95 Years Ago Today; Remembering a Veteran and Hero

Hat’s off to NewsOne for remembering this American patriot, and hero.


Henry L. Johnson Fends Off German Captors During World War I On This Day In 1918


You can find out more about the man at:
Henry Lincoln Johnson

7 thoughts on “95 Years Ago Today; Remembering a Veteran and Hero

  1. A great American story.

    Maybe newsone.com will re-consider changing its advertised mission from “for black America” to “for America”.

    • You know Tex, I get your point. We have all these ‘minority channels’ (ex: BET), and everyone celebrates their existence. But if we had a WET channel, we’d be racists. I get it.

      I’m going to keep the high-ground and live like they live, and just celebrate the soldier.

      • Thanks Augger.
        I’m also against white “anything”.

        I’m for America and her spirit as espoused in our Declaration of Independence.

        This hero was an amazing person, who raised another amazing person, his son, who became a pilot, against unnecessarily difficult odds.

        I honor them and ALL Americans who persevere.

        • I agree with both You and Augger…

          BUT … we can’t be “against” white anything anymore. I understand why you are saying that. But by NOT high-lighting “white” we are just pulling their wagon for them.

          I understand that we think we are taking the High road….and in fact are…..but we aren’t dealing with a population that even recognizes that road as high anymore. So we have to Adapt and high-lighting “white” as well as “Black” in this context is really nothing more than being …”diverse” and “inclusive”.

          We have to learn how to play the “game” better.

          • Don,
            Good point. Allow me to explain further.
            From a different perspective, I am not against “white anything”… That could be like saying I am against “black anything”, couldn’t it? Which would be racist too.

            I am against racism, genderism, sexism, etc. . . Marxism, Fascism, tyranny of the masses, etc. . .

            I am for liberty, natural law and rights, America as founded — free with liberty and opportunity. Judging people by the content of their character as they exhibit and model with their actions, NOT by the group they “look” to belong to, or “claim” to belong to. 😉

            • Yes, I am for everything you are for.

              But I don’t think Praising George Washington and other “White European – Americans” flys in the face of ANYTHING you ‘ve mentioned. On the other hand when we see or encounter sites, Editorials etc that choose the “High-light” heroism etc by Segregating Americans by race and other Politically Correct Criteria…….then “it is Far past the time to Speak the Truth about what we see and Declare the Difference between right and wrong” to paraphrase G Beck’s recent speech.

              And I believe both calling that “site” out for its’ Bias AND high-lighting a “Balance” of racial Heriocs is called for at this time……in order to give “equal time” to the Truth about American History which has been purposely “truncated” by the Dept of Education, the Teachers Unions and the Media.

              To be clear …. I believe this should be an ACTIVE excercise by those of us who DO believe the things you spelled out.

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