Five Years of The Obama Administration Explained in Eight and a Half Minutes

I can’t stand the news of the past week on this administration. There is no doubt that we went from hypocritical to criminal behavior several years ago but to witness the reaction of these people now that they can’t deny it is appalling. There are so many roaches that are scurrying under the furniture now that the lights are coming on that the floor seems to be alive. There are so many officials denying that they knew anything about anything that you are left to wonder just who the Hell was minding the store…or were they just flying around the country on fundraising events and worldwide farewell tours because they were leaving the State Department?

Oh, wait – I guess they were.

We have objective facts – Benghazi did happen. The IRS persecuting Tea Party organizations did happen. Those are facts. The White House is blaming the CIA for the first and low level staffers for the latter but this leaves us with only two possibilities – the White House was either complicit or they are incompetent. There is no middle ground here – no matter how had the Democrats try to explain this away.

I won’t hold my breath but after Jay Carney explaining what Hillary and Obama didn’t know, didn’t do or didn’t approve, just once I would like them to ask, “Well, what the Hell were they doing? Isn’t dealing with these things sort of, you know, their JOB?”

Washington seems to have become sort of spa and resort where liberals send those who have been faithful to the cause for a number of years so that they can make a few bucks and have an easy glide path to retirement and the $100,000 a speech rubber chicken circuit. They are not expected to actually do anything and they even get rewards for failure, as Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice did this past week.

It is so unbelievably corrupt as not to be believed.

It is childish, immature and simply maddening. We don’t have a government in Washington, we have a bunch of 5 year-olds in a Head-Start class that watches an after-school special every day. It is embarrassing to watch and damaging to America on the world stage. The men are all estrogen filled beta-males (those that aren’t gay act like they are) and the women are all scorned ivy-league sorority bitches bent on getting revenge for not getting asked to the dance. It’s like an episode of Glee.

Here’s what we have seen the past 5 years condensed into 8 minutes:

It is just like this:

You’ll often hear kids say, “I’m sorry, but…” and follow their apology with an excuse. “I’m sorry, but you were looking at me.” “I’m sorry, but you wouldn’t let me play my video games.” “I’m sorry I kicked a hole in the wall, but you told me I couldn’t go outside.” So, what your child is actually saying is, “I’m sorry, but it was your fault.” Or another way of saying that is, “I’m sorry, but it wasn’t my responsibility.” Know this: if your child is in the habit of making excuses and not owning his mistakes, he’s not learning how to take responsibility—which also means he won’t be able to change the thinking that led to the inappropriate behavior in the first place.

“If your child says ‘I’m sorry’ and puts an excuse behind it, make no bones about it: that excuse has to be challenged.”

The truth is, children start to develop their excuse-making habits as soon as parents begin asking them this question: “Why did you do that?” And the child’s goal is really clear: they don’t want to get blamed for something, they don’t want a consequence, and they don’t want to face their parents’ disapproval. In fact, when kids first become verbal, you’ll start to see them make excuses for their behavior—and at that very young age, it’s mostly harmless. But as children get older, they often begin to use excuses and blaming in order to avoid being held accountable for inappropriate behavior. And without accountability, there is rarely genuine change.

I have to wonder if we are reaping the whirlwind of the idiotic, no-punishment, no-consequences, everybody gets an award culture these people were reared in because, like the kid in the video, they are very comfortable with outright lying in the face of hard facts and will only come clean when there is no other option.

I’ve seen this behavior in my kids…but you know what, they don’t do this anymore.

Unlike the examples of arrested development we have in Washington, they grew up.

11 thoughts on “Five Years of The Obama Administration Explained in Eight and a Half Minutes

  1. What gripes my ass is that Obama/Hillary/Carney are blaming the CIA for “talking points” discrepencies on Bengahzi. They still refuse to admit they screwed up and got people killed by their inaction. Hopefully, the “lower management” scapegoats at the IRS will be held accountable. To say that this was not politically motivated defies belief when only TEA Party groups were targeted.

      • I believe this is a “Re-hash” too …. I remember the excuse during the first 3 weeks targeting the “Consensus” info from the Intelligence comminity.

        What we HAVEN’T heard anything about is the Live Drone Videos that were being monitered in Real-time duringthe attack. And I can’t quite figure out Why ?

  2. what is the synopsis of the benghazi conspiracy? That Obama messed up on purposed and he’s covering it up. Or that he ‘messed’ up on purpose and is covering it up?

    • “what is the synopsis of the benghazi conspiracy? That Obama messed up on purposed and he’s covering it up. Or that he ‘messed’ up on purpose and is covering it up?”

      You have to be f***ing kidding me Karl. If you really do not know, you have no business posting in this thread before doing your homework. If you do know, then your just being a f***ing tool.

      Take your pick.

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