Go Rogue, Go TEA Party!

I was listening to the “titular head’ of the Republican Party today (self-proclaimed), and I must say I was tremendously disappointed in his take on all the Obama scandals.  What I heard was (I’m paraphrasing, but it is close to the actual language):

“Don’t even try to push impeachment because nobody wants to impeach the first black President.  Instead, tell everyone these scandals prove that liberalism is the problem and we need to replace Democrats with Republicans.”

OK, so here’s what I took from this:

1 – The Republican Party does not care about the rule of law (if it did, it were pursue those who break the law – period).

2 – The Republican Party is racist (if it weren’t, it would pursue the law no matter what color the skin of the person breaking it).

3 – Liberalism = Democrat Party.

4 – Democrat Party = Big Govt.

5 – The Republican Party is the “cure.”

Now, all of this may have worked – had I no memory.  But I have a memory and I seem to remember that, before Obama, when we gave the White House, House AND Senate to the Republican Party, they took us on what was – up to that time – the largest spending spree and increase in govt. in U.S. history.

So, here’s my question:

When are those who consider themselves “conservative” going to wake up and realize that they are being played for fools when they allow themselves to be convinced that the Republican Party is any different than the Democrats?  And when will they learn that – whether consciously or not – the “talking heads” serve only to keep you on that Republican reservation?


26 thoughts on “Go Rogue, Go TEA Party!

  1. For a while the equation was Republican = Democrat Light.
    But the new call should be , I can’t tell the players without a program.
    (Who’s on first?)

    • Kells,

      True, but the Party that argues to leave the man in office in spite of everything he has done because they do not want to impeach a black man is not only cowardly, it is rejecting the rule of law. So, how — better yet — WHY would anyone who claims to support this nation as founded support a Party that opposes the rule of law?

      • B., the only problem with the Tea Party is that it not a party. Perhaps the House is believing that it won’t fly in the Senate (and it won’t) so they don’t want to do anything?? I really have no clue. Dumb.

        • No Party is the ONLY answer, Kells. Don’t you see, we are suffering from EXACTLY what Washington warned us would happen if we allowed Parties. People care more for the good of the Party than that of the country, and you need look no farther than John 11: 48-50 to see where that leads:

    • Marx has been totally refuted by history. Little — if anything — he wrote has any practical value in the real world. Actual events is VERY clear on this.

      That means the only people still clinging to his utopian pipe-dreams are those who have rejected objective reality, and medial science calls such people mentally ill. The average person calls them insane.

      • Recessions, unemployment, concentration of wealth, bourgeoisie bribing the state with private property i.e crony capitalism.

        (sarcasm)Yeah, sure Marx was wrong.(sarcasm)

        • All the ills Karl just pointed out were caused by what?

          Government controls….
          aka Marxism, fascism, communism… In one form or another.

          • Government doesn’t cause business to want to have the most production with the least amount of workers. The profit motive does.

            • Government causes the expense of doing business to increase, costing jobs (and , yes, profits). No one I know woke up one morning and said, “Gee, there are a lot of people out of work. I think I’ll start a business so they can all have jobs.” people usually start a business to improve their lot in the world. I did. And I dragged a few people along with me, putting food on tables, roofs over heads, and pillows to lay heads upon. And I did that as long as I could afford to do so. When it was no longer profitable to remain in business, I closed down , sold assets, and moved to plan “B”.

        • Depression and eternal servitude are the only result of Marxist economic ideology. FAR preferable to the ups and downs of a natural and free market, to be sure (sarcasm dripping from every letter).

  2. If you have no personal ambition, and believe that someone must provide for your wants and needs, and the STATE is the answer to all your problems; then yes, Marxism is the way to go.

    • Ralph,
      You left out the part where you thinks it’s proper to TAKE (aka steal) from one and give to another. Who gets stolen from and who gets given too, depends on who is more “liked” or useful to the rulers.

      Instead of going back to our founding principles where THE PEOPLE are the rulers and government is the servant; Karl wants to substitute a new group of rulers he “likes” better.

      • The stealing and redistribution are understood in the Marxist lexicon. “Someone else has to pay.”

  3. We need to be “Notrepublicanandnotdemocrat” or “Democratrepublican” or “Republicandemocrat” or how about AMERICAN.

  4. “Don’t even try to push impeachment because nobody wants to impeach the first black President.”

    Sounds like a realistic view to me. Nobody will vote to impeach this fool. It would assure complete victory for the progressive libs if there was an attempt made and it failed.

    • FC,

      then no one should be discussing individual rights, liberty or even personal responsibility. If this is the “practical” view, then we should ALL be Democrats: scratching each others eyes out and throwing one and other under the bus as we claw to climb our way to the top and to hell with the rest of the world.

      Personally, I’ll stand for the rule of law — even if it means I have to go down swinging to those who think the rule of man is the better or more “practical” way.

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  6. The CONSTITUTIONAL system, as Joe says, “rule of law”, is the only way for LIBERTY and FREEDOM. Every other way leads to totalitarianism.

    Unfortunately, the Constitution, has been, buried, obfuscated, and made illegal by the “rulers” and Government.

    • Edward,

      Do you really think Biden is innocent in this? 😉

      The better question would be do I want Boehner to be Pres, and the answer to that is NO! But I want to follow the law more than any of that.

  7. Absolutly! Let’s put in a different republicrat in the white house! The only difference will be he/she will be a lot quieter about their treason.

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