Where Are The 30 Benghazi Survivors?

Reader Matthew Burns of Stuart, Florida gave us permission to reprint his letter to the editor:

I can’t reprint the one from the paper’s website due to copyright laws but the link is here.

3 thoughts on “Where Are The 30 Benghazi Survivors?

  1. Duty of the President as contained in Article II. Section 3. U.S. Constitution:

    ” … he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed,…”

    ALL U.S. laws, regulations, and treaties, AND the U.S. Constitution with amendments, AND the Declaration of Independence.

  2. This is a great letter, Matt! I recall thinking (after reading AP articles at the time) “What happened? How did the majority escape and an interesting group of four get brutalized, sodomized, and murdered?”

    • The 3 who died with ambassador Stevens helped keep them alive.

      The un-said aspect of the two SEALS who disobayed orders , and went in to help the Consulate is that THEY MADE A HUGE DIFFERENCE !
      As their training and expertise would tell you they would. They are True Heros and their names and memories are now being Dragged through the Dirt by Obama, Hillary, Congress and the Press !!

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