Tribute To Jason Collins

Sung to the tune of “See the USA in your Chevrolet“:

See the gay today in the NBA,

Obama is giving him a call,

Watch the NBA, see the gays today,

Being gay is the greatest thing of all.

On the free throw line or the pick and roll,

Performance is sweeter,

When you don’t have a tweeter,

Sex is completer when taken to the hole!

So make a date today to see the gays play…

And see it in NBA…

(Travelin’ east, Travelin’ west),

(Wherever you go the NBA service is best),

(Southward or north, by truck or car),

(There’s not a gay in the NHL so far),

So make a date today to see the gay’s play,

And see them in the NBA…

14 thoughts on “Tribute To Jason Collins

  1. LOL! That’s the only thing funny I’ve seen about this whole hyprocisy-laden non-issue. Collins has been referred to as the “first active athlete in a major team sport” to come out as homosexual. To start with, Collins is a free agent, therefore he is not assigned to a team or playing. He is not “active” nor will he likely be picked up. His career is basically over so he had nothing to lose by “coming out”. Secondly, he is not the first player in a major team sport to come out as homosexual, he’s not even the first black NBA player to come out as homosexual. That “honor” belongs to John Uzoma Ekwugha Amaechi who came out in 2007 and wrote a book about it, “Man in the Middle”. His father was Nigerian and his mother was English. He played at Vanderbilt, Penn State, Cleveland Cavaliers, Orlando Magic, Utah Jazz, and others.

    I say that to just to say this (:-)). Collins is not special. He is not the “first”. He is simply a way for Obama and liberals to continue to promote their agenda and get face-time and political points with the homosexual community. That’s it, plain and simple. Collins is a pawn in a political game.

    Never let a good opportunity go to waste.

    • I lived in Utah when John played. It was an open secret even in conservative Utah and everybody loved the guy. He was very community oriented and was a real force for good. Nobody cared he was gay. I feel sorry for Collins (his brother played for Utah for 6 years) because this is just a media stunt to prop up the GLBT agenda. They don’t care about him. Hell, even the Frenchies are against gay marriage: – but you didn’t hear that trumpeted from the White House, now did you?

      I actually had the opportunity to meet John when I was in the UK, he is a very bright, very accomplished individual. He is the kind of guy who has so much going for him that he isn’t defined by his sexuality and does not seek notoriety because of it.

  2. Ever since this Collins thing hit the airwaves, I’ve been hearing this song in my head and seeing Eric Cartman singing this in a very special South Park episode.

          • It is Dinah, sweetness – it’s from the late 50’s early 60’s and since you are only 25, you wouldn’t remember it.

            • I was humming along, picturing Dinah, but I wasn’t sure if it was her. Good lyrics!

              BTW, I am eagerly awaiting the first gay in the NHL. I have the popcorn waiting in my cupboard.

              • “BTW, I am eagerly awaiting the first gay in the NHL. I have the popcorn waiting in my cupboard.”

                What we need is a first gay guy in the NHL, NFL, MLB, or whatever who also happens to be a Christian.

                That should just about cause a seizure in the lame-stream media circles.

                • Oooh! Ooooh! and a woman! Maybe a black, Christian, woman with only one leg…from Mississippi…or Alabama – we all look alike. Yeah – and a learning deficiency – well, I kinda already said that when they should be from Mississippi…

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