Our Founders’ Biggest Mistake

Rthis story and then tell me the biggest mistake our founders made was NOT requiring some sort of requirement before earning the civil right to vote:

Loyal Obama Supporters React to Multiple White House Scandals: ‘That Sounds Fine With Me’

Tell me this nation wouldn’t be better served if you didn’t have to serve in the military – during a time of war – or own property and/or  a business before you could vote.  And even then, maybe have to pass a written examination about your State AND the Federal Constitutions, as well.

22 thoughts on “Our Founders’ Biggest Mistake

  1. The first argument for the founders is the thought of not buying votes. If they could have ever thought our professional politicial people were unpatriot, I think some type of amendment would have been placed in the Constitution. If we could define words used in our Constitution and Bill of Rights, with limits, quality, and clarity of meaning, that might have helped. Even now, we need every legal paper to have a dictionary to define the words used in the legal paper.
    I’m not sure our drafters of this countries government documents could have foreseen all the conniving being done by our elected officials. Even if they had thought of vote tampering, how would you address the issue where the conniving wouldn’t change the amendment?
    One thing they could have done to help would have been to limit taxation to certian areas, and place a “sunset” law to destroy new amendments to the tax codes each year. This same Sunset law could have been used to remove all new amendments to the original Constitution.
    Limit the money and keep removing the new laws added to the existing laws. Also, my pet peeve, define words with clarity to the law they apply too.

    • Redfray,

      The founders didn’t think the definitions necessary. they clearly and repeatedly said that ALL laws — including the Constitution — were to be understood in the plain meaning of the language of the time. In other words, they were to be written so that the common man would CLEARLY understand what they meant.

      Our problem is that we have allowed Progressives to change our language — and I say Progressives because perverting language is one of their chief weapons against reason. ANY research into the Progressive movement can’t help but stumble upon their fascination with language.

      • This is a GOOD and Important Post Joe !!

        As an anecdote …. Part of the Problem is the apathy that has become ensconced directly BECAUSE of the Progressive destruction of the Voting process. People have come to feel it just doesn’t matter what they do…..because the Powers That Be have usurped their ability to have any affect on their lives via the Political Process……the Democrat Progressives using the IRS to undermine the Tea Party as just the latest example !!

        The Anecdote …. I live in a somewhat exclusive area … and have been doing some more political work in Local elections ( ala Beck ..right? )….. anyway I got to know the person who has the records of registered Voters and most importantly ACTIVE voters. Out of 978 Registered Voters …. only 238 Voted during the Last ( Nov 2012) election ….. and this local one was about the same. During the Nov 2012 election there were only 2 Obama signs and Tons of Romney and Ted Cruz signs…………. So the area is decidedly NOT Obama or Democrat…..yet the active voter ratio is incredably bad !

        About 24-25 % ..!!!

        • BTW the population is a little over 1200 in this “town” …..so the MAJORITY registered ….. but the Majority also DIDN’T vote !!

      • “fascination with language”?

        More accurately described, “fascination with lies and trickery and deceit”

    • Redfray

      there is much that could be said in response to your post……Joe’s comment below about the WORDING of the constitution should be taken to heart. There is no need to “Interpret” the Original Constitution OR Bill of Rights. That is a GROSS usurpation of powers that was thrust upon us….along with purposeful NON-education and ILL-education about our founders and the Constitution itself…..the worst example would be the Supreme Court giving itslef the Un-Constitutional power to “Interpret” the Constitutionality of Legislation.

      BUT…..your suggestion of SUNSET provisions with repsect to Taxation Legislation deserves some thought Indeed !! And indeed many of the Amendments since the first Ten are questionable at best !!

      • Jefferson said that ALL laws should sunset, else, if allowed to remain for more than 20 years, the future would be governed by the past. Jefferson called this a tyranny of the dead ruling the living.

      • “plain meaning”

        Joe is correct about the “language” of our Constitution.

        The only intellect needed to understand our Constitution, is Daniel Webster’s 19th century dictionary and bible.

  2. So Jefferson was wrong when he said all men were created equal and deserved equal respect before the law?

    • “So Jefferson was wrong when he said all men were created equal and deserved equal respect before the law?”

      Well, if you ask the liberals, then yes … Jefferson was wrong. And it’s easy to prove too. One has to look no further than abortion that proves babies do not get equal protection under the law.

      Many more examples of liberal hypocrisy concerning equality under the law available upon request.

    • Karl, you have no concept of Jefferson, or why he will always be great.

      Anyone who Wishes to learn truth, instead of lies (as written in all textbooks since 1900- on), can read Jeffersons actual writings.

      Joe, Utah, and I have written posts on various aspects of Jeffersons letters and writings.

    • “In questions of power, then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.” –Thomas Jefferson

    • Karl,

      Your ignorance would eclipse the sun. Go look up the Social Contract. Voting is NOT a Natural Right, it is a CIVIL RIGHT! That you do not know this nor understand the difference disqualifies you from meanigful contribution to this discussion.

    • Karl, just for you,
      I just threw together, some 1798 Thomas Jefferson writings explaining The Constitution, is a grant of LIMITED powers, and any power
      taken, or
      by the federal government
      which is not specifically listed in the Constitution, or conflicts with the Constitution,
      is void and of no effect.

    • Actually, the phrase “all men are created equal” is from the Declaration of Independence , and while that is one of the founding documents of this nation, it is not a law(as Liberals are wont to point out any time a Conservative references said document). It does put forth a philosophy, and basic ideals for the foundation upon which to base a nation, to which he himself referred as “an expression of the American mind”., I believe he was committed to that ideal,and equally meant the closing phrase “with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other, our Lives, our Fortunes and our Sacred Honour”. That phrase was not meant for only the founders and signers of the Declaration. It was a phrase that resounded among most of the colonials that fought for those “inalienable rights”.

      • Ralph,

        Actually, our founders said the Declaration IS THE founding document of this nation and that it IS law. In fact, the Declaration is the what and the why of this nation, the Constitution is only the how. It was for this reason that the Progressives first separated the two documents: because, if the people understand they can only work properly when they are joined, you must separate them if you want to destroy them.

        What you just did was argue Hobbes’ point where the founders based this nation of that of Locke. the two are diametrically opposed. I do not mean this as an attack, but as a strong word of caution in how you think of the Declaration. 🙂

        • JB ,
          Never intended to sound as if I wanted to separate the two. I said the Declaration is not law. You can argue the Constitution in a court of law, and the Declaration is the MANDATE to create a government to PROTECT and SECURE our Divinely given rights. It is THE foundation of ideals for the later Constitution( government). I constantly reference the Declaration as it shows the mindset of those who initiated this nation.

          The Declaration of Independence is the first Government document of an infant nation , that did not really yet have a government. in that respect it is the moral law, that required a secular document.
          I don’t think we have a disagreement.

          My understanding of Hobbs is , that man is inherently warlike and gives up all rights to receive the protection of a monarch (government). and I sure ain’t sayin that.

  3. Our founders did !

    Landowner ! Property owner ! Was a requirement to vote.

    No dual citizenship was allowed.

    English speaking and Loyalty to the community and country was required.

    The secret Marxists placed in the courts wrote their own law to outlaw the American Republic and pronounce, “we are a democracy”

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