A Personal Note to the RNL

Be forewarned: this is a very personal post.

I am a deeply troubled man.  I have taken on a task for which I am wholly unsuited, and that is teaching the RNL what I know about Biblical and Islamic prophecy – especially as it relates to current events.  I know the material, and I know what I want to tell you, but I have no idea how best to do it.  What’s more, for the past few weeks, I have been busty with my company.  What I do leaves me plenty of time to think but little time to write.  So, for several days now, I have been struggling to figure out how best to continue my series on prophecy – and getting nowhere.  Then came what was – for me – a physical blow in the form of that radio program I listened to on Monday, May 21.  I understood full well what it means for our society.  And to top it all off, it was followed by another blow in the form of people I respect and admire – to whom I look up to, even – agreeing with and defending the position that was taken by the radio host in question.  All told, I will admit that it has me feeling as though I would rather go to sleep and await His return than bother to go on with what He would have me do.  But that is selfish, and disobedient, so I will try my best to explain why we mustn’t go down the path we’re traveling.  Conservative, this is directed at you: mostly because I believe the majority of those on the Left to be dead and, therefore, unreachable.

When I hear the voices who claim to support our Constitution and the rule of law telling me we shouldn’t even try to uphold that law because the person breaking it is black and this nation won’t punish a black man, I hear the voice of Caiaphas telling the Pharisees that it is better that one innocent man die than the system be challenged:

John 11: 45-53

45 Many, therefore, of the Jews who came unto Mary, and beheld what Jesus did, believed in him;

46 but certain of them went away unto the Pharisees, and told them what Jesus did;

47 the chief priests, therefore, and the Pharisees, gathered together a sanhedrim, and said, `What may we do? because this man doth many signs?

48 if we may let him alone thus, all will believe in him; and the Romans will come, and will take away both our place and nation.’

49 and a certain one of them, Caiaphas, being chief priest of that year, said to them, `Ye have not known anything,

50 nor reason that it is good for us that one man may die for the people, and not the whole nation perish.’

51 And this he said not of himself, but being chief priest of that year, he did prophesy that Jesus was about to die for the nation,

52 and not for the nation only, but that also the children of God, who have been scattered abroad, he may gather together into one.

53 From that day, therefore, they took counsel together that they may kill him;

Note the spirit of the collective in this passage — the good of the whole outweighed the rights of the individual.  For me, I see no difference if this is applied here, to our nation, or to a political Party: putting the “good” of an artificial thing before the real rights of individuals is morally wrong.  Our nation was built upon God’s Natural Law, the same Law the Apostle Paul tells us everyone is born with inside of them in the Book of Romans.  The same Law Job discovered and which pointed him to God before Job had the Scriptures.  The same Law Cicero discovered and came to the same general conclusions as Job, and Lock after him.  And the same Law upon which the Social Contract is based: the contract that gives every individual in society a right in the proper application of the law.

Although this example is exactly reversed (to me, this somehow makes it all the more suiting), it still holds to what is happening in our society now.  Notice how, because Christ was teaching people the correct way to salvation, and the correct way to understand Scripture, and because the people believed in Him – especially because He was performing signs which demonstrated His authority – the Pharisees conspired to break the law in order to save the system they had constructed.  Even after they had wrongly imprisoned Christ and turned Him over to Pilot, and Pilot declared Jesus to be innocent and tried to set Him free after scourging Him, the Pharisees still demanded Christ die to preserve their own power:

John 19: 1-6

19 Then, therefore, did Pilate take Jesus and scourge [him],

and the soldiers having plaited a crown of thorns, did place [it] on his head, and a purple garment they put around him,

and said, `Hail! the king of the Jews;’ and they were giving him slaps.

Pilate, therefore, again went forth without, and saith to them, `Lo, I do bring him to you without, that ye may know that in him I find no fault;’

Jesus, therefore, came forth without, bearing the thorny crown and the purple garment; and he saith to them, `Lo, the man!’

When, therefore, the chief priests and the officers did see him, they cried out, saying, `Crucify, crucify;’ Pilate saith to them, `Take ye him — ye, and crucify; for I find no fault in him;’

Now, I ask you, how is this story any different from the one we are living through now?  Were not the Pharisees just being “practical?”  Didn’t they put an innocent man to death because they feared the people?  So, if we ignore the law and allow a guilt man to continue in office because we fear the people, how are we any different?  Isn’t a refusal to uphold the law tantamount to breaking it ourselves?

In the end, I see the principle in all of this.  If we do not stand for that which we believe, and make sure that what we believe is right, then we can and will convince ourselves that all manner of evil is not only acceptable, but that it is right. The Pharisees felt justified in doing what they did because they feared the people and loss of their power, and those who claim to uphold the Constitution and rule of law are doing the same thing: they are ignoring the law because they fear the people and the loss of their power due to a backlash for trying to uphold the law.  In both cases, the people involved are falling under the condemnation of Isaiah 5:20-21.

The “practical” thing for Christ to have done would have been to tell the Pharisees He’d stop what He was doing and go away — as they tried to get Him to agree to before deciding to kill Him.  But, Had Christ’s done the “practical” thing, His mission would never have been fulfilled and we would all face certain damnation.  So. rather than take the “practical” path, our Savior did what was right, what He had to do, and He paid the price for it – for US!

Now, I do not pretend to tell you what to think or do.  I have enough trouble just trying to take care of myself.  Besides, the longer I live, the more I realize how little I really understand.  It is very possible I am wrong in all this, and, if someone can show me where and how, I will be happy to change my stance.  But for now, all I know is this: I have to face the Man on that cross one day, and I am NOT going to tell Him I stood with those who ignored the law because it was the “practical” thing to do.  I am going to do my best to stand on the side of right – no matter what the cost.

30 thoughts on “A Personal Note to the RNL

  1. Chill, Friend.

    Rush is just saying focus the battle on the Scandals, Big Government and its’ over-reach especially with the IRS. Defeating those who support and act for the Prez will lead to the discrediting and / or Terminal weakening of the Prez.

  2. We always have to stand for what is right in the eyes of God, anything else including not standing at all, is accepting what is not God’s. There is no straddling of the fence, no matter what anyone may think.

  3. Unfortunately, I believe Limbaugh is correct…………… the senate will never impeach OWEbozo, mostly because he is the 1st black POTUS. I believe if he wasn’t black he would have been vetted back in 2007/2008 and would have been unable to hide his past. Hopefully, we can use the scandals to remove all of his power and make the liberals as lost as the conservatives seem to be.

    • Dusty,

      I don’t CARE if they don’t convict him. I care that at least ONE Party does what is right. File articles of impeachment, pass it and then scream loud and long about doing the right thing. This is all I want.

      Geeze, man, they impeached Clinton for lying but they won’t impeach Obama for treason, gun running, using the IRS for political vendettas (something Nixon only THOUGHT about doing but WAS going to be impeached for), spying on the Press, and the list goes on.

      • I didn’t mean that they were correct to not impeach him only that in my eyes Rush is correct in his prediction that they won’t. Nobody could want more than I do to see this congress do the right thing and charge criminals, regardless of their political standing.

  4. Joe,

    This comes to mind.

    Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

    This is spiritual warfare and we do not have a blow by blow playbook. All we have is the whole Truth of God in the form of Bible Sripture. Concentrate on the task at hand. I know I’m looking forward to it.

    P.S. This will do more good for those involved in RNL than all the anger we can generate agianst the evil that has taken root in America. God’s anger will be enough.

    • Chhelo,

      I hear you, and trust me, I am heading Ephesians. I have the full armor of God on and my trust fully in His hands. All I know to do is all He asks us to do: stand where He tells us and say what He tells us and leave the rest to Him.

      This I can do. Heck, I can’t help but do it, He’s been drivging me for a couple years now (or haven’t you noticed? 😉 )

      • Just a side note JB, in addition to the full armor of God, it’s not a bad idea to have a 30-06, a 12 gauge , a.357, a compound bow and a gilley suit.

        • Ralph,

          My AR will do fine. I keep a 3-5 inch group at 500 yrds with open peep sights and bad eyes. Inside 100 yrds, I don’t use sights and the eyes are still as good as ever. Never had much use for pistols, but I can hit a 1/2 gallon coffee can at 100 yrds with a .45. And, if all else fails, my buddy bought me a K-bar. Have you ever met a pissed off Marine who was forced to grab his K-bar because he ran out of ammo? 😉

        • Ralph, Joe’s been talking trash for a long time. I don’t think his eyes are as good as they use to be. He probably can’t see a target at 500 yards with open sights, much less a coffee can at 100… 😉

          Now the k-bar, better stay a good head start away from him… Marines like it up close and personal.

          • Texas,

            I’ll make you a deal. You stand with a bull’s eye on your chest and tell me I can’t hit you with my AR. I’ll even let you go to 600 yrds. You win, I’ll give you my company. I win…well, you stop telling me I talk trash.

            Want to take my deal? 😉

            • I have a better idea, you come visit Texas: I’ll provide the ammo, range, and adult beverages for afterwards. Hell, I’ll extend the same offer to a couple of others here, cept for the ammo…. 🙂

          • Tex, the bulls eye at 500 yds is wiped out by the front sight. Most of the pissed off Gyrenes I met were at Khe Sanh, and we were all pissed at the same people. And it did get up close and personal. We did have those AT&T moments(reach out and touch someone). Now I like something heavy when it comes to a long gun. Remington or Browning are real goodfellas to my mind. But once I passed 60 , a scope was “necessary”.( means I couldn’t hit a bulls ass with a bass fiddle)

            • Ralph,
              Thankfully, optics companies are making amazing & reliable products with the “shooting sports” changing rules to allow optical sights for us “old guys”.

    • Chhelo,

      I hear you, and trust me, I am heading Ephesians. I have the full armor of God on and my trust fully in His hands. All I know to do is all He asks us to do: stand where He tells us and say what He tells us and leave the rest to Him.

      This I can do. Heck, I can’t help but do it, He’s been drivging me for a couple years now (or haven’t you noticed? 😉 )

  5. If we all walked through life this way it would be pretty pleasant. Just think of all the evil doer’s that the world would have not had to deal with. We could even get along with Karl, Melfamy and JM whom we all love dearly.

  6. Ecclesiastes 3, is where I seem to end up at each study period I go through. There is a time for every purpose under heaven.

    Ecclesiastes 3:
    11 He hath made every thing beautiful in his time: also he hath set the world in their heart, so that no man can find out the work that God maketh from the beginning to the end.
    12 I know that there is no good in them, but for a man to rejoice, and to do good in his life.

    13 And also that every man should eat and drink, and enjoy the good of all his labour, it is the gift of God.

    14 I know that, whatsoever God doeth, it shall be for ever: nothing can be put to it, nor any thing taken from it: and God doeth it, that men should fear before him.

    15 That which hath been is now; and that which is to be hath already been; and God requireth that which is past.

    When it is time , what must happen, will happen. Pray for guidence.

  7. Interesting analogy, but Christ knew his fate, and it was for a purpose. When you’ve got half the population that can’t even name their vice-president, it’s a horse of a different colout.

  8. It’s all about God’s plan… all we can do is what’s being done here, educate and inform as many as possible of Gods greatness.

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