Voting Republican is Voting to Defend the ENTIRE Obama Administration!

Yes, I mean that, and I can make the case – if you will just hear my case.  So, please, if you are a Republican, or you have been voting Republican, read this entire post before you reject my assertion.

I was watching FOX & Friends this morning, and they were reporting that some Republican representative wrote a piece that is in some paper today, May 9, 2013.  In this article, this Republican member of Congress says that Benghazi does not rise to the level of an impeachable offense.  BS!  Benghazi is more definitely an impeachable offense, and the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence both testify to this fact.

If you are old enough to remember the Iran/Contra scandal, you might remember that the Democrats made a big deal about that story because they were looking for proof that connected it to Reagan so they could impeach him.  Iran/Contra was gun-running to rebels who were fighting our enemies, not us.  Benghazi is about gun running to rebels who are fighting us.  This is arming our declared enemies: enemies with whom or nation and military are at war.  The Constitution defines this as high treason.  So do not tell me Benghazi is not impeachable.

Second, Benghazi was an attack on U.S. soil.  Remember, U.S. diplomatic compounds have the legal status of sovereign U.S. soil, so an attack on Benghazi was no different than an attack on Miami.  Now, suppose Obama had given weapons to Cuba, and Castro had then sent his troops – using those same weapons – to attack Miami and Obama had told the U.S. troops who could get there in time to do some good defending Miami to “stand down.”  Would that not be a violation of Obama’s oath to do his Constitutional duty to protect the U.S. from foreign attack?  If it isn’t, then FDR was wrong for declaring war on Japan.  Now, had FDR refused to defend this nation from Japan, do you think that would have been impeachable?  HELL YES!  So, why is it not impeachable when Obama refuses to defend our embassy?  Remember, “degrees” do not matter here; constitutionally, it is the principle that matters.  This is why I say, “When you see gray, it is a good indication that you are on the wrong side of right.”

I’ll remind you of another impeachable incident: Fast & Furious.  Obama knowingly armed the Mexican cartels who have since used those weapons to conduct offensive operations against U.S. citizens and border patrol agents.  Now, lest you think this isn’t an attack on U.S. soil worthy of impeachment, I would remind you we once sent the U.S. military after a single Mexican bandito and his gang of bandits.  Read about Poncho Vila sometime.  SO how is Obama giving guns to the cartels who are now killing Americans and border patrol agents less of an attack worthy of military action than it was when Vila did it?

Now you have Republicans telling you that Benghazi is not impeachable.  Well, if Benghazi is not impeachable, nothing ever will be.  This means those Republicans are refusing to do their Constitutional duty, choosing instead to actively defending Obama and his entire Administration.  You have Republicans who had started to defend us from Obama Care, defend our 2nd Amendment RIGHTS, and to defend us from making all the ILLEGALS in this nation into Democrat voters, and these Republicans have mostly started to cave and justify all of these Democrat agenda issues.  Except for Cruz, there are very few – if any – TEA Party Republicans who have not apparently been turned.  So, voting for a Republican – even if you think he/she is a “good” Republican – is voting to defend the Obama Administration.  All you are doing is helping the Republicans gain the numbers necessary to control the House, Senate or White House, but you are NOT voting to change the agenda.  AS IT IS PRACTICED, THE REPUBLICAN AGENDA IS THE SAME AS THE DEMOCRAT AGENDA! 

All the “noise” the Republicans make is just that: noise.  And it is intended to make you settle down because the Republicans are “trying” to do something.  It gives them an excuse.  They can make noise, lose (as intended), then tell you that they need more votes to do anything.  But once you make them into a majority, what do they do?  They keep caving in and joining the Democrats.  History has shown this to be the pattern for decades.  If you refuse to accept this fact, then you should never again tell a Leftist they are ignoring history.  It will make you as much a hypocrite as you accuse that Leftist of being.

[NOTE: Something else to think about.  Defending CAIR; appointing people connected to CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood to high levels in our own govt.; praising the “Arab Spring;” arming the rebels in Libya (known to be Al Qaeda); arming the rebels in Syria (known to be Al Qaeda); refusing to defend our embassy in Benghazi; blaming an anti-Islam video for Benghazi; at what point do you start to ask whether or not Obama is actively supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, which is directly connected to Al Qaeda, all of whom are at war with the U.S.?  At what point do you start asking if Obama’s defense of these people may even be directed by the people he is connected to from CAIR and the Brotherhood?  At what point do you recognize treason?  Or do you?  And if you don’t, then how do you call yourself “American?”]

3 thoughts on “Voting Republican is Voting to Defend the ENTIRE Obama Administration!

  1. Are you saying we all need to vote Libertarian?

    Who was this Rublican that said this in the article? If we can start weeding out the RINOS, Neo-Cons (whatever you want to call them,) don’t you think the GOP could get back to its roots?

  2. Move along, move along…

    Nothing to see here…

    Seeking the truth is politics…

    Defending the lie, is defending America…

    Hmmmm; “inside out- upside down “

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