I Did Something Stupid. You Need To Join Me In My Stupidity


I did something stupid.  I was reading all the lunacy — and I mean it meets the definition of lunacy — that is coming out of California these days and it suddenly occurred to me to actually read the California State Constitution.  If you do not believe that the Left is lawless and cares not a wit for individual rights and liberty, you need to join me in my lunacy and read:


Start here:


Trust me, it ain’t purdy.

They are all — ALL — a bunch of:



12 thoughts on “I Did Something Stupid. You Need To Join Me In My Stupidity

  1. Joe,

    Not ALL of us could be characterized as Barking Moonbats. Some of us are having Open Houses this Sunday and expect to sell our CA homes very soon. Hopefully before Feinstein, Moonbeam & Pelosi have time to miss us.and institute an exit tax!

  2. Joe,
    We had my husbands 93 year old Mom living here who refused to consider any relocation, a business with employees who depended on us & 4 residential properties. I’ve been trying to get out of here for 10 long years, but this weekend our beautiful Victoran that we spent countless hours restoring is officially on the market. You should have seen the look on the realtors face when we insisted he fly our American flag during the Open House! LOL!

    All you folks in the south get ready, these 2 Barking Moonbats, will be moving to a community near you soon!

    • Trapp,

      Hey, don’t get me wrong: this is not a permanent affliction. Watch how quickly you become an American again the moment you cross the California border — as you head away from the crazies and toward the liberty lovers.

      hey, I understand. You should have seen the look on my wife’s face when I told her I have plans to leave everything we have in place and run for Texas. there is a trip point that, should we cross it, I plan to do just that. We’ll just deal with what it does to our credit rating, but, by then, that will be the least of our worries. So you see, I am ready and planning to put my money (or lack there of) where my mouth is 😉

  3. Thank you all, We are hopeful it will sell quickly and I would love a Moonbats Gone Wild night. I’ll bring the Rombauer for Don and us and maybe some Grey Goose for Kels who obviously was not in CA long enough to learn to love the vino. Kels, it’s what I drink out here instead of the Kool Aid!

    • Trapp,

      Not sure I told you, but I spent many years in CA. 3 at the stumps, which doesn’t really count, but 2 in Anaheim/Tustin — and I only had a motorcycle for transportation. In fact, I was there when the night stalker guy was climbing in those windows and killing people. My roommate and I sooo hoped he’d climb in ours one night, as all 4 of us (2 couples) in that apartment were Marines and we ALL had AR’s in our bedrooms. That would have been a REAL short encounter 😉

  4. I don’t know. Not Trapp, who is clearly resisting the Kool aid, but experience in the Pacific Northwest shows that when people move from Moonbatville,they have a tendency to bring the Kool aid with them and ruin the place they moved to. Alaska is a very conservative state, but we have our own eco-tourism nazi Kool aid drinkers. It’s just that us regular folk are actually still breeding so we keep ahead of them and sometimes — not always — their first bear encounter turns them into a gun-toting 2nd Amendment supporter that opens them up to other sane ideas.

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