Expecting What Never Was and Never Will Be

If a nation expects to be ignorant — and free — in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.

Thomas Jefferson, letter to Colonel Charles Yancey, January 6, 1816

I have encountered a great deal of push-back from those who object to my assertion that our nation is traveling down a parallel path to that traveled by 1930’s Germany.  I would like to think this is because those pushing back think of themselves as decent people and they simply object to anything they perceive as an attempt to connect them – through their political Party/leanings – to the specter of Hitler and the NAZI’s.  Sadly, I doubt it is this simple.  Lately, I have been wondering whether those who object to my assertion actually know the history of 1930’s Germany – the real history.  I have come to the point where I have decided the better among these people are just ignorant: they do not know history; they only know what they were told by their teachers.  Sadly, their teachers were either equally ignorant or, in too many cases, they lied.  But there are others who object because they know I am exposing them.

Collectivists take over a nation through one of two methods: either through revolution as in Russia, or through the political process, as in 1930’s Germany.  In our nation, the Progressives realized they could no succeed by taking the first path, so they have been working on the second.  And because the majority of Americans are among the most ignorant in the developed world, they do not see what is happening before their very eyes.

The government is openly committing treason and working to subvert our system of government.

The IRS is being used to intimidate and silence people — especially whistle blowers trying to let the American people know about government abuse.

The government is illegally spying on the press to further intimidate whistle blowers, but also to silence the reporters so they will not report their violations of the law and/or corruption.

And now there is this, the intimidation of the people directly — to keep them from doing anything to stop the government:

Why Were DHS Agents Seemingly Monitoring Multiple Tea Party IRS Protests Across the Country on Tuesday?


19 thoughts on “Expecting What Never Was and Never Will Be

  1. Some very good points. Indoctrinate the children (Prussian model education system)- intimidate dissenters- muzzle the media. ein , zwei , drei.

  2. But Joe – are you telling us that melfamy can’t stay as ignorant as he is and still get those gosh darned “mundane” things done for him while he watches the Kardashians?

    Say it ain’t so.

    Those who have known liberty all their lives as their natural state will come to despise it as they condescend from the perches of safety that the very liberty they condemn provides for them. It is easy to second guess and see imperfections from such a position of ease. These are the people least willing to be informed or to work to keep what they do not value as they assume that liberty is a natural condition, as if it is constant and consistent as the sunrise and sunset.

    One thing that I have learned from studying history and reading philosophy – liberty and peace are the most fragile and temporary of all human conditions and it takes hard work and sacrifice to maintain each.

    • Utah,

      In Melfamy’s case, he has repeatedly been instructed on real history, and corrected in his view of objective reality — yet he chooses to remain ignorant. In this case, he is willfully ignorant and deserving of condemnation as his actions demonstrate a choice to side with the forces of tyranny and evil.

      This is the same reason God will be fully justified in condemning those who reject Him: because NO ONE can claim they had no knowledge of God. It’s just that they chose to reject Him…

  3. I fought in a war to stem the flow of Communism, and here they are , in the government. For crap sakes, in the WHITE HOUSE.!

    • Ralph,
      yes Sir, fraudulently and secretly so… with the media complicit in the cover-up.

      Utah and Joe showed me where to research and learn, and hopefully I have showed them a thing or two.

      The Communists, in the American incarnation, “the progressives”, have been in our government for over a century. “progressives” equals “Americanized communist” or more accurately, “marxist”, as the Americanized version, uses all 3 versions of Marxism (communism, fascism, socialism) to attack the 4 pillars Americanism as created by our founders in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution.

      Do you remember during the 2008 Democratic primaries when Hillary proudly proclaimed ” I am a progressive” and mentioned “Woodrow Wilson”? I got sick to my stomach even though I did not know what a progressive was yet. And I promptly set off on my journey for learning and understanding…

      • TEX,
        I have been ranting about the Fabian/Progressive/Marxist tripod since about ’76 or ’77.. It goes back to (are you ready) Horace Mann, and the desire to get education away from the churches and into government hands….

        See Robert Owen And midwestern communes(failed). And then they decided they had to re-educate the child to replace the adult.

        • I didn’t know who the Fabian/Progressive/Marxist were until Joe showed me where to look… and as you learn more, you learn more, and see “they” are everywhere… and in everything… and then my children come show them to me in their textbooks …

          I’ve been trying to inform everyone I know, they are beginning to listen. Then I “vomit” so much info, they get scared and stick their head back in the sand….

        • When I grew up, 2 WWII survivors lived on my street. One swam ashore from the Missouri(?) battleship during Pearl Harbor. The other flew Wildcats in the South Pacific. They were the most amazing men. Smart, always calm, would meet angst with a smile. I loved hanging out with “Ernie”, piddling in his workshop/garage, adjusting the valves on an old sportscar, playing with airplane parts and woodworking tools.

    • Kells,

      This is one of the few things I have ALWAYS disagreed with Beck on, and which HE has come to MY side. Giving up our weapons to fight in and over-load the courts is another.

      FEMA camps are assumed. Just look at what Ayres and his boys were planning in the 70’s. So why would we assume that the people in charge would change their minds? These camps will be presented as something other than what they are, but I doubt you could ever get a Holocaust survivor to go to them.

        • Yes. He has said he was wrong and that we should NEVER give up our weapons as that would mean the loss of ALL our rights. I believe I posted my opposition to Beck’s plan to use the courts when he first made it. So, now that he has changed his mind, he’s come to my side 🙂

          • Yes I remember you writing about that … but don’t remember what Beck’s suggestion was originally.

            • Beck said, if they come take our weapons, we should let them do so then sue in court and over load the system. Silly boy. Try that and you’ll just get marched off to a FEMA camp for re-education 😉

          • As an aside it would be good to have a Gun Rights thread to remind folks that they’re still on about Confiscation …. I have some questions to the RNL “experts” also ?

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