R.I.P America: Killed By the Fear of Treating a Black Man Equally Under the Law

This nation has been killed by fear: the fear of actually holding a black man to the same standards we would expect of anyone else in his position.

You say you don’t understand why I say that?  Well, let me make this easy for you:

Obama wants to end the war on terror:

Obama wants to end ‘war on terror’ but Congress balks

(Reuters) – President Barack Obama wants to roll back some of the most controversial aspects of the U.S. “war on terror,” but efforts to alter the global fight against Islamist militants will face the usual hurdle at home: staunch opposition from Republicans in Congress.

His allies in the media are trying to give him support in this goal by denying objective reality:

MSNBC Hosts Martin Bashir and Chris Hayes Claim London Machete Killers Aren’t Terrorists: ‘These Are Just Murderers’

In responding to President Barack Obama’s counter-terrorism speech on Thursday, MSNBC’s Martin Bashir was joined on-air by Chris Hayes, another host at the network. In addition to speaking about the president’s proposals and plans, the two had a curious conversation about the horrific machete attack that unfolded in London on Wednesday.

Bashir and Hayes both maintained that the attackers are merely “murderers” and likely not al-Qaeda operatives and that they — and others like them — cannot be used to justify an ongoing War on Terror.

BS!  The people who committed these acts said it was JIHAD, so it is JIHAD.  For those in Rio Linda, that means TERRORISM!  He wants to end the war on terror because, if we are no longer “at war,” then he can’t be accused of TREASON!  Well, too late!  He has been committing treason since at least the Libyan revolt when he first KNOWINGLY armed Al Qaeda.

At least someone in Congress say this threatens U.S. security, but they refuse to call it what it is — treason:

New House Homeland Security Chair’s Blunt Analysis: Obama Admin’s Narrative Is One of Biggest Security Threats

Five-term Texas Rep. Michael McCaul, the newly appointed chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, believes the greatest threat to national security can come from homegrown radicalization, cyber space and an unsecured border. But there’s another one that some might not recognize.

“Many (threats) are coming out of the Middle East but one of the bigger threats I talk about is the narrative being spun out of this administration that the war against Al Qaeda and radical Islam is over,” McCaul said in an interview at TheBlaze newsroom in New York. ”After bin Laden was killed, they want to close the case on al-Qaeda and radical Islam…The idea that somehow this is all over is really preposterous.” 

McCaul cited the killing of the U.S. Ambassador and other citizens in Benghazi, which “was not an attack of terrorism according to them,” the 2009 shooting at Ft. Hood in Texas, which was called a case of  ”workplace violence” and the Boston Bombings, which McCaul thinks the Obama administration treated like “a domestic event that we can sweep under the rug.”

“That kind of narrative and rhetoric is very dangerous because it underplays and undercuts the threat itself,” McCaul said in a video interview (below) with TheBlaze contributor Mallory Factor. “If you can’t identify the enemy, you can’t defeat the enemy.”

But all of this is news to Al Qaeda; they still think their declaration of war against us is in play:

Al Qaeda’s Second Fatwa

The following text is the fatwa published on Feb. 23, 1998, to declare a holy war against the West and Israel. It is signed by Osama bin Laden, head of al Qaeda; Ayman al-Zawahiri, head of Jihad Group in Egypt, and other Islamic terrorist groups.

The TRUTH is that the war on terror is not up to Obama to end unless he actually defeats the people who have declared war on us – which he hasn’t.  In fact, he has been going out of his way to provide military aid and political comfort to our declared enemies.  That’s called treason, but does anybody care?


Incidentally, the FACT that Al Qaeda has declared war on us means that these “Americans” are committing treason, and should they ever return to the States, they should be tried, convicted and HUNG!

Terror Fears Stoked By Trend Of Young Muslims From U.S., Europe Fighting With al-Qaeda in Syria, Africa

A growing trend of young muslims traveling from the U.S. and Europe to Syria, as well as Africa, to train and fight alongside al-Qaeda is pushing Western intelligence agencies to heighten surveillance at airports, harbors and border crossings amid fears that these trained fighters will return home to launch terror attacks.

And the same should be done to this president – only there aren’t any AMERICANS left with the balls to say so!

[I never thought I’d live to see the day that so many sheeple would just sit back and silently watch a man make himself dictator of this nation.  And those who think this is hyperbole need to answer me this question first:

“What else do you call a man who can openly commit treason and not have to worry about the slightest legal ramifications?”

Like I said: most Americans will tell themselves they are being “reasonable” by not demanding this man be impeached, convicted and sentenced for treason are actually just cowards.  As for me, I am demanding exactly this: Impeach; Convict; then carry out the proper sentence.

Otherwise, stop calling this America and start calling it Amerika.]


28 thoughts on “R.I.P America: Killed By the Fear of Treating a Black Man Equally Under the Law

  1. This terrorist tells you his motive first hand. In doing so, this leaves no dispute as to the motive. Only a crazy (censored) liberal with an agenda would state otherwise.

  2. There is a mountain of evidence to be gathered and an army to be impeached and or prosecuted.

    Gather the evidence first. Follow the rule if law and hold the lawbreakers accountable.

    • Texas,

      I have already presented all the evidence we need — and it is from official sources/records. No one wants to do the hard work in this country anymore — no one.

      • And that is why they shall lose their jobs in 2014. By the by, I would highly recommend you avoid MSNBC because it is filled to the brim with a lot of folks puking bullshit…….it’s a filthy place, B.!

  3. Moral bankruptcy at all levels of government has created a whoeful people that have lost the will to fight back. There are few left that will speak out and resist this tyranny that grows stronger every day. Most are just along for the ride.

    We are no longer America, we have effectively been Balkanized by race, gender, financial status and religious faith. No better example will be set than how fast the IRS, AP and Bengazi scandals are laid at the feet of the Conservative Right Wing Extremist and most will believe.

    Kells, regardless of the outcome of 2014, there will be little change in Washington. The march left will continue albeit at a slower pace if the Republicans retain the house and capture the Senate.

    Even the BSA caved under the pressure this week. Their corporate funding is more important than their claim to be faithful to God.

    New Boy Scout Oath or Promise

    On my honor, I will try to do my best
    To do my duty to Man and my Dear Leader and to obey Satan’s Law;
    To please myself at all times;
    To keep myself physically effeminate, politically indoctrinated and immorally tolerant.

    They might as well remove Reverent from the Boy Scout Law as well.

      • Joe,
        I hypothesize, the fabians, progressives, (Cultural Marxists), fraudulently/secretly, crept into positions of influence.

        Including the churches and synagogues.

        Secretly is the key. “the People’s” leaders are at fault, not “the People”. The people “trusted” their leaders, and their leaders began, articulately, to deceive those around them, bit by bit, patiently, over decades, always nibbling away at morality, unbeknownst to good people.

        Finally one day, “good people” no longer understood and recognized morality. Good people, are so deeply indoctrinated in their mental prison, they in fact do believe, night is day, and day is dark.

        How do those of us whose eyes always see past the veil of lies & deceit, remove the veil of indoctrination and ignorance for our neighbors?

        • Texas,

          In a system where the people are the source of or authority for power, then they are responsible for the govt. they allow. This is why our founders told us eternal vigilence is the price of liberty, is it not?

              • Joe and Texas,

                Remember the Tea Party was started in DIRECT response to Bush and the GOP Bail-out…..mostly by Conservative Americans.

                The Subsequent Hate directed at them for 4 1/2 solid years and the Back-stabbing by the likes of Marco Rubio and Flake and Ryan and others is a demoralizing blow, as is the Progressives in both the GOP and Democrat Party using the immense power of the IRS to unConstitutionalyy silence and try and Squash them……..all of that Hate and back-stabbing , and Gross abuse of Governmental power was levied against …Average, Good American John and Jane does !!!!

                All of that because they had an effect in a SHORT period of time ( 2009-2010) doing what resposible Citizens are supposed to do…….Confront their representatives….hold their feet to the Fire….and remove them.

                Let’s keep this in the fore-front of our Minds !

                • Don,

                  EXACTLY! But do NOT stop there. Remember, 37% of the TEA Party were independents and DEMOCRATS!!! They were NOT pushing the Republican Party line. And they succeeded.

                  Now, would somebody please tell me how and where I am advocating anything OTHER than putting our efforts in the direction of the TEA Party? Think back on everything I’ve said and you’ll see the TEA Party — which isn’t really a Party at all — is EXACTLY what I have been pushing. Now, where do you think I got MY ideas from? 😉

                  • Where did you get UR ideas from..??

                    The likes of Melfamy-the-sick-Freak…..The “educated”James McPhearson….Steve Hough ( can’t we all just get along, as long as Y’all agree with my Leftist re-tread “Independent” and thus superior views).

                    In a Diametrically Philosophical way of course … :- ).

                  • Yes.

                    I think it IS obvious you R advocating a More Tea Party route and approach to political Action !!

        • Maybe y’all are correct. Your claim is equates to “the people” wanted immorality, and got what they wished for.

          Teachers, religious leaders, media/”news” makers, political leaders.

          I believe, after a century of being told, “night is day, and day is dark,” the people were merely indoctrinated to blindness.

          In my experience, I called “nonsense” with the majority looking at me quizzically, clearly not understanding what I “saw so plainly”, the liars moved to remove me immediately…

          I respectfully, disagree. Maybe there is a majority who wished for lies and propaganda. I choose to believe the majority seek truth still…

    • Chello, I beg to differ on the outcome of the 2014 election (you should be happy, because I only beg M.) An impeachment trial with a conservative senate would, one would hope, out this joke of a president.

      As to the Boy Scouts, I’m quite sure that they will do just fine with nancy boys amonst them…….and they’re armed.

      • Kells,

        If you think a Republican Senate is going to do anything more to Obama than the House has done, you’re nuts, gal. Boehner is trying to protect Obama while scoring some political points off the scandals — nothing more. The reason for this is simple: REPUBLICANS ARE PART OF THE TREASON!!!

        The answer is a whole-sale abandonment of the Republican Party. Do that and do it right and you’ll probably cull about 10-20% of the Democrat voters away, too. And there you go: a new majority Party that ISN’T a Party.

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