My sweet little co-blogger, Augger, was correct in pointing out that men are only 4.75 on the Rule Five scale. The thing that escapes the boys is the obvious: (Duh! Of course we are superior!)  Let’s face it; most tits on men look really, um,…….unnatural.

The other day I was reading an article that really got my goat. (I think that’s the term.) Anyhow, it was about Angelina Jolie getting her boobies lopped off because she carried this particular gene called the BRCA1. The article is long but it is telling:

Basically, this gene, the BRCA1 and BRCA2 is currently going to the SCOTUS to get them patented. Would you believe there are 20 different patents on your genes? 😯 Problem with this “coming out” by Jolie”? She is being duped. Then again, she probably had a boob job and decided to go cuckoo.

Basically this boils down to a money-making scheme by…….guess who?? The other benefactor; this administration. The stats are misconstrued and the timing is perfect pre-trial. Who gains and who is paid off?

Mr. Kells and I had a lovely argument on this one. Computer crashed. Hey, if you show me yours. I’ll show you mine….

3 thoughts on “Boobies

  1. I always wondered why she could swim so well… I Sea…it was because she had Boy-ant assets.

    One wonders though …. the Lion didn’t come in until she put the dress back on ….. maybe he was a fay Fashion critic ?….she shoulda stayed nude ….but girls never learn. As to the Monkey Romper-room scene at the end …. can we say Tinto Brass…..I mean Really now…Come on !

      • I know Kells …. and UR point also leads towards the unfortunate tendency of Mankind wanting to “Own” others, control others….this time through the Patent process.

        The little voice within me….that we all have, U know that little “Film Critic” that’s been in there since Adam and Eve…..just couldn’t resist. Yeah Adam and Eve … they had HuLu right ?

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