OMG! Has Rush Has Joined the Dark Side?

I’m sorry to those ditto heads out there who I am about to offend, but I simply refuse to listen to Limbaugh anymore – not after I heard him spend 30-45 minutes making an impassioned defense of Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Rush went into this little monologue about how Obama and Hillary did not leave the people at Benghazi to die.  He went on and on about how they didn’t want anyone to die and that their death was just the result of “typical Leftist incompetence.”  If Rush actually believes this, then you people who listen to him need to seriously reconsider how intelligent you think he actually is.  Obama and the people around him are extremely competent: it’s just they their agenda is not to run this nation, but to ruin it so they can re-create it in according to their desires.  They have told us this, and their actions have confirmed the truth of their statements and anyone still refusing to accept this as reality is as untrustworthy as Obama, himself.  Why would you trust the judgment of anyone who cannot see that Obama is being very successful in “fundamentally transforming” this nation?

What’s more, Obama and Hillary did leave our people to die at Benghazi.  Why do you think they’re trying to cover it up?  They knew the embassy was under terrorist attack.  They knew the people inside were pleading for help and in fear for their lives.  We had assets that could have arrived in plenty of time to help: assets strong enough to have probably made a big difference in the outcome of this attack.  And they intentionally ordered those assets not to go to the aid of Americans in danger.  Now, you can pull out your law books and play all the word games you want, but if Obama had been a police chief telling the cops not to go save your family when the cops were convinced they could do so, and your family died as a result of Obama telling the cops to stand down, you would be calling Obama a murderer.  The principle is no different here: Obama knowingly gave an order he had every reason to believe would lead to the deaths of Americans, and because he had the ability to do something that would probably have saved at least a few lives, he is guilty of at least manslaughter.  He’s definitely guilty of violating this nation’s trust.

And yet, Rush went on and on about how this is just “typical Leftist incompetence.”  Well, at some point, Rush has to explain how these incompetent people keep getting elected, or we have to start wondering just whose side Limbaugh is actually on.

For me, it is getting harder and harder to believe Limbaugh isn’t batting for the other team while in our team’s uniform.  Today, he FINALLY accepted the report that the Benghazi raid is about more than a meeting gone bad.  The details that are now being reported by CBS have been known since the first few weeks of the incident, but Rush has refused to cite the stories (probably because he refuses to acknowledge the existence of the source – Beck).  But now that the same media he constantly lampoons has finally reported the same information those who read Pravda and The Blaze have known for months, now it is suddenly “official” in Limbaugh’s book.  So which is it: is the MSM a bunch of Democrat hacks, or the source of real news in ditto-world?  This inquiring mind wishes to know.

Oh, and a few more quick jabs at ol’ Rush-bo.  He credited himself with being the “voice” Obama was referring to in his recent attack on those who are telling people to fear govt., but I can think of several other prominent sources which are equally prominent in our society other than Rush.  One would be the NRA, which had a big rally this past weekend.  Now Rush briefly mentioned La Pierre, but he never mentioned the POWERFUL address by the NRA’s key note speaker – Glenn Beck!  And I suspect this is because Beck is far more influential in rallying the troops – especially the TEA Party – against the govt. than a man who spends 30-45 minutes trying to make you think they are just fools rather than people who are actually trying to do what they said they are going to do – destroy this nation as we know it.

Yeah, go ahead: keep listening to Limbaugh.  But I think the old lady who called him in Oct of ’94 and accused him of being a plant designed to keep conservatives on the Republican plantation may have been far wiser than I have ever realized.

OK, go ahead.  I can take it, swing away.  🙂

34 thoughts on “OMG! Has Rush Has Joined the Dark Side?

  1. Joe,

    I remember several years ago Rush went on a rant in support of Clinton and then we found out he did it as a stunt to see what the reaction would be. One can only hope this is the case. If not, chalk another one up to the dark side. After all, “However, when the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on Earth?” Luke 18:8

  2. Rush lost me back in the days of his TV show. After congress passed the NAFTA act of treason, he proudly announced that Chysler was opening an assembly line for their minivan. What he didn’t say was it was opening in China. That was the last straw with me.

      • Well, the radio in my clunker doesn’t work, and the radio in my other car I cannot figure out. I rely heavily on reading and youtube clips. Off on a tangent now…. do you know if that Tanya’s Garden is still open?

    • Don,

      IDK. That’s been happening to me a lot lately. It doesn’t show until AFTER I post something. It sure isn’t there when I write it. I fixed it, though, thanks.

  3. I noticed this today too. And as I listened I agreed at first with what you expressed later in your post. But given the sentiment here today ….it would be perhaps pointless to post what I think might be Rush’s reason for saying this.

    • Don,

      I’d like to hear it, because this is a routine for him. If you are a long-time listener, you can think back on his many years and see his “excuse” is ALWAYS “They’re just incompetent.” Well, sorry, no, they’re not — especially if they keep beating your butt. At some point, one has to start considering that they are doing EXACTLY what they intend to do and doing it well. Then, all you have to do is start looking for what agenda would make their actions make sense and watch to see if they confirm your assumption. Do that long enough and Carroll Quigley will start sounding more and more important to you. 😉

  4. Joe,
    Have been following you for the last couple of months and found your comments to be informative, but I think you need to listen to or read the transcripts of Rush on the Benghazi affair before posting an uninformative opinion. Joe, you are TOTALLY off point on the Rush Limbaugh analysis of Benghazi.

    • Edward,

      I want to start by assuring you that I mean no disrespect to Rush’s fans. I know a lot of people are extremely loyal to him, but then, this is part of what concerns me. Years ago, I didn’t understand the risk of placing one’s trust in a person as opposed to a principle or ideal, but I see it now. Now that I understand, I can no longer dismiss the strong possibility that others who work behind the scenes are as aware of this and are purposely using it to direct the activity of the energies of people who could actually threaten their power in directions that allow them to vent without actually being dangerous. In fact, I am certain this is happening.

      Now, I have listened to Rush for many years and I listened to him while he was saying all this live on the air today. You may disagree with my conclusion, but I am confident that I based it on sound reasoning. Obama had the opportunity to send help and he chose not to do so. Hillary did the same. Both of them have shown they understand how to use force and that they are not afraid to use it in the past. Obama has committed U.S. troops many times since taking office. So, IN MY OPINION, to simply say Benghazi was just the result of bumbling incompetence is to fall far short of the reality in this situation.

      Now, add to this that Rush has a solid history of dismissing what are obviously deliberate acts by both the Left and Right as “incompetence” and a pattern of simplified excuse on his part emerges. After listening to him for nearly 2 decades, I am no longer willing to accept it nor dismiss it. Rush is either nowhere near as intelligent as I once thought, or — most likely – he is making a conscious excuse for what is — in my opinion — an impeachable act.

  5. If the left incompetent then what does that say about the republicans. Not only are they incompetent, they are naive, spineless, have no true moral principal, lost, morons, stupid, illogical, brain dead, idiots, fifth column elements, losers, nut jobs, etc. guess I will stop their as the list could go on forever. Mostly I think it is lack of the ability to just say “NO”.

    • Chhelo, I would offer that our contemporary Republicans are nothing more than impotent, and hapless. They control 1/2 of 1/3 of the government, yet the mighty Democrats can get away with blaming everything on them.

      Think about it.

      • Augger,

        That’s by design, and the fact that the Republicans do not combat it is more of an indication that they have accepted their role in this charade than a sign of incompetence.

        • If course. Thats why they are impotent, and hapless.

          I suppose we could add complicit as well. 🙂

  6. “Obama and the people around him are extremely competent: it’s just they their agenda is not to run this nation, but to ruin it so they can re-create it in according to their desires.”

    Incompetent (as all Dems are) added to their hidden agenda to transform a free people to a subservient people, under (dictatorial control) Marxism. I DO believe BO and Hil’s ‘agenda” was to ignore terrorism to ensure their agenda and for Hussein’s reelection. But I don’t know if they didn’t “care” if those ppl died — it does certainly appear they were more interested in themselves than their safety!, so can we call that Slaughterer? -, not sure. (personally, I would lean toward that) But do I need any voice on the radio or TV to say, BO/ Hillary/ regime wanted those ppl dead? Not without official, undeniable evidence, which we don’t yet have.

    What I can confidently say is that Rush is not playing for ‘the other side’ — no more that good is the same as evil. And I don’t know what you mean that he “finally accepted” some stories about Benghazi — I’ve listened and never, ever got any impression he hasn’t known precisely what it was going on. And possibly, if you had continued to listen, you too would have “heard” him say that the “voices” Hussein mentioned were, in Rush’s opinion — PARENTS. The parents of young voting Americans (low info voters). Not himself.

    Our country (as founded) is dying… murdered, if you will. I feel helpless to do much to stop it. I see a corrupt, degenerative government, controlled by leftist thinking. But I also see Repb’s, conservatives and so called conservatives fight, criticize and devout each other…. and unity on the Left. Only unity will win a fight.

    • Righty,

      I’m not going to dispute anyone on this issue anymore. All I am going to say is that I have listened to Rush since 1991. For the majority of that time, I was a ditto head. But I was shaken by what a caller accused him of being/doing in October of ’94. It took nearly a decade after that, but that caller’s accusation finally burned through my defense of Rush. I realized I was defending my beliefs by defending him, and that this was the intended purpose. It kept me from looking closer at what “the Left” was saying, or at what I believed. So I dusted off what I had learned from my training as a philosopher and started looking at what I believed and what the Left was saying and I discovered the Left was not entirely wrong and I was more wrong than I suspected. I also started to see that Rush was nowhere near as tight in his logic as I had always thought. In fact, he uses much the same tact as the people he attacks on the Left and in the media, he just uses a much more sophisticated form of it. And once your eyes open to these things, you start to understand we truly do live in a Matrix-like world: nothing is as we’re told it is. And once you accept that and start looking behind the curtain, you will start seeing the people at the controls of our society. From there, the nightmares start as you realize that mankind cannot solve the mess we’ve made…

    • Yes Righty….the Left manages to Unite disparate groups like Blacks and Gays ( and Blacks DO NOT support Gay “marriage”)…..there are MANY examples.

      The right has no cohesion and supposedly “stands on moral convictions” , while letting the country slide into Socialist Hell…..Unfortunately that was the Lesson of the 2012 Elections and all those “Conservatives” and “Christians” who stayed home.

      You are correct ….. “Only unity will win a Fight “

        • WELL !!! If you admit to not understanding fully what was being said……

          Well then you are definitely NOT a Liberal or a Progressive indeed ….since they are NEVER wrong !!

          • Don,

            I have often been wrong, and anyone who searches the pages of this blog will find posts and comments where I have 1 — admitted it, 2 — apologized (when/where necessary) and 3 — changed my positions to suit my new understandings. 🙂

            • Right. and that separates us from the Left in a big way.

              The Left is NEVER wrong….muslims are NEVER wrong……Progressives are NEVER wrong…..the mentally ill one (Malfamy) is never wrong……and on and on the examples go ….. ;- ).

              IDK what it was you were saying you were wrong about BTW …. but it is a HUGE differnce between those on the Political Left and those on the Correct side .

  7. “We do need to stand together to win, but we need to stand on the proper principles”

    Indeed! And one big reason the Repb Party is caving — neglecting/ selling out principles to stay in office. (spit)

    But the fact is, if all those Repb’s had voted for the better man, the better choice . . . Hussein would have lost. I don’t view that as caving on principle. We’re expected to make the best decisions possible – a Moderate R is superior to a radical Marxist. Then we must seek Conservatives for all offices, local, state, etc.

    And yes, many can ‘use’ the same tactics — because who wouldn’t use a tactic that worked. The Left propagates lie after lie to achieve goals in good part because the leftist media ignores or covers up. The Right/ R’s don’t have that option — we tell the truth and it’s ravaged by the devil himself.
    And yes, I’m better than the Left because I know what the Left is, what’s behind it’s agenda – which is evil; the doctrine of Satan. Many Leftist are unknowing/ duped/ foolish/ ignorant of what they support and push – some are not, like Alinsky. I also have suspicion that Obama knows the evil he pushes just as all dictators do. I believe he has NO ‘good intentions’. If you believe in your agenda, you don’t have to continually lie about it, but respond with facts and convince ppl you’re correct.

    No spears or knives — we’re all friends/ on the same (basic) side and want the same outcome — good for America, which can only mean – defeating the Democrat/ Left.

    • Righty,

      Truly, I do not say this with malice or insult, but in sincerity:

      Who was “the better man?” Was that Romney? Really? Where were the policy differences between the two of them? For that matter, where are the POLICY differences between Bush and Obama? And, if all three support the same basic POLICY, where is the “better” man in this?

      You say you are better than the Left because you recognize they are evil, yet you support a Party that bares little difference in the things it does or the way it does them. So what is “better?” What does that mean when dealing with grades of wrong? How can one wrong be “better” than another? If I vote for the “lesser” evil, I am still voting for evil, so how can I then say I am better than the Left? Or that my agenda is “better” than theirs when I support a Party with no appreciable difference in what it does? And, if you can see what I am asking you, then how can you claim you are not deceived, yourself? Or worse, deceiving yourself?

      As for all of us wanting the same thing: I’m no longer sure, because I’ve come to wonder if many on the Right actually understand what “good” is. This isn’t an attack on you, it’s just me thinking out loud, but it is also an honest question to which I honestly fear the answer… 😦

  8. Romney was the better man for the job, since I don’t believe, nor saw any connection with him and Marx. Not a conservative, but the “better man”.
    I “support” Repbs because there is no other alternative, except not to vote. God has given us the right to vote; He places men in office and they are usual the most “debase” men, according to the Bible. We must make choice for the gov. we have and it’s not Democrats.
    I am not deceived because I have the Word for guidance.

    • There are ALWAYS alternatives. You can write in a vote for whomever you think BEST for the job.

      The notion that we have to “win” is what leads us to do things that are contrary to the best interests of individual rights and liberty.

    • Edward,

      If Republicans promise their voters one thing, then “justify” doing another, how are they any different? And how is that “ethical?”

      I think people easily misunderstand me BECAUSE they are stuck on Party, or “beating the D’s.” I no longer care about such things because I realize they are a large part of the reason we’re in the mess we’re in. If we were to focus on doing the RIGHT thing (not political right, but moral right), then we do not need Parties.

      Sadly, given the decay in our society, I doubt this generation will ever understand what right is again. Let’s hope that the third or fourth generation from now will.

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