U.S. Govt. Supporting Sex Trafficking by Saudi Nationals… IN VIRGINIA!?

Bush Sr. sent me and the rest of our military to save their asses in 1990-91.

Clinton continued the cozy relationship.

Bush “W” sent them home after 9/11 – even when there was reason to believe some of them were involved in the attack on America!

Obama sent one of them connected to the Boston bombing back to Saudi – AFTER HE HAD BEEN FLAGGED AS A TERRORIST BY OUR GOVT!

And now?  Now our govt. appears to be protecting more Saudis who are running a human sex-trafficking ring right here in Virginia:

Evidence of Possible Human Trafficking Reportedly Found…at Saudi Diplomatic Compound

Federal agents with the Department of Homeland Security and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raided a compound on the 6000 block of Orris Street in McLean that is said to be home of a “Saudi military attaché,” WUSA-TV reports.

The station also reports that federal agents rescued two women from the Philippines in the raid. A “source close to the investigation” told WUSA-TV that both women speak English and they were in the U.S. legally with passports.

However, no charges have been filed and investigators are still trying to figure out who, if anyone, was holding these women and why. Even if investigators find someone is responsible for human trafficking, they might be eligible for diplomatic immunity because the alleged crimes occurred on sovereign soil.


Christians: did you used to tell yourself that the end-times prophecies could never happen because America was an ally of Israel and, as long as we remained Israel’s ally, no one would dare attack Israel as in the prophecies?  Well, don’t look now, but America has switched sides.  Now, it is more likely we would side against Israel rather than stand with it, and those who have read Scripture know what happens to EVERY nation that does this.  Heck, you don’t even have to believe to know what happens: history is VERY clear as to what happens to those who attack Israel (which – to those with a brain – is just one more reason to take Scripture seriously).

4 thoughts on “U.S. Govt. Supporting Sex Trafficking by Saudi Nationals… IN VIRGINIA!?

  1. YES !!

    This Nation and at Least the 47 % are on the Wrong side of Right !

    Enough……the 53 % need to take the Country Back !!

    • Don,

      Of that 53%, how many are too apathetic/cowardly to actually Do anything? And by that, I mean go to meetings, campaign, run for office — that sort of “DO”

      • It’s hard to know …. but Political Momentum acts almost like a Calculus.

        I know I was ratcheted up quite a few notches when Glenn pounding the podium and said “the Buck needs to Stop/start Here ”

        I am Not an NRA member Nor a Tea Party member BTW …… nevertheless, I am motivated and have been acting thus in my private and public life.

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