New Antiseptic

antiNew Antiseptic

It’s not only the English who have a sense of humor.
The Scots do as well! New Antiseptic!!
This cartoon originated in Scotland. It looks like most
Of the world is laughing at our nation’s leadership!

How sad that the world is laughing at the United States ,
While we sit by and watch and wonder what will happen next!

“This one nails it perfectly.”

President Obama’s approval ratings are so low now,
the Kenyans are accusing him of being born in the
United States.

One thought on “New Antiseptic

  1. If only it were true… Amerika is in deep, serious trouble… Good summary from Seattle Post Intelligencer blog 5/21…
    President Obama is holding onto positive numbers in the second national poll in as many days, registering a 51 percent job approval rating in a new ABC News/Washington Post survey, with Americans trusting the 44th president more than Capitol Hill Republicans to manage the economy.

    It follows by a day a CNN/Opinion Research poll which showed Americans approving Obama’s job performance by a 53-45 percent margin. ABC and the Washington Post put the figure at 51 percent approving and 44 percent disapproving.

    By an identical margin — 51-44 percent — those surveyed agreed that Obama “is mainly concentrating on things that are important to you personally.” Just 33 percent agreed that Republicans in Congress are working on issues of importance to them.
    It’s the blue pill and red pill paradigm… way too many have taken the blue pill…

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