America is Waiting

Joe HakosFreedom loving, God-fearing and gun clinging Americans throughout the world are waiting.  Waiting for the apology that will never materialize for the Media Progressive mouth-pieces.  They spewed their collective hate of those who are proud of America and believe that while this Nation has its problems it is STILL and ALWAYS will be the best chance for the world to know the freedom and liberty of self-determination.  No they believe that an entire city should be cowering in fear that a terrorist is on the loose in the neighborhood and the all-powerful State will be able to deal with that fear.  It’s too bad that in the area under siege most have no way to protect themselves or their loved ones.  No way but to hide in their homes and hope that terror doesn’t come and knock on the front door or break in by any means possible.  But in their little minds they will slither back into the dark corners and come out again when evil shows itself again and they can once again misrepresent themselves as benevolent community leaders, when in truth they espouse the worse tyranny of all…a benevolent tyranny.

Who… these folks, it’s a short list but far from complete…don’t hold your breath waiting for that apology.

Foot in Mouth disease

37 thoughts on “America is Waiting

  1. The kind of people who can afford to hire private professional armed guards.
    The kind of people who hold themselves above the law.
    The kind of people who believe the law is only for commoners.
    The kind of people who refuse to accept or examine actual results, reason, & common sense.
    The kind of people who disarm the commoners so they must be made afraid.
    The kind of people who hate others for having a different viewpoint.

  2. I can’t imagine that there were too many Bostonians who were “sheltering in place” and thinking, “Man, I’m sure glad that don’t have a nasty old gun to protect myself!”

    • I’m fairly sure they were thinking “Man, I’m glad we fund out public sector police forces appropriately so that they (the trained professionals) can hunt this person down”.

      I’ve never understood why Republicans are so loving of their armed forces and so dismissive of their police forces.

      • “I’ve never understood why Republicans are so loving of their armed forces and so dismissive of their police forces.”

        As of the hippies with the hukas spend their days inviting the Po-Po over for a little toke or two.

        No, the simple truth is that no one likes chillin’ out with the Police, Ray-Ray. In fact, most everyone I know doesn’t want to see them, until they are needed … just like ERs and ER doctors … and just as it should be.

        The less influence each have in your life, the better off you are.

      • Who actually discovered the remaining terrorist? Oh, right. It was a private citizen after the “shelter in place” order was lifted.

        Having the means in their own hands to protect themselves is not “dismissive” of the police. I was not dismissive or demeaning to the police in any way…but when there is an individual loose that has shown he is willing to kill and there is not a policeman standing beside every person, then the person should have the choice to protect themselves.

        • Utah, if you are fleeing from the police are you more likely to shoot a) unarmed bystanders or b) armed bystanders pointing a gun at you?

          • I can’t answer that because I’m not a criminal. What I can tell you is that one or both of these people slaughtered a cop and killed three unarmed people and maimed many others who were also unarmed. So I’m not sure I understand your what your point could possibly be other than it seems immaterial to the discussion.

          • Dave, most definitely A, because if the bystander with a gun is me or any of my well-armed neighbors, we’d shoot him before he shot us.

            You see, for those of us who are comfortable with guns — and Alaskans have to be comfortable with guns because we have large predators living in the woods we all live here to enjoy — Rule #1 of gun safety is you always keep your gun pointed in a safe direction … until you’re ready to use it, of course. So, if I’m pointing a gun at someone, it’s because I’ve made the choice to shoot this person.

            And, who stands out in an open area while pointing a gun at an armed suspect? Not even cops do that!

            Dave, maybe you need to stand behind the little woman when the time come. I’m small, but I’m well-armed.

      • DavefromOz,
        I worked many years in the law enforcement field. I have many friends who are currently employed on all levels of law enforcement.
        I respectfully disagree with ” … Republicans … so dismissive of their police forces.”

        The “new” Tea Party Republicans and Ronald Reagan Republicans, are not dismissive of their police forces. They just don’t want to live in a police state, with a police officer standing on every corner. Do you?

        Crimes in the FBI crime reports, is a statistical compilation of crimes which HAVE OCCURRED. Criminals wait for a time when there are no police around. Common sense on the part of the criminal.

        Current criminological peer reviewed studies estimate four (4) times more crimes are PREVENTED by a law abiding citizen with a firearm. If law abiding citizens are disarmed, then there would be at least five (5) times more crimes SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED than are currently being consumated. I believe it would actually go higher than that as there would much less risk to the criminal by the ability of self defense on the part of the “victim”.

        Police respond to a call for help (911). That response takes time. Most crimes are completed in a matter of seconds. Literally seconds. By the time the police respond, the crime is over. Additionally, if a true disaster occurs, there just are not enough police employed to protect the citizens.

        The LA riots of the early 90’s, Hurricane Katrina, and the recent explosion in the town of West, Texas exemplify, criminals will begin looting the area quickly after a disaster. Law Enforcement personnel are busy dealing with the disaster. Every place cannot be patrolled.

        Does any American really want to live in a “state” as sought by the current administration, with civilian defense forces, “just as powerful, just as well equipped as the military?” Not me, or anyone I know, including LEO’s, and community leaders of various capacities.

        The Northeast/New York, Chicago, Washington DC, exemplify that criminals range freely when Law abiding citizens are disarmed. I will not live in such a place. I’ll remain in the imaginary “wild west”, where people are still polite, self determinate, armed, and help themselves, their neighbors, and police, in times of need.

    • “I can’t imagine that there were too many Bostonians who were “sheltering in place” and thinking, “Man, I’m sure glad that don’t have a nasty old gun to protect myself!””

      Utah, a quick visit to Four Seasons Firearms website shows that they are running out of stock on just about everything they offer. A quick call to them Monday should quickly reveal that their sales are up following this tragedy. I assure you, less will find themselves in such a compromised and dependent position ever again.

      So sorry Dave “Ray-Ray” Oz … it’s pretty clear that you are not going to find yourself correct on this one, pal.

    • I believe Massachusetts has a ban on self loading self defense rifles and normal capacity magazines. Not sure about sidearms.

      So instead of being able to load and be ready for a 2 round head shot with an accurate rifle; the average “law abiding” citizen has to shelter in place by locking their doors, pulling the drapes, and hoping a bomb wearing armed killer doesn’t kick in their door or window and hold them or a family member hostage until police clear the area.

    • Geez. The whole business reminds me of an episode from a show called 24. Only the terrorist was this family’s neighbour who they knew and trusted. Yeah, they got screwed. No gun = No mercy.

      Jack Bauer 2016

    • Well, we know now that Chris Matthews and all the radical mentally unstable liberal media whiners were certainly incorrect, now don’t we … Karl? 🙂

      Check mate.

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