Obstruction of Justice: Media Complicit in Obama’s Treason

I want to start by apologizing to Beck: I said I had not heard him mention the arming of Al Qaeda, but he had.  I just missed his Monday, 13 May TV show.  In that show, he not only mentioned that Obama is arming Al Qaeda, providing aid and comfort to Islamic terrorists and directing the U.S. Federal govt. to attack his political enemies, Beck also mentioned something I had not considered and – to date – NO ONE has mentioned.  And what he mentioned is potentially answers my question as to why the Republicans are not making more of this than they are.

What Beck pointed out is that the media knew all of this – Benghazi, gun running, the IRS stories, govt. surveillance of reporters and private citizens – but they spiked the stories.  What’s more, the media knowingly furthered a false narrative about a video being to blame for Benghazi.  THIS IS OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE!  Remember, there were Congressional investigations going on so, if the media knew they were reporting lies, they cease being news media and become co-conspirators of Obama and his Administration in obstructing justice (not to mention subversion/treason).  And don’t forget, the Administration AND the media KNEW they were attacking an INNOCENT American when they blamed the film maker.  This is a violation of everything the Constitution is supposed to protect us from: TYRANNY!  The very definition of TYRANNY!

Now, if you are the Republican Party and you not only have Obama, Hillary, the majority of his Administration and a great many of the life-long Leftist bureaucrats on the hook for prosecutable crimes, but you have the majority of the Left-wing media in the same position, why wouldn’t you exploit what is a prime opportunity to literally and LEGALLY jail your opposition?  The Republicans have a chance to save the nation and destroy the Democrat opposition – even in the media – yet they are not even mentioning Treason or obstruction of justice.  WHY?

Well, the why is because the Republicans likely have high-level leadership involved in the gun running, that’s why.  You must remember, McCain supported the Libyan foray, and that was gun running to known Al Qaeda operatives.  So there is good reason to believe the Republican Party is just as guilty as the Obama Administration, and if this is the case, they will not do anything about Obama and we are likely to end up with a dictatorship.

As it is now, there is no more question about open tyranny: we already have it.  What’s at stake now is the very survival of man’s liberty.

10 thoughts on “Obstruction of Justice: Media Complicit in Obama’s Treason

  1. Obama is a puppet. He answers to Valeie Jarret. Question is who gives VJ her marching orders. This is an orchestrated and well financed effort to destroy the USA. It has been in process for a 100+ years and has accelerated drastically as Americans have thrown their morality aside for more handouts from our DC Masters. This includes Democrats and Republicans.

  2. Thank you, Chhelo. I have been calling and mailing Rush and the “media” that Valery Jarrett is the “Oz” behind Obama!

    Would be interesting to find out who is pulling her strings–The Traitor, Soros?

    • The “family tree” as it were, goes like this:

      Richard Joseph Daley > Harold Lee Washington > Valerie Jarrett > Michelle Obama > Barack Obama

      • Augger,

        Soros is tied to this somehow. He is all over the Party within the Democrat Party. Have you read the book “Shadow Party?” His involvement is well documented, just no one talks about it because of how much of the media he owns.

        • I believe that. So the tree might go something like this ….

          Richard Joseph Daley > Harold Lee Washington > Valerie Jarrett > Michelle Obama > Barack Obama < …, …, DNC < Soros

          We'll just have to have someone fill in those blanks.

    • Edward, Chelox2, Augger ,Joe….

      The Family tree is Good and of Course Soros is “In there somewhere”. BUT….remember the BIG Bullion Banks ( JP MOrgan and Gold Man etc ) WERE NOT included in the OWS protests….nor were their Officers.

      The Stakeholders of these Banks….and of the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve Charter Member banks. THESE are the missing power-brokers behind all this…….it isn’t for no reason these family names aren’t well known. These power-brokers are behind Jarrett et al.


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