No Pin-Pin Here: Letting the “Bad Guys” Tell You Whether or not They Are “Bad Guys”

Some of you may remember me using an episode of the TV show, NCIS, as an example of allowing the accused to tell you whether or not they are guilty of the crimes of which they are accused.  In this particular episode, there is a terrorist named Pin-Pin who is trying to blow up a U.S. Navy supply ship.  Pin-Pin manages to get on board as part of the boat’s crew.  He even gets the job of the ships communication officer.  So, when Gibbs and his crew fax the ship to ask them if their suspect (Pin-Pin) is on board, Pin-Pin is the one who gets the call/FAX and he answers “No Pin-Pin here.”  SO everyone thinks that Pin-Pin must not be on the ship.  Well, that’s what the people charged with protecting our nation are allowing Obama to do in connection to Benghazi, the IRS scandal and the media-tapping incident, as well.

If you watched any of the hearings today – a feat you had to work to accomplish because the media is trying to avoid letting you see how bad things actually are – then you heard the out-going head of the IRS tell you that they didn’t do anything against the law.  How comforting.  The IRS plants the question in the media so they can admit they targeted conservatives, Jews and Christian groups, then their acting manager says they lied: they didn’t “target” anyone, they just “lumped them all together” for better efficiency.

OK, I’m going to be real short with this one.  If you believe this, then you can’t also say that you know the sun is going to come up tomorrow.  If ALL the evidence supports the IRS admission of political targeting is just “lumping things together” for efficiency, then the sun coming up every morning for the past however many eons it has been rising in the morning was just a “lumping together” of solar occurrences for “efficiency.”  So, the IRS didn’t politically target anyone, and the sun isn’t necessarily going to rise tomorrow.

Now, consider this: the media is actively running cover for Obama — now trying to find a way to put all of Obama’s wrong-doing off on the Republicans, and the Republicans are allowing the best chance they have ever had to end the Obama Administration while TOTALLY discrediting  Liberalism, the Media AND the Democratic Party to get away because “none of this rises to the level of impeachment (unless you are Richard Nixon).  So, do you STILL think the Republican Party can ever be part of the solution?

On another note: I heard the Republican Party launch its add campaign to support amnesty today — only, they are acting like good little Progressives.  Instead of calling it amnesty, they are calling it “common sense conservative reform.”  Yeah, and war isn’t war: it’s a “kinetic military action.”

15 thoughts on “No Pin-Pin Here: Letting the “Bad Guys” Tell You Whether or not They Are “Bad Guys”

  1. They are deniers. They fail to understand evil. Look at it from God’s perspective not your own. I’m saddened for those that just don’t understand as a result of laziness, lack of interest, hatred of God or any other myriad of excuses. Time is short and excuses will not work. There are no redo’s on what’s coming.

  2. Both Rubio and Paul Ryan have been pushing their Amnesty bill on the radio in Texas for a few weeks now.

    They say if you are AGAINST their amnesty-bill …..then YOU are FOR de facto amnesty …… Rubio and now Ryan truely are discusting !!

    Conservatives are fighting this Battle with Virtually NO support in the Gov’t….maybe one or two … is Un-believable how uniform the GOP and Liberal Progressives really are.

    • Don…

      BOTH Ryan and Rubio are put forth as MODEL “conservatives.”

      Do you see why I “turned” on the Republicans/Conservatives now? They have never been for what they claim, they are simply playing a part to fool the people who might otherwise be able to actually do something to stop them.

      Unless and until we have a REAL break with the Parties where people simply stop voting for anyone in a Party, we’ll NEVER stop what’s happening — NEVER!

      • Nope …. not gonna play.

        Conservative means something …. Rubio fooled the Tea Party….and Ryan Fooled the TP and other Conservative groups.

        Conservatives are NOT the same as the GOP …not the same as the Republicans …..and most important…Conservatives don’t claim to be…. Conservatives already aren’t a Party…..weren’t before, aren’t now…….. Hence you see someone like me calling out Rubio and Ryan ( both campaigns I worked for and Donated too BTW), calling them out for who and what they are, as proved by their words and actions …… but I am a Conservative and they are not. (There are many like me in that regard too).

        • Don,

          Let me ask you something. If the LEADERSHIP doesn’t define a movement, then what does? Can I say that Progressives are nice, sweet people who love individual rights and liberty only their leaders keep fooling them? or do I have to accept that the leaders of a movement define it?

          And how many times do we have to support the next “good conservative” only to discover he “fooled” us, too? Don’t forget, Rand Paul falls under this “give them amnesty” campaign, as well.

          So, maybe I should be asking you to just show me ONE “Conservative” in Congress.

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