Boston Bomber Affidavit

Some interesting reading.  Includes the entire affidavit:

6 of the Most Interesting Things We Learned From the Boston Bomber Affidavit

7 thoughts on “Boston Bomber Affidavit

  1. The affidavit would probably have only the bare minimum of confirmed and accurate facts to meet the elements of the crime the suspect/defendant is being charged with and held to answer for.

      • Yes, I think it is waaaaaaay too soon to determine what this person should be charged with.

        This administration’s permission to allow these people to become citizens after the Russians warned of their radical muslim ties IS the story.

        I have zero faith this administration will allow our people to hunt down all the people with ties to these perpetrators.

        This administration is indoctrinating law enforcement and military officers that the radical enemy is made up of American Patriots.

        Truly, I’m surprised this administration’s supporters allowed this to happen.

        I’m surprised. An administration is in power who is at war with American ideals and values, and they attack? Awakening even Bill Mahr. What idiots.

        • Are you silly boys really surprised? ” I will Stand by the Muslims should the political wind shift in an ugly direction.” Barrack Obama, Audacity of Hope.

          Oh, but Snopes says it ain’t so. So I went to order his (clears throat) books, and came across a review. This is from Oct. 2006. Interesting….

          All too often here on Amazon, we review only those books and authors with which we totally agree…or totally disagree…and give little regard to the quality of the actual contents of the book. And then, our fellow Amazon viewers come along and rate our reviews strictly on the basis of their own partisan biases. This is not very helpful.

          I set out to read and review Senator Barack Obama’s latest book, not because I agree with everything he has to say, but because in some ways, I had respected him because he seemed to be a thoughtful and eloquent American with a compelling story. I give the book 4 stars for style and significance in our culture, but much less for substance.

          The Senator has a generally warm and inviting style of communicating that portrays himself as an agent of change in American politics. In terms of writing style, THE AUDACITY OF HOPE is a good, though sometimes “preachy” read; at times, it seems a bit too earnest or striving for political correctness. Obama deserves credit for being able to discuss his values and faith in a manner that is more comfortable than many of his political contemporaries. And, in the book, he does a reasonable job of articulating why and how his faith and values cause him to think and act in the way that he does.

          At times, the reader may wonder if he is too ambitious – or even naive. One can respect his energy and commitment to change, even as one firmly disagrees with his policies and plans.

          And, I certainly do take issue with some of the Senator’s actual policies and worldview that he discusses. His health care plans may sound noble, but they would likely lead to significantly decreased quality and choice for most Americans and soaring taxes and budget deficits…big government at its worst. Furthermore, given the overall poor performance of government in other programs, do you really want government managing your health care? Another issue: while I do believe there is strong evidence to suggest a warming in the earth’s climate, Senator Obama and I would disagree on the primary causes and “cures” for this warming. I don’t believe that cutting taxes for those who pay taxes (aka “the rich”) is unfair; I may go so far as to say that Obama’s affinity for radical and government-forced redistribution of wealth reeks of socialism (though it’s socialism masked by a warm smile). Another point: I don’t believe that a “pro-choice” position offers adequate choice for the unborn child; Obama’s rhetoric in the book is moderate, but his voting record on abortion is extreme. Some of his associations are troubling, particularly with some radicals who seem to have shaped a significant portion of his worldview and helped launch his career.

          I do agree with Senator Obama that America must overcome our addiction to foreign oil, though his opposition to many reasonable remedies is curious. I do agree that more emphasis needs to be placed on strengthening families and upholding traditional values; on reducing teen pregnancy and the root causes of poverty. However, it is difficult to align many of Obama’s expressed ideas here with the numerous radical and ridiculous statements of Obama’s pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright – a man who preached one sermon that inspired the title of this book.

          Senator Obama’s stated efforts to transcend partisanship are laudable, but it would be helpful if he acknowledged that partisanship is not only the province of “right wing Republicans” but also a staple of many of his Democratic brethren.

          In the meantime, whether one is a “conservative” or a “liberal,” there is much to gain in terms of insight into one of the most significant individuals on the American political stage today by reading this book.
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          • Obama served on “a board” for several years with Bill Ayers. Obama lived in the same neighborhood as Ayers and started his political career in his home. Bill Ayers is an admitted terrorist, where people died, and who lamented he didn’t do enough. Obama has never admitted and apologized his connection with Ayers. (People can make mistakes/be tricked/not know about people’s past. However, Obama lies about his involvement with Ayers shows he knew and understood Ayers’ past.)

            Obama flat out lied to America about Obamacare, and the NRA’s stance on his “gun control” policies.

            That should be enough for anyone to make a fair assessment of O’s character.

            • Heck, any more, it seems being a terrorist/bomber is a requirement if you want to teach in a university (you know Ayres isn’t the only bomber who has been “legitimized” by academia, right?).

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