A Sad Day When Pravda Gets It And We Don’t

Here’s a little piece you might want to read:

Syria very hard a nut to crack for USA

For two years, the West has been trying to convince the international community that terrorists in Syria are not terrorists but fighters for freedom and democracy. Governments of the United States, Europe, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey have been helping the rebels to conduct military operations against the Assad regime with no results. This made the West fight with Assad through economic methods.

Taken by itself, this piece doesn’t really mean anything.  But when you add it to the stories about Benghazi; the aftermath of the Boston bombing; Obama’s ties to CAIR; Obama’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood; CAIR’s ties to our “Main Stream Media;” the MSM’s ties to our government; Obama’s military aid to other countries that are allied and/or aligned with Al Qaeda; and much more that has been reported but never put together – and what do you get?  TREASON!

But who cares?  I’m just crying wolf, or engaging in hyperbole, right?  WRONG!  I wonder, do you know the definition of treason?  And do you understand what it means to see it in our govt. and do nothing about it?

All it takes for evil to triumph…


13 thoughts on “A Sad Day When Pravda Gets It And We Don’t

  1. Reagan did something similar and supported the Afghan mujahideen. is Obama doing anything different. Saudia Arabia requires women to wear a veil, and Iraq doesn’t, but which one got invaded, by that infamous muslim (sarcasm) George W. Bush. Iraq was secular and Iran had an Islamic Revolution in 1979. Which one was Imam Reagan underhandedly selling weapons to, while Iran backed Hezbollah was kidnapping americans and bombing american barracks. This support of religious fanatics is not new to Obama. Either way I am against this policy.

      • You show the exact same kind of planning ahead that the Reagan administration practiced. How did that work out for you on 9-11-2001?

        Iran backs Hezbollah, Hezbollah kidnaps and kills americans, and Iran gets weapons. And you call Obama an appeaser or collaborationist. While Reagan did the exact same thing, with 248 american servicemen dying in the Beirut barracks attack. Way more than the Benghazi attacks and Boston put together. Also Hezbollah was holding americans hostages. Lets not forget TWA flight 847.

        Was Iraq in active war against the U.S? They invade Kuwait and for some reason we need to start sending troops. To protect Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, the most oppressive and Islamist country, funder of Islamic terrorism.

        • I’m pretty sure 9-11 was a result of LEFTIST/SOCIALIST/MARXISTS in the Congress and State Department who FORCED Reagan to break ties with the Jihadists — who had asked for more help.

          So, yes, 9-11 was the result of bad U.S. policy, BUT IT WAS LEFTIST POLICY AND THE RECORD REFLECTS IT!

          Thanks for — once again — demonstrating to the board how the Left has no brain.

          • Are you anti or pro jihadi? better yet.

            Are you anti or pro appeasement?

            anyways Hezbollah was holding americans hostages while Iran was receiving weapons. So I guess the Republican plan for appeasement didn’t work. Why would anybody continue funding mujahideen after the USSR withdrew from Afghanistan? Why did Reagan appoint leftist in the state department?Wasn’t Charlie Wilson a member of congress? Where do you get your revisionist history facts from?

  2. What are you doing to my computer??!! It keeps cuttin off. There can be only one behind this devilish plot, and that would be you! If you fixed the link on my post, I thank you…..but was it you?

  3. The biggest question is, what can we do about it? No one in Washington will go against this administration. We have terrible senators and representitives in Washington, who can’t even keep their oath. We can’t get rid of them for breaking the law. Washington is more of a brotherhood than a representation of the people and civil law. In fact, how do you trust a lawyer? America is going down, and it maybe very soon.

    • Redfray,

      Same thing our founders did: let’s get together locally — without involving the government — and start push for our States to arrest and try these people or — barring that — a secession of those States who still want to be free and self-governing.

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