Benghazi; Dems Blame Sequester


Democratic congressman William Lacy Clay of Missouri blamed congressional budget cuts for the terror attack on Americans in Benghazi:

16 thoughts on “Benghazi; Dems Blame Sequester

  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I could’ve sworn embassies fall into the military budget, which the Republicans did not want to cut. The problem with this speech is that he is diverting the attacks on the POTUS and Hillary. Someone asked me today how I thought the Benghazi hearings would turn out. I truly could not answer.

  2. They all said it was a video. Clinton, Rice, Obama, everyone. Actually, it seemed to me they’d all been handed the same script.

    • Reaganite — Thanks for the link! Sadly, I do not think there is a law against lying to the American people concerning this. My hopes however, is that Rice, Clinton, and others (would love to see Obama) would get recalled to sit in front of Congress, under oath, and see if they commit perjury.

      side note: American citizens truly hate lying politicians. If nothing else comes from these, the public gouging of this administrations Benghazi narrative should be quite damaging to them for the mid term elections, and hopefully beyond.

        • Insightful assessment Kells. I would add that I feel the GOP is impotent and hapless. The people are increasingly becoming fed up with the manufactured drama of this administration, and to Juan Williams … cognitive dissonance.

          • ” I would add that I feel the GOP is impotent and hapless.”


            Do you REALLY think so? If so, please explain to me how it is they are so good at getting things when they REALLY want them. Or how they manage to be so effective at “turning” the real conservatives the people keep sending to Congress.

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