Want to Buy a Sex Slave? Go to Cleveland, or the Mexican Border

Yes, apparently, the sex slave business is alive and well in this country, and all you have to be to get away with it is a Saudi or a member of the Mexican drug cartel.

Evidence of Possible Human Trafficking Reportedly Found…at Saudi Diplomatic Compound

The Reality of Human Trafficking in the Americas: Disturbing Story of a 9-Year-Old Abducted and Apparently Sold Into Sex Slavery

But, hey, you know: we need the Saudi’s oil and everybody knows we can close the border and, even if we could, it is a violation of human rights to keep people from invading this nation and breaking its laws.  Right?

Hey!  Have you heard?  Forget that sex trafficking and open border BS; some chick got convicted of murdering her boyfriend.  Oh, and they got down tot he final 12 on The Voice last night.

11 thoughts on “Want to Buy a Sex Slave? Go to Cleveland, or the Mexican Border

    • This is on-going, so I guess you are telling us that Bush is still in office?

      Or that Bush is the one who is NOW excusing the Saudi sex slave dude in VA.?

      Or that Bush is the one who is not only refusing to close the border, but telling the States that they can’t defend it?

      And running guns to the Mexican Cartels?

      What flavor is your Kool-Aid?

  1. Sorry, no Kool-Aid, I prefer to think for myself. I don’t blame or excuse Bush or Obama. The whole system is, in fact, deteriorating.

    • Then why did you make a comment that makes it sound as though you are defending/excusing Obama?

      And, in truth, it started long before 10 years ago. This started after Lincoln, then really got rolling under the Progressives.

    • “The whole system is, in fact, deteriorating.”

      Yes it is. Question you have to answer Kip, is “Under who’s watch?”

      Who’s sworn to protect us, Kip? Who’s sworn to the defense of the nation, Kip? Who’s sworn to the defense of the Constitution, Kip?

      I await your honest answer.

  2. Hey ….. Lay off the Cleveland Guy. What’s not to like ??

    He’s a Registered Democrat. The Correct ethnic Group and Politically Correct Skin color….He was employed by the Ohio Public School System ( maybe even a Union member?) …. and in this capacity ….Kidnapped 3 Girls…..Raped them….Beat them….starved them….terrorized them physically and Psychologically ….FOR 10 YEARS ! Then aborted an KILLED at LEAST 5 babies.

    Abortion, food control, Social Engineering, Sexual experimentation ( we’re not to Judge…right ?), Public School Employee : Sounds like he hit all the important Liberal Progressive agenda points RIGHT !!??

    • Don,

      Yeah, I guess you’re right. We shouldn’t judge his alternative lifestyle. Heck, he was probably “born that way.” To put him in jail for something he can’t help would be discrimination, right?

      • Yep. Even more.

        He’s a “Poster Boy” for Progressivism ……. And I think we should ALL promote him as such …..

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