but he has gone to the dark side.

    • Well McPherson, I would have to say that for whatever we just read in The Blaze, it does not come close to the demagoguery offered by the likes of the Mainstream Liberal Media over the past few days.

      But I am pretty certain you would avoid the remiss in acknowledging that. 🙂

      • Those who have been watching the news CAREFULLY have seen EVERYTHING The Blaze reported confirmed — but you have to know how to speak prog and two-step to decipher some of the confirmations on the State-run sites.

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