Rule 5: Jack Reacher

…..through my eyes. I thought the boys would appreciate this. I’m here to help, after all.

Jack Reacher is a character in the novels by Jim Grant (aka Lee Child).  The other day when I was at my sister’s for Mother’s Day, she told me Tom Cruise portrays Jack Reacher in the movie. Three words: I was appalled!!

Let me back up and say that Jack Reacher is 6’5”, he is blond, and he kicks ass. Uh-huh. He’s a former Army MP. Honestly, I believe the author was thinking the same thing as I when envisioning the character. Jack’s birthday is the same day (not year) as the 6’51/2” blond actor, Dolph Lundgren. He is the perfect fit given his bio, but I know very well that he is a bit long in the tooth (by Hollywood’s standards) for the role now. Being that Child’s first book was out in the late 90’s, I imagine he envisioned a rugged 40ish-year-old. He is still hawt.   the-expendables-dolph-lundgren-hd-352344635

There are some very close finds. For example, here is a blond actor named Trevor Donovan who stands at 6’2”. imagesCA360T5Q

He’s really pretty. Too pretty to be Jack!!


Gawd…..zilla!!!  What was I on about? Oh, yes, Jack!

Jack needs to be tough!  imagesCAK8FXO7

Now this is a FL boy who grew up in a military family. This actor’s name is Alan Ritchson. He is blond and stands at 6’2”. He looks pretty good without a shirt, too. See?imagesCAX1DGNW

Another thing; this actor displays many of the characteristics of Jack….. Jack is contemplative.imagesCAO360SM

Jack always helps a lady in distress.imagesCAJIWOGH

Jack is loyal to his friends. imagesCATIH4ZE

And Jack throws away his clothes instead of washing them. imagesCAYF4GJI


Truthfully, I’m not very attracted to blonds, but I would feel it quite necessary to make an exception for Jack Reacher. Dang! I should’ve cast this movie!! Go read Echo Burning by Lee Child; it is one of my favourites from the series. Then again, you could start at the beginning with the Killing Floor…..They’re all good. Yeah, I’ve kinda got it bad for a character in a book…..

19 thoughts on “Rule 5: Jack Reacher

  1. Tom Cruise is a dumb choice. That would be like casting him for Agent Pendergast in the Preston & Child novels.

  2. Rule 5 ?????

    You gotta be gidd’n …. what the Hey is this Crap !? ……along with Remotes….chicks don’t understand “rule 5 “.

    • “I’m absolutely going to ENCOURAGE Kels. What’s good for the goose…”

      Her husband will either thank you, or hate you, in the morning.

      Pray … pray for offerings of beer. 🙂

  3. Watching Alan Ritchson in Titans and I thought, this guy would be perfect as Jack Reacher. I googled the two names and discovered your post. Great minds think alike.

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