Family Ties: The Fiddler Episode

We have talked time and time again about the ties between the liberal agenda, the Democrats and the unions. I know that it is sort of an exercise in repetition, but I was tipped to an article in the liberal National Journal about how the sainted Democrat underdogs are fighting the evil Republican overlords since they took over in Colorado:

Barack Obama is just 102 days into his second term as President of the United States, and already, candidates are jockeying to replace him. Whether the 45th President of the United States is Marco Rubio or Hillary Clinton or Ted Cruz or Martin O’Malley may be determined not in Washington or Iowa or New Hampshire, but in Dickey Lee Hullinghorst’s office.

Hullinghorst is the majority leader of the Colorado State House, serving her third two-year term representing the Boulder area. She is also the prime sponsor of a measure that could drastically change the way Coloradans cast their ballots in future elections — a change that Republicans worry could put Colorado, a critical presidential swing state, firmly in the Democratic column.

For most of American history, the first priority for those who attain political power has been the same: Consolidate that power, and make it harder for the other guy to win the next election.

That means new state legislative majorities tend to follow a prescribed to-do list after they take charge: Find the light switch, locate the bathrooms, then change a state’s voting rules to benefit themselves. Today, young legislative majorities in both parties are tinkering with election laws in ways that could dramatically upend the political landscape in a few key states.

Democrats led the charge over the last two decades, broadly expanding early voting and removing rules that required an excuse to obtain an absentee ballot. The rise of “no-fault” absentee voting coincided with Democratic efforts to register more voters, particularly within minority communities that are historically underrepresented on the voting rolls.

First of all, to lend any credence to this, you have to believe that showing an ID at the polls is a way to limit voting participation – if that is true, that has also to be the reason for showing an ID at any federal building, to get into Michelle Obama’s book signings, to attend an Obama campaign rally or the Democratic Convention, and so on…

Oh, well. Same song, second verse same as the first…but the interesting thing is this paragraph:

But Democrats have a ways to go before they catch up on the last few years of Republican momentum. “The clear trend in the states where Republicans captured majorities in 2010 was to almost immediately erect barriers to voting,” said Carolyn Fiddler, a Democratic strategist whose expertise lies in state legislatures. But, Fiddler added: “The Democratic trend towards easing voting barriers may take longer bear fruit nationally than the GOP vote-restricting strategy. The combination of new voting restrictions and control of redistricting in many Republican-governed states means a slower slog back to the majority for statehouse Democrats in places like Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Ohio.”

Democratic strategist, Carolyn Fiddler? Who is that?

Well a look at her LinkedIn profile reveals this resume:

Hmmm. Media Matters to the DLCC to the American Federation of Teachers.


3 thoughts on “Family Ties: The Fiddler Episode

  1. Don’t EVER apologize for repeating the Connections. Nor for showing NEW connections and new aspects to this and other stories about the Liberal/ Progressive agenda.

    In fact repeating is what will get the job done …. because Repeating is what the Media nd Press and Hollywood is BEST at…..they repeat day in, day out what is Politically Correct and what good Democrat thinkers SHOULD be thinking, lest they start thinking for themselves and forget.

  2. Dang, no visible horns and a pretty smile.

    How do others tell what she is?

    Does she have an “obama 2012” sticker on her car? I always look at the people in vehicles with the obama stickers to see if there is anything “remarkable” about them so I can avoid them if I were to meet them somewhere…

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