IRS Gives Soros Confidential Info On Conservatives: No Pin-Pin Here

As I said in my earlier post, if you are going to take the word of the guilty as to whether or not they are guilty, surprise-surprise, Pvt. Pyle, the guilty are never going to admit they’re guilty:

IRS Claims Release of Conservative Groups’ Confidential Info to Soros-Affiliated Media Outlet ‘Inadvertent and Unintentional’

The Internal Revenue Service claims the disclosure of conservative groups’ confidential information to investigative journalism outfit ProPublica was “inadvertent and unintentional.”

Before you buy this BS about this being unintentional, let me remind you of a little something FDR once said:

In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happened, you can bet it was planned that way.”

Sadly, this was said when the Left still had some sense of honesty and decency about them.  While they have lost the last vestiges of these character traits, the lesson in FDR’s words is still true – and you can darn well bet it applies here with the IRS and its boss, OBAMA!

14 thoughts on “IRS Gives Soros Confidential Info On Conservatives: No Pin-Pin Here

  1. Looks as if this administration is working diligently to surpass the Nixon administration is the categories of intimidation, corruption, and obfuscation. Add to this their ‘enemies’ list, and you have a real who’s who of the next generation of organized crime syndicates. Make no mistake that this trifecta of misconduct is not by blundering accidents. Add a uniform or two, and you have the makings of a real contemporary Gestapo.

  2. So these 9 applications, that were to be made public soon enough anyway, were released early. BIG DEAL!!!
    According to the article, these organizations VOLUNTARILY applied to the IRS, as social PACs don’t need IRS approval.
    This story will disappear, just like all of Glenn Beck’s other dire accusations.

    • “that were to be made public soon enough anyway, were released early.”

      Pretty easy assertion to make, after the fact. Hell, any idiot would say “we were going to make them public tomorrow” after getting caught today. Yeah. To the rest of your horseshit Greg, you flippant liberals were definitely on witch hunt (and rightfully so) a few decades ago when it happened to you. Don’t be all hypocritical now that the roles have reversed.

      Suck it up for once in your miserable life, and be a man about it. We’ll send you cookies.

        • Yeah, Augger,

          Just ask Pin-Pin if he’s on the ship he plans to blow up. If he says no, then just take his word for it and go on your merry way. After all, if it’s good enough for the likes of Greg…

          On second thought, no, don’t do that. Greg would let Pin-Pin blow up the ship because he doesn’t have the balls to accept that Pin-Pin, his “buddy,” would ever lie to him. You and I know better, so we’d best board the ship and let a jury decide whether or not Pin-Pin is a bad guy. Same goes for the tyrants in govt.

                • Well you do make a good case study for the support of abortion, but since you did in fact make it to this planet to use up oxygen that would have been better used for more useful lifeforms (I am thinking slugs here), I would like to ask you in further detail about the Obama “We were gonna tell you tomorrow” claim that you sucked in to your adipose tissue ….

                  Kathryn Ruemmler never bothered to tell Obama about the forthcoming scandal (as reported by the NY Times), and Obama claims to have learned about it “On the News”.

                  What’s going on in the White House, Greg? Do we have a POTUS who needs to have an Amber Alert issued for him to finally do his job? Are we dealing with a POTUS who has so little control over his administration that they have gone rogue? Are they just that incompetent? Or is all of this by design, and they are just that dishonest?

                  Take your pick.

                  • Augger, the public knowledge to which I refer is the records of the PACs that were under review. Once signed off on, the records are public.
                    If a pattern of partisan targeting of organizations becomes apparent, then the Obama administration has surpassed the high-sleaze mark.set by the Nixon gang.
                    Now, as I have consistently said since the seventies, if Ford had not pardoned Nixon, if we had done then what needed doing, namely put Nixon on trial and convicted him of malfeasance, it would have put future POTUSii on notice. There would have been no Contragate, no Iraq war, no using the IRS as a war club. If Congress had true patriots in that august body, Presidents would be forced to ask for a declaration of war before committing American lives to questionable goal.
                    What should have been done in 1973 can still be done. I call for an independent counselor,, and let the chips fall where they may.

                    • Well you might be right Greg. It was Democrats prosecuting Nixon then, and defending now.

                      Love those common denominators.

                    • Also: not sure if a pattern has to become evident. The IRS has already gone public, and Obama has issued one punitive measure, albeit a token measure.

  3. Ken Starr did a good job of bird-dogging Clinton during a democratic administration, and contragate was uncovered while the perps were in office.

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