16 thoughts on “Did It Really Have to Come to All This?

  1. OK, so I was out of touch for a while, but this seems like a good please to post a few observations I had while I was.

    1 — I am NOT attacking the police, so get that straight now. But it seems to me the headlines should have been:

    “Boston surrenders to 2 young terrorists” and/or “Mission accomplished: terrorists manage to shut down life in Boston.”

    Seriously, what ever happened to the American spirit’s refusal to be cowed? If this is who we are now as a nation, I think we need to change our flag to a white cross on a white background and join the French Parliament.

    2 — What the authorities did to catch these 2 people violated every principle of liberty and the very spirit of our founding. SO many laws have been broken in the pursuit of “keeping people safe,” that it’s hard to list them. Which leaves me with this question:

    “How are you “safe” when you are subjugated in the process of being kept “safe?” It seems to me that — in a very real way — we just traded terrorists: bombers for troops. The net result seems to have been the same.

    3 — When will the govt. start trusting the people who are supposed to own this nation??? Did anyone else notice that the last guy was not caught until THE PEOPLE were allowed to be free again? Once they PEOPLE were told they could go back to living, they had the guy nailed down in 15 minutes.


    4 — Given that we are now told the last guy was most likely in the boat the whole day, who were the authorities chasing and shooting at throughout the day? There were many reported car chases and shoot-outs, so I am wondering if we have innocent civilian casualties we’re not hearing about or — most likely — we’re not being told about the rest of the cell they are trying to round up. After all, when was the last time you saw this many resources committed to catching 2 people?


    Alex Jones is an idiot, and I am NOT subscribing to any “conspiracy” theories — I’m only asking common sense questions that — given what we know — are more than valid.

  2. Bingo. And I will add, while one was worried about the enemy combatant’s Miranda rights, they so gleefully overlooked the rights of the citizens of this community who’ve not only had their right to bear arms stripped from them, but also had to endure a martial law and invasion of their neighborhoods … with guns pointed directly at them.

    Question is … how much different would this photo have looked had each house had arms and citizens ready and able to defend themselves?

    One can only wonder.

    • The use of DEADLY FORCE (pointing a firearm) against an innocent civilian IS AGGRAVATED ASSAULT in the State of Texas.
      If a civilian took the same action as the person in the top of the humvee took, pointing a rifle an unarmed person, he would be prosecuted for a felony and be looking at prison time.


      What does (the use of deadly force by civilian defense forces, without provocation) signal for America?

    • Augger,

      Looking at this Photo and the FOX coverage on Friday night while out with friends …. I find myslef thinking :

      From Ruby Ridge and Waco in the early 1990’s to this 2013 !

  3. The Memos to LEO and the Military already exist that signal that WE are the enemy !!

    This would be a Good post to Ping-back those memos and the post on the DHS, LEO and the Military using Civilian Photos as Target practice !!!

  4. One other question:

    Were actual, active duty troops used in this Boston crack-down? If so, when will the federal prosecutions for violating the Posse Comitatus Act start?

    I understand the need to get the bad guys. I agree. But I never thought I would ever find myself standing with the ACLU against my beloved U.S. military (because I never thought they would willingly have a hand in violating the constitution and turning on the U.S. citizenry)… 😦

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