The Post In Which I Disagree With My Friend

Sounds like I’m running for Senate, doesn’t it?

I want to shine a bit of a different light on my friend’s post. I heard the same radio broadcast as Joe did but I came away with a different take. I can’t find the actual quote on Limbaugh’s site so I’ll use a snippet via Salon who got it from Media Matters, so you know that it was taken out of context:

Rush Limbaugh announced on Monday that President Obama won’t be impeached over recent controversies and that “Benghazi is not going to touch” him. And no, it’s not because the talking points “scandal” wasn’t really, you know, scandalous, or that the Republican National Committee Chair Reince Priebus told impeachment-happy members of Congress to cool it until they have evidence to support their claims or any other reasons that are based in reality.

It’s because Obama is black, and “the American people are not going to tolerate the first black president being removed from office,” according to Limbaugh.

Of course, Salon and Media matters can only see this through the lens of race, as indicated in the title of the post, “Limbaugh: No one willing to impeach the first black president: Rush announced on Monday that Obama is not in “any jeopardy” of impeachment — but only because he is black

I think that even though they meant it to paint Rush as a racist, there is some truth to that – I’ve long made the argument that to vote for Obama just because of his race is just as racist as voting against him due to it…but that was not the point. Limbaugh was not saying that we shouldn’t impeach Obama, what he was discussing was the disconnect between the scandals we see and the fact that Obama’s poll numbers are still relatively undamaged and that to try to impeach a popular president, especially one with the advantage of being the first black president (and it was an advantage), will not wash with at least half of the American people.

Rush’s position is that Obama and his administration are doing everything that they can to keep him from being seen as actually governing and that way; they keep him for being seen as bearing responsibility for anything:

Look, I don’t mean to make this personal.  I really don’t.  You people in this audience that have been here for years and years understand that, for example, when I say that this past weekend, today, all of last week, the Limbaugh Theorem has been in full display, I don’t mean to make that about me.  Remember what we’re about here.

We are about persuading people.  We are about creating the largest group of informed, educated people participating in our process as possible.  And, as such, it is I who try various ways to come up with ways to explain things to people that will convince or persuade them and also do so in a way that will help them then explain to other people, and we create a cascade.  The Limbaugh Theorem was not about me giving me credit for something.  It was simply sharing with you when the light went off.  And just to restate it again.

In most cases in the economy, the president owns it. Good or bad, it’s his. He gets the credit when it’s great; he gets the blame when it’s not. Obama has managed to pull off this detachment in a very (to get down to brass tacks), very easy way. He is constantly campaigning. His campaign never ends. He’s presidency is not one of governance. In fact, in one of these AP stories today there’s even a reference to the fact. Obama’s even quoted as saying, “Maybe it’s time for me to start governing.”

The reason I’m doing this is I had a bunch of e-mails from friends over the weekend who are in the media, who have never heard of the Limbaugh Theorem, alerting me, sending me, “Can you believe how Obama’s getting away with all this?  Like he had nothing to do with the IRS, and he had nothing to do with what went on at the Department of Justice and the AP,” and I politely — I’ll tell you what I did.  I went to the website, Rush 24/7, and I got all of the relevant transcripts from the archives of this program going back to February, the Limbaugh Theorem, and I fired the stuff out.  I mean, I buried ’em with data, and I said, “Look, I finally figured this out.”  Everybody is coming to it now, but they still haven’t closed the loop on what it means.

I’m sure you’ve seen this.  Where everybody is now, “Wow.” There are even satirical members of the media doing parody and satire on Obama.  For example, I saw where the Borowitz report or something, and it was a satire on Obama saying, “Well, you know, I didn’t know this thing was going on at the IRS. I found out about it when the press told me.”  It was a takeoff on how Obama is literally not attached to anything in his administration.  He’s not attached to his agenda. He’s not attached to these scandals. He’s not attached to anything.  But what they’re missing is that this has been going on since day one in 2009, and what they’re missing is the purpose of it.  They all acknowledge, for example, that Obama’s on a perpetual campaign.

But it stops there.  They’re all remarking to me, “Boy, isn’t it amazing how this Obama guy, he doesn’t know anything about what’s going on and he’s a smart guy.” Yeah, yeah, but do you know why all this is happening, is the point?  And the answer is right here.  “Obama Approval Holding Steady at 55%.” Now, it’s a CNN poll and we have to treat this in a guarded way.  “President Barack Obama’s job approval rating is holding steady, despite a trifecta of scandals. CNN’s Candy Crowley said on State of the Union Sunday that 53 percent of Americans approve of the job Obama is doing, according to a new CNN/ORC poll. His approval is virtually unchanged from a poll the network did before the three scandals that have put the administration on the defensive.”  And the three scandals, of course, are the IRS probing the Tea Party, Republican criticism of Benghazi and Libya and the AP phone records.

The approval rating hasn’t changed.  Now, you poll the American people, they’re all opposed to this.  They don’t attach Obama to it.  There’s a reason.  It’s not just something to marvel at and insult voters over.  There is a studied, purposeful reason why Obama is never going to be seen as governing, and it is precisely within the minds of low-information voters to make sure he’s never seen as responsible for any of this.  It is purposeful.  It’s not just some anomaly that happened that everybody can scratch their heads at or laugh at.  The Limbaugh Theorem attempts to explain why the administration is doing this and how it is working and how it is succeeding.

Rush has always been a conservative first and a Republican second but I guess he and I have shared the same character flaw; both of us have thought that the vehicle for conservatism/classic liberalism was the Republican Party. I think he still does and uses “republican” interchangeably with “conservative”, but I’ve been disabused of that notion by 8 years of Bush and 4 of Obama. Rubio and the Senate Amnesty Gang was the final straw. I still can’t conceptualize how we can govern without control of a major party and I don’t want to be consigned to a life of frustrated marginalism but there simply isn’t an electoral vehicle that is broad or deep enough to carry the flag for classical liberalism today.

What we are missing is a true leader and I have yet to see anyone worth following…

27 thoughts on “The Post In Which I Disagree With My Friend

  1. Utah,

    I got the oar next to yours. I’m just going to keep rowing as hard as I can against the current. No safe landing place in sight yet other than the Almighty.

  2. Mr Utah,
    I have been disillusioned with the R party since Reagan’s second term. Bush #1 gave his “thousand points of light ” and “New World Order” speech , and I knew we were in deep brown waste. At that point I established “ralph’s rules”. I won’t bore you with a list, but one of them is Vote against the incumbent: don’t let them build a criminal base or be infected with the viris of Politics. The only guaranty of this is don’t let them stay very long. Many of the “Tea Party” types are being infected , and the results are evident. The biggest problem I see, is Professional Governing Groups.

    Sad to say, the party of R lost it’s way many years ago.

    • First, ralph – drop the “Mr.” That is a term of respect and I daresay that none of us around here think that we have earned it. We are just people who put words on a screen trying to describe what we believe in the hope that it can make some little difference.

      But I get you. I’ve even written that we are a little too nostalgic about Reagan as well. Many will interpret that as me being a hard line right wing nut job but I seek the one right that all of the words in the Constitution and the Declaration add up to – the right to be left alone to become what I have the desire, the drive and the ability to become.

      • I’m from the part of Fl that still speaks with a southern accent, and Mr. is just part of the vocabulary. But , I still look over my shoulder for my dad when anyone calls me Mr., and I’m way past 65.
        As to Reagan, he got hoodwinked by the Democrats on the amnesty AND the tax increase. I once read that that is what killed him: He was holding his breath waiting for the promised spending cuts that were to accompany the tax increase.
        Now it’s just a talking point for Marxist /Progressives “well Reagan raised taxes” usually accompanied by a smug sneer.
        It is a good line for those who don’t pay attention to history.( Reagan also was in favor of gun control, and at one time a Democrat) That was for all the Marx/Prog who will want to bring that up.

      • Well I’m going to disagree with YOU on this one.

        You have indeed earned respect here. Speaking with a consistant, reasoned and articulate voice.

      • Utah,

        A very very Good Post….in ALL its points.

        Your last Paragraph and comment about a Lack of Leadership ring completely true. But especially your comment about Winning !! Without some Major Party Platform it can’t be done. Rush has also called for ousting the GOP Blue-bloods for a decade now…..and I think he is more than Frustrated with the seemingly inability to do that.

        All our differences aside we MUST re-do 2010 in the 2014 Elections……I don’t have any answer to the Rubio / Ryan stab i the back…..Dean Heller in Nevada and Sen Flake in AZ are two other Phoney conservative GOP Back-stabbers…..

        STILL……………. The Congress was better set after the 2010 Mid-terms….we all have to remember that. Without a 2010 REDO in 2014 … we have no hope.

  3. “We are about persuading people. We are about creating the largest group of informed, educated people participating in our process as possible. And, as such, it is I who try various ways to come up with ways to explain things to people that will convince or persuade them and also do so in a way that will help them then explain to other people, and we create a cascade.”

    Unless it means we have to take on something we just don’t think we can win — like, explaining why Obama should be impeached for any one of a half-dozen high crimes.

    I’m sorry, Utah, but the quote I just posted is a classic example of what I mean when I say Limbaugh does the exact same thing as the Left, only in a more sophisticated manner. It is a contradiction to say your goal is to educate and then argue against pursuing the law because you will never be able to make your case.

    If you follow that logic, Limbaugh should be arguing for everyone to become a LIBERAL — because it’s too hard to convince people it is wrong to send the govt. to steal other peoples’ money…

    • Nobody puts Baby in a corner (he says in his best Patrick Swayze impersonation).

      I get it.

      I just don’t agree that Limbaugh was saying what B3A heard. I’ve already changed my registration to “Independent” so I don’t have much more to say about it. I don’t have a political party home right now other than to say I won’t be cruising in any Democrat neighborhoods looking for a fixer-upper.

      I don’t know about Teddy. Let’s wait to see how he handles a little fame – I think I see a little narcissism in him – but time will tell.

      • I’m homeless too Utah. Now I will share my burn barrel with you, and a swig or two of my wine. Just keep your (censored)-beaters off my pillow and blanket. 🙂

        • Being “homeless” in this sense is not a bad thing. Unfortunately there are not enough of us to dent the Party consciousness(sp). And an Indy vote is usually a throw away.

          • YES YES…. And We have to be Tactical preparing for 2014…..Because what you say is still true….any Independent Vote is usually a throw-away.

  4. Yes I know, I’m copying my comment from the next post…
    “A “President”, Secretary of State, CIA head, etc. who have NO KNOWLEDGE OF ANYTHING…

    FBI – AP and FOX “witch hunts”, IRS scandals, Benghazi, “Fast & Furious”, 2012 voting “irregularities”, Boston Marathon “all phone calls are recorded” revelations, Actual illegal aliens who criminals released & allowed to remain within U.S.,.

    ALL OF THE scandals, re-phrased, all of the WRONGDOINGS, are EQUALLY IMPORTANT because they demonstrate that “the PEOPLE’S” government, is no longer the servant of the People, but the servant of those who are RULING. The people are subservient to the Government.

    Utah, your quote I copied below, is exemplified in every action the Federal Government takes.

    “The principle that the end justifies the means, which in individualist ethics is regarded as the denial of all morals, in collectivist ethics becomes necessarily the supreme rule. There is literally nothing which the consistent collectivist must not be prepared to do if it serves “the good of the whole,” because that is to him the only criterion of what ought to be done. Once you admit that the individual is merely a means to serve the ends of the higher entity called society or the nation, most of those features of totalitarianism which horrify us follow of necessity.”

    Sincerely, respectfully, and humbly,
    When I was in Law School and studied our Constitution and the Founder’s writings; I became a “Thomas Jeffersonian” as he penned The Declaration of Independence. Reagan’s oratory & real attempts to rein Government in were prevented by the Democrats. Bush 1 showed through his actions, he was in favor of “Big Government” which is why he lost his re-election. Rush convinced me, actually tricked me, during the Clinton years, the Republican Party was “our only hope”. However, now I see, the Republican Party is merely the flip side of the same coin with the Democrats on the other side. Rush (& O’Reilly, Hannity, etc.) still does not understand, or merely does not support, the Constitution and liberty, otherwise Rush would be touting Tea Party movements…

    The Tea Party, is the only “movement” attempting to breath life back into Liberty, which is why Democrats through the IRS and “leading” Republicans through demagoguery are attempting to suffocate them. Surprisingly, Ted Cruz’s actions, have so far, showed he is on the side of Constitutional governance, as Rand Paul is (though inartfully and without complete understanding).

    The “party system” has been used by the subjugators to “divide and conquer” the people.

    We MUST STOP THE USAGE OF CONSERVATIVE-LIBERAL LABELS. They mean nothing, and only confuse and obfuscate the true issues of:
    Liberty vs. Subjugation, which equals
    Constitutional Governance vs. Federal Bureacracy, which equals
    Tea Party principles vs. Democrat/Republican status quo

    Americans understand the “political system” is flawed and “a fixed game”.

    The CONSTITUTIONAL SYSTEM, is not flawed, it is merely forgotten and ignored and outlawed…

  5. To All,
    I’m glad that we all are having this discussion. One point to bring, we are on the same side politically, whether Independent, Republican or TEAParty. I personally have been in and out of the Republican Party, but I can’t change the Party being out of it. I am glad that I’m associated in this topic with intellectuals who can discuss ideas in a civil and understanding manner.

    • Edward,

      Just one note of caution: the “titular head” of the Republican Party has been “leading the change from within” for almost 30 years now. Where’s the change? If anything, the Republican party of today is the Democrat Party Reagan dealt with in the 1980’s.

      For me, I’ve learned from history. There will never be a change from inside either Party.

      • The titular head is a thought leader who isn’t even part of the party structure. He shapes opinions, not wins elections with strategy or tactics…the fact is that if the GOP had actually listened to him, we would never have had Clinton, Obama or be in danger of Clinton II.

        • So, it is preferable to promote Party over the rule of law? Party over individual rights and liberty? Then why vote for that Party when they are basically telling you that, if they think it expedient to winning the next election, they will trample on the rights and liberty they pretend to be protecting for us?

          Anyone been listening to the Republican adds telling us that it is the “conservative” thing to do to legalize the ILLEGAL immigrants? More acts of ignoring the law while arguing we need to vote them in to uphold the law.

          Utah, I know I try your patience at times like these, but I don’t see how we’re going to have a virgin bride when we’re helping her fornicate for chastity.

          • I look at it from a longer view, being well past 65 and having watched , and railed against, this 2 party system for a lot of years. Sometimes we can do the right thing at the wrong time. If articles of impeachment are drawn, it will be a partisan thing (all Republican) and it will never be tried in the Senate. AND the Progressives will use that as their hammer to slam any conservative movement against the low/no information voter anvil. The Senate could end up a super majority, and the House might go as well. We need to hold all of this before the public continuously until the 2014 mid terms and keep digging for more. And, THERE IS MORE. This kind of corruption does not exist in a vacuum, and surely goes deeper.

            Joe , I feel your frustration. Take it from one who has been ridiculed for sounding the alarm about our schools, local gov abdicating rule to the feds, and congress abrogating their responsibility to legislate and giving that to unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats
            [yes, I MEANT to use abrogate(to treat as nonexistent — ab·ro·ga·tion noun)]

            • Ralph,

              I hear you, and I understand what you are saying — really, I do. But I also understand that this is the same old line that is trotted out EVERY time we’ve faced a turning point, and we have swallowed it EVERY time it was trotted out.

              All I can tell you is that, for me, no more! I have come to realize that voting for the lesser devil is still voting for the devil. That’s how and why we are here, now, arguing to stick with the devil to avoid being eaten by the devil. Either way, the devil wins.

              • JB ,
                you make strong, and valid points. Now, what? Not voting is voting for the devil.We are damned if we do and double damned if we don’t.. So , what do WE do. Realistically. Are you going to run for congress. (District 2??) I am not trying to be facetious.

                I talked to a lot of college kids, when I was working around the University. They all believe global warming is man made. So I ask “What are you doing about it? the answer is NADA. oh some drive a Prius, or ride bicycles to class, BUT THE a/c STAYS AT 68* And the beer bottles sit by the sidewalk. And they use the micro wave and the dryer and everything else. and never see the connection.

                So , Again . I don’t want to sound like a smartass, What do we do? I have protested, carried signs, met with state representatives. The System has been corrupted to the point that , individual citizens are voiceless. I started a Tea Party group. After the 2010 midterm landslide everyone declared victory, and interest waned. I’m getting old.I’m tired. I’m going deaf and don’t see as well as i used to see. I try to write what I know and what I’ve learned from failure.(lots of failure). We have to take the victories we can get and build. The Progressives didn’t get this far in a year or two. They took little wins and added them one on top of the other. If you look back, they’ve been working to take over the education system for 150 years. You think we’re going to nullify that in one or two elections.. And the education system is where it has to start. By the time these young people get out of college, they have 16 to 18 years of indoctrination. There is no God, there is no right or wrong , there are no absolutes. The end justifies the means, etc. etc.
                The Dept of education was established in 1979 By Carter, but the NEA was working on it from 1857. Think about that for a minute.
                All of this is just background. I’m not trying to discourage you. just make you more aware of the behemoth we are up against.
                I’m up way past my bedtime. Got to cut some trees and clean out a drainage ditch tomorrow, and as I said, I ain’t as young as I used to be. We’ll have many more discussions, I am sure.

                • Ralph,

                  I did NOT say we don’t still vote. There are ALWAYS alternatives — even if it means we have to write in a name.

                  To me, if we all stop playing the game and refuse to vote for these Parties, we have already accomplished the majority of our goal. But, as long as we keep telling ourselves we need a devil to do our work, we are never going to be able to break the cycle that is destroying us. Playing the “we need to band together” game is still an appeal to the collectivist spirit, and that spirit cannot and will NEVER defend the individual.

                  So, first things first, we have to realize what we want and what it is that threatens what we want. For me, I want to preserve the INDIVIDUAL, and anything that tells me I MUST work with a collective is a threat to my individuality. Next, we need to remember that our founders managed to do this without having strong Parties. And the model our founders looked to did it for a time as well (Moses and the Hebrews after leaving Egypt). So THERE is our model as to how to do what must be done.

                  • Individual liberty was at the heart of the founders (most of them) intent. But even then there were Royalists who felt that the common man was unfit to govern himself. I agree with just about everything you have said. And I still say that the public education is where we must start our efforts. Local elections are very important to reclaiming an America of Liberty. We must vet our school board members and superintendents , more than any others. It all starts with education. The Progressive/Marxists realized this early on, and have beaten us up with it. Alternative schools and home school, totally privately funded are the way to start.
                    Once they get our children inculcated , we’ve lost them. And they see them for more hours a day than we do.
                    Between the NEA, Freedom From Religion and the Anti Christian Liars United (ACLU), constant agression our schools have become Secular Progressive houses of worship. Evolutionism IS a RELIGION.

                    • Ralph,

                      Unfortunately, this is no longer an option. Common Core will enslave the States, and the States will keep the local school districts subordinate. We will have to cut the head from this snake or be devoured by it. Slicing off the tail will no longer help.

                    • Jb,
                      obviously I’m not cutting trees or clearing my drainage ditch. Can’t stay up til 3AM and still function next day, as I once did. Now I have to mull, as mind is working slow (no reference to any White Rabbits now, hear?)
                      Side note– there was no reply tag next to your last post. Has this thread run out?

  6. Joe,
    I’ve staked my politics on the 2014 cycle. If the TEAParty can’t influence enough ethical candidates, as in the character of Dr Benjamin Carson, to affect a large enough change, (my desire is term limits via the Constitution), then I admit, I’ll have to continue useless rants on those elected until the next cycle. I hate to admit that I only have a few left.

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